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Essiac Herbal Tea Natural Treatment for Nasal Polyps- Ojibway Breast, Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer Cure

Updated on October 10, 2016

Essiac Tea for Cancer Contains Indian Rhubarb


Essiac Tea for Cancer- Ojibway Cancer Cure

In traditional Canadian Ojibway Indian medicine, essiac tea has become popular for its usefulness in fighting cancer cells. The nurse who promoted its applications among her colleagues was a Canadian and the tea is named after her.

Nurse Caisse observed as the tea was used by to treat a patient who was suffering from cancer and was expected to die. The Ojibway healers who used the herbs that are found in the tea blend were able to heal their patient by having them drink the beverage daily over a set period.

Sheep Sorrel- An Ingredient in Essiac Tea for Cancer

How to Take Essiac Tea for Cancer and Nasal Polyps

Essiac Tea for Cancer can be used to treat many different kinds of cancer. It can also help to shrink nasal polyps. If you are using it to treat either of these conditions, you should take the tea daily, on an empty stomach. Once you have your doctor’s go ahead, you should take the tea about 2 hours after a meal. You can drink it twice a day for nasal polyps and four times a day if you are using it as a treatment for breast, prostate or pancreatic cancer.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any kind of herbal remedy. If you are currently taking medication, the natural substances that are present in the tea can interfere with your medication.

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Indian Rhubarb- An Ingredient in Ojibway Essiac Tea for Cancer

Indian Rhubarb
Indian Rhubarb | Source

What herbs are in Essiac Tea for Cancer?

Traditional Essiac tea is a blend of four herbs. There are also more contemporary blends that have additional herbs added which also have cancer fighting properties that shrink tumors in the breast tissue, prostate gland or pancreas. When you are buying Essiac tea, check the ingredients to be certain that the original herbs are contained in the blend. The four herbs that are contained in original Essiac tea are:

  • Burdock root
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Slippery elm
  • Indian rhubarb

Each of these herbs is known individual for its medicinal properties. For example, burdock root is a strong anti fungal and anti microbial. It has been used to cleanse the blood in many different cultures. The root contains substances that act as a diuretic and speed up detoxification.

Tips on Buying Essiac Tea for Cancer

Good quality Essiac tea will carry a detectable scent. Just like any other natural product, such as organic coconut oil or garlic, the smell of the product should be strong and should give an impression of freshness. Stale herbs will be less effective since the active elements will have started to deteriorate.

If you are buying online, stick to retailers who have a good reputation for delivering quality goods to their customers. Always use sterile containers and tools when you are preparing the tea.

Do you currently take Essiac tea?

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