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Escape To Pleasure And Smile.

Updated on January 25, 2013

Escape to pleasure and smile.


There is a space
deep inside us all
a well that refreshes
and gives new flavor to life
it is seldom visited often enough
but it's always ready to invigorate
Immerse yourself there
in that pool of happy tears
long since shed
on the paths of memories lanes
where what is old, and familiar and warm
will renew...blotting out despair
that grows like a fungus on
your present state of mind
Pick a spot...any spot
back when you were five
Mom's tenderest kiss
your first taste of ice cream
or the taste of watermelon
on a hot noon in July
your most intense r4omantic moment
perhaps a honeymoon romp
or just sweet sixteen smooching
in the back of a car at the park
use music to help carry you there
there is probably a song
for every moment in our lives
that was playing then
that one special song you so love
go back to a place you cherished
and spend the day
even if it is no longer there
breathe the air...walk the fields
your youthful feet trod
call an old friend and just chat
look in the mirror and take stock
using admiration only
to define all of your assets
for you see there is a space
inside of us all
that harbours us from the cruel edges
of each days realities
Walk softly there
leave no depressions in it's sands
go barefoot in the summer that was
relive the love
that made your heart race your soul
till they both won
feel the soft touch of a concerned friend
or just spend some moments on the beach
wind in your hair
and salt tang on your lips
gulls crying stereo wails
for all the days you were away
I send with you only positives
and a small kiss of gratitiude
for your cries
we have all at one time or another
been in the land of uninspired
on an incline
where gravity strains the shouders
and despair is the only pairing you know
escape from there to a place
that knows not these burdens
and s m i l e ! !


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