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Entering 2nd Trimester

Updated on September 13, 2013

2nd Tri - A Mystical Place!

As anyone who has dealt with infertility or with LTTTC (long term trying to conceive) will know, the second trimester seems to be some kind of magical mystery land that only certain people get to go to. I know for myself that I never really expected to get to this point but after nearly two and a half years of trying I am finally here. I know for some people it takes much longer than that (and also for some they get there quite easily).

Being in my 40s I always knew it would be a bit of a struggle but I was determined to get there in the end. I did have one miscarriage when I was 44 so I think that also clouded my judgement about how far this pregnancy would go. Once you have had a miscarriage you can almost never feel the same again about a pregnancy.

Anyway, I have to say it feels totally different to get into second tri. First tri was constantly being worried, fearing miscarriage, checking toilet paper and convincing myself this wouldn't work just to save any heartache. That really changed when I had my NT scan.


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Does the Morning Sickness End?

Well I am 14 weeks today and although I have not had bad morning sickness, I have felt pretty rough a lot of the time. In fact my morning sickness was not that, it was afternoon and evening sickness. At first I was having to keep eating just to stave off the sickness but a few weeks ago it did change slightly in that I no longer really felt like eating much. That was a good thing in a way as I had started to put on a bit of weight. Luckily it dropped down again and I have only really put on a kilo and a half in total so far which I think is fine.

I'm still feeling a bit rough at the moment so I hope this will really ease off in the next few weeks. I's not as bad as a lot of people get so I can put up with it if it does last the whole pregnancy like I know it does for some people, I'm really just grateful to be in this position.

My 12 weeks can pic - baby is waving!
My 12 weeks can pic - baby is waving!

NT Scan

So as I said previously, everything really changed when I had the NT scan. Although I had also had a scan at 7 weeks and everything looked fine, it certainly feels a long time between 7 weeks and 13 weeks when I had my NT scan! Thought go through your mind and the only thing that can allay then is actually seeing that baby wriggling about on the screen!

Also there is a lot of difference once you have gone and told all of your friends and relatives. It feels a bit of a relief to get it out in the open but not only that, it also starts to feel really real and as if it really might happen and I will actually have a baby. It never really felt like that until now so I didn't really start getting excited until this point.

The Constant Worry Slightly Eases

So although I know I am over the worst and most vulnerable time, I am still well aware that things could still be wrong. However the chances of this are very very slim so I have to keep telling myself that.

To help me keep sane I did buy myself a doppler. I don't think I get the best one available as it was pretty cheap and cheerful, but it does pick up some random heart beat numbers now and again! I actually thought it wasn't working properly before my scan but it obviously was as I had picked up a heartbeat at exactly the same rates as they did during the scan.

In hindsight if I had had more spare cash and my choice of doppler I would have gone for either the Sonoline B or the Angel Sounds doppler, both of which I have heard recommended by a number of people. But my cheap and cheerful one will have to do me for now!


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