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Essentials of Natural Hair Care

Updated on May 1, 2013

Natural Hair Care

How to Improve the Quality of Your Hair

Women normally love sporting a long and lustrous hair. And for good reason! After all, who wouldn't want to have anything that greatly improves one's physical attributes? It is normal, therefore, to expect women to desire healthy tresses, since it helps them look really fabulous.

But how do women ensure that the long hair they want is really serving them good? After all, the hair length itself is not the sole factor that makes a beautiful hair. The hair’s overall health and quality is also a critical factor that determines whether one’s tresses look comely or not. As it is, a long hair can appear dull and unattractive when it is isn’t healthy. As with any other part of the human body, the hair also requires regular care and maintenance in order to remain healthy and thus, beautiful to look at. As with all the other body parts, the hair is basically made up of proteins, which means that proper diet and hygiene is one important step towards its maintenance. Proper nutrition, along with other important care regimens, is very important in the maintenance of a beautiful and healthy hair. The steps delineated below are just some of the ways towards having and maintaining a beautiful and healthy hair.

1. Have Your Ends Trimmed

No one can actually avoid having hair split ends. After all, the hair is made up of proteins, so growth in terms of length is just a normal process and is actually inevitable. As the hair cells grow, however, it is natural for its ends to break up, especially as hair cells in this area grow old and die. Apart from the natural process of hair growth and breakage, there are other factors that make a negative impact on the hair and cause it damage. Blow drying and straightening, for instance, can make its toll on your hair ends. It is a sensible thing, therefore, to have your hair ends trimmed once in awhile to do away with the breakage, and to prevent it from going further upwards instead.

2. Use a Good Quality Natural Hair Conditioner

Natural oils are available in hair to protect its every strand. Hair processing, however, strips the hair of its natural oils and protectants, making it look dry and unhealthy. A mild conditioner should be able to offset the deleterious effects of hair processing. Just make sure that the product of your choice not only coats your hair strands but also conditions it deeply.

3. Avoid Heat-Based Styling and Treatments

It is true enough that flat irons and curling irons are convenient to use and gives you the desired results in a lesser amount of time. The problem with using heat in hair processing, however, is that it causes inevitable damage over time. Whenever possible to do so, go for a processing method that makes use of only a minimal amount of heat or no heat at all. Doing so will go a long way towards preserving a healthy and beautiful hair.

4. Be Careful in Combing Your Hair

It is recommended to have your hair strands combed while it is still wet after shower. A wide toothed comb should be used, making sure to comb starting from the ends up towards the scalp. This process should also be done while the hair still has the conditioner with it, so that the hair will also be thoroughly rinsed in the process.Metal combs should be avoided, as well as teasing the hair by backcombing in an effort to create an illusion of volume. Such a practice tends to permanently destroy hair cuticles.

5. Give Your Hair the Care & Nourishment It Deserves

Pampering your hair is not enough. You should also make sure that your hair gets the nutrients it need to stay in top shape. the way to do this is by using nutrient enriched conditioners. Just make sure that such conditioners does not contain any harsh ingredients. Apart from these, a healthy and balanced diet will be of great help towards maintaining a healthy and beautiful hair.


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