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Does too much estrogen cause cellulite?

Updated on April 14, 2012

Estrogen dominance is a build up of excess estrogen in the body caused by low levels of progesterone. Progesterone usually controls the amount of estrogen but as we age progesterone decreases dramatically and to a larger extent than estrogen. Also these days there are many sustances in our environment that act as estrogen to produce similar effects called xenoestrogens. Estrogen weakens all connective tissues including that in the skin. When the connective tissue supporting the dermis weakens fat cells migrate to the upper layers of the skin. Estrogen also promotes fat storage in these problem areas.

What can we do about estrogen dominance? We can use natural progesterone in the form of topical creams. Progesterone like all hormones is lipid soluble and will pass easily through the skin and into the blood stream.

One product called Cellulite Rx contains progesterone and is especially designed for treating cellulite.

"I formulated my product with a woman's harmonizing botanical ingredient, Mexican Wild Yam Extract, that has benn used for centuries by Aztec and Mayan women to help with women's health issues. Wild yam extract, dioscorea vilosa, is a phtyoprogesterone that counter the fat storage and collagen destruction in the skin due to estrogen" - Cellulite Rx creater, Jeri Ross, MPH.

LipoTherm - Contour Cream

LipoTherm Contour Cream improves skin smoothness diminishing the dimpled appearance of cellulite while slimming the body.
Key Ingredients: wild yam extract, niacin (Vitamin B3),alpha lipoic acid (ALA) essential fatty acids-EFAs (omega 3,6), guarana seed extract, caffeine, acetyl carnitine, rosemary leaf oil, geranium oil
Instructions: Use once daily. Apply a small amount and massage into areas of the body where cellulite treatment is desired. You may experience a rosy flush and warmth to the skin where applied. This is normal and desired. Follow with Step 3 LipoLift Firming Cream.

Visit for more information and teatments on cellulite and how to achieve female hormone balance and beautiful skin.


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