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Ephedrasil Side Effects Should You Think Twice

Updated on March 16, 2010

Why You Ought To Think Twice Before Opting For Ephedrasil

It is the dream and wish of all overweight people to lose weight as fast as possible, and as such, they try to make use of all tricks they come across in order to achieve this. Initially, people were made to believe that the only way to lose weight was by exercising regularly and changing their eating habits. These two methods are indeed the best and most healthy ways of losing weight according to doctors, but as most people realized they were not as easy as they sounded, they gradually turned from such advice and today more than ever, people rely on supplements to help them lose weight.

True, some supplements and pills can be used to lose weight but the fact of the matter is that most supplements contain elements that are dangerous and whose long-term effect is worse than being overweight it. One such supplement that has been recently circulating in the market and is quite dangerous is known as Ephedrasil. Despite the fact that this supplement has not been officially acknowledged by the food and drugs administration, people are using this supplement in scaring proportions. However, woe unto them, for if they knew Ephedrasil side effects, they would not be taking it as the only solution to weight loss.

Ephedrasil is a supplement that contains some unbecoming elements, and experts have proved that indeed it has serious repercussions. It contains elements that function by suppressing the urge to eat and triggering burning of fats in the body. Chromium Polynicotinate and Synephrine are two elements that suppress that urge to eat. Vinpocetine is the chemical that suppresses that urge, but psychiatrists to induce clear thinking in patients use it. Add caffeine to these chemicals and you begin to comprehend Ephedrasil side effects. All these chemicals may take away your appetite, but they also play dangerous games with your brain. They trick it that you have already eaten while you are indeed starving! You get high, and your brain is functions abnormally.

Ephedrasil has been found to cause anxiety and panicking for no reason at all. Other proven Ephedrasil side effects include talking rapidly, feeling nervous, restless, and worse still, triggering high blood pressure, and rate of the heart. Everyone therefore ought to think twice before trying out this supplement. Doctors have warned that its consumption would be more dangerous for those with a history of heart complications.

Though one may fail to comprehend Ephedrasil side effects, it should suffice to note that it is more of a stimulant than a weight loss supplement. That is why using it is addictive, and once you get used to it you realize that there is an unending urge to use it again and again, even for those with no weight problems. There are various ways to lose weight and using Ephedrasil may seem like the easy way but in the end, one may regret. One can turn to other methods that are less expensive, are healthier, and above all that guarantee results.


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    • green tea-cher profile image

      green tea-cher 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for getting the word out. There is so much addiction to prescription drugs these days that starts out with the intention of treating one condition, but then it causes another. People really need to know the side effects of the drugs before they start taking them.


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