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Enjoy Your Journey-Enjoy Your Life

Updated on August 12, 2017
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Kari spends much of her time thinking about the meaning of life and time. She has concluded love is the meaning and time doesn't exist.

Country Roads

Enjoy Meandering Down the Country Roads
Enjoy Meandering Down the Country Roads | Source

Steppenwolf--Born to be Wild set to Clips from the Movie--Easy Rider

Enjoy the Journey

Life is a journey. From birth until death we traverse these boulevards of life. Travel the meandering country road, beautiful, peaceful and serene. Savor the trip. Take a break from the drive to stretch…to enjoy a good meal with family and friends…to clear your mind of the clutter collected day to day. ENJOY your journey.

We all have goals we hope to accomplish…our destinations on this journey. Don’t spend your journey rushing from one destination to another.Take time to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way. You will reach your destination a happier and healthier person.

We All Hit Traffic at Times

4 Lanes of No Go Traffic
4 Lanes of No Go Traffic | Source

Sometimes We Hit Traffic

Life can't always be the meandering country road, sometimes it is rush hour traffic, blaring, hostile and stressful. Just as we are moving forward easily, we suddenly come to an abrupt halt. It’s easy to get stuck in rush hour traffic. We all do at times. I don't know about you but when I hit that rush hour wall, I get off at the next exit. I may not know exactly where I am, but at least I can keep moving forward. I would rather get a little lost, than be stuck in the same place for eternity.

Missing Persons--Destination Unknown with Lyrics

At Times We Get Lost

Driving through a new town can cause us to become lost. We may have made a wrong turn and realize it immediately. When I do, I find a place to turn around and get back on track. Sometimes we don’t realize it until later. We may find ourselves in a place we know we don’t belong. When this happens, I find my map and plan a route back to where I want to be. Sometimes we need to ask for directions. Eventually we find our way back to our planned route.

Wrong Way

Better Turn Around!
Better Turn Around! | Source

We've All Taken a Wrong Turn

Journey your life in the same way. When you take a wrong turn, and you realize it, don’t continue down that road just because it happens to be the one you are now on. Don’t beat yourself up for turning the wrong way, it happens to all of us sooner or later. Find your map, get your bearings and get back on the right road. Chances are that when you pass this way again, you will remember where you turned wrong and avoid making the same mistake.

Rainy Days

Slow Down!
Slow Down! | Source

Take Care When the Rainy Days Come

Cruising the avenues and byways of time we will find some are smooth and straight, while others are circuitous and full of potholes. One day is full of clear blue sky and illuminating sunlight…another day the sky is full of dark clouds and a blinding rain falls. We do not drive the same way for these differing conditions. Racing along in the blinding rain on an ambiguous street full of potholes will almost certainly end in a crash. Traverse the course with care during these times. Turn on your lights and windshield wipers, slow down, look both ways at intersections and remain alert.

Accidents Happen

OOooppps, Looks Like an Accident
OOooppps, Looks Like an Accident | Source

Accidents Can Happen

Accidents can and do happen, no matter how carefully we drive. Sometimes we may crash before we reach our destination. This may be caused by our mishandling of the vehicle. Or it may be caused by someone else. Unable to continue our journey, we end up back at the beginning. Will this cause you to never try another trip, another adventure? No, you will fix the car and plan your next destination. It may be the same destination and route that you chose earlier. It may be the same destination using a different route. Or you may change your destination all together to a new, more exciting place you have found.

Sometimes We Have to Find Another Way

Guess I have to find another way.
Guess I have to find another way. | Source
The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled | Source

Sometimes We Hit Road Blocks

Unexpected roadblocks will occur in our journey. All the planning in the world will not allow us to avoid all roadblocks. We will have to detour from our chosen route. Although detours do not take us along our chosen route, we can still reach our destination despite them. It may take a little longer than planned, but our goal is still attainable. And who knows, we may find a new favorite place that we would not have seen otherwise.

Enjoy this meandering and amazing journey called life. Slow down, smell the roses, watch a sunset. Love much, laugh often, live well. Keep the journey full of wonder, full of love and full of benevolence. These are the secrets to happiness.

Share Joy, Have Fun and Live Life


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