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Self Acceptance and Discovery:Finding Your Place in the World

Updated on December 2, 2012
One of my 3D postcard painting I have on
One of my 3D postcard painting I have on | Source

Determining Your Blueprint

My intro is very simple and true. The art of life can move us, inspire us, and cause great changes through its many outlets. LIke my favorite quote says by Chico Hamilton that no matter what the profession whether music, the arts, visual arts, medicine, etc. we all have a common interest and goal - mankind. Each persons blueprint is different and ever changing. We must constantly reflect on our lives and how we affect other people's lives on a daily basis. Nothing in our lives are predetermined and the choices we make are our own. The title to me feels very relevant to today because mankind places so much value on the physical and not the intangible. Unfortunately, happiness is not something I feel can be measured by what we own but what we do. You can not buy long term happiness and the source of happiness doesn't come out of a nothing. We as a people make our own happiness through connections with our surrounding. I believe few people reach true happiness because of the influences of the modern day world. I try to determine my own happiness by reflecting on my own value and not the value society puts on me because in the end I have to live my life not everyone else. Hope is always there even in our darkest hours and it is in those hours our true character shines.

Where does your happiness lie?

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The Ultimate Question and Answer

I don't believe the answer is simple for anyone. Everyone has their own definition of true happiness. I believe everyone has the access to the same chest of tools that contribute to their happiness. I know one inalienable truth: everyone has the right to determine their own happiness and the right to be happy. If you are unhappy in your life or feel unfulfilled, then you are not asking the right question. The experiences and life lessons we learn inevitably leave a mark on our decisions to be happy. Happiness is harder to find than money and is ever changing because we all have and interpret our experiences differently.

True happiness has infinite possibilities in that its intangible qualities cannot be measure on a scale or given a finite answer. You cannot buy it or find it in any store even if you think you have. Without self acceptance and selflessness, people can never truly find the key to happiness unless they open themselves to world around them. When we are in our darkest moments or the road is not clear that is when we can start to build our understanding of our place in the world. I am writing this to inspire people to explore their world more and to understand it better not for my benefit but for their benefit. When you strip away all the modern conveniences of today and take all the tangible attributes of your life away...What is left?

It is important to have an honest dialogue with yourself and your friends and families. Find out what makes you happy and why. It can be anything even the simplest thing matter a lot in the larger scheme of things. You must be truly content with your own life before you can be ultimately happy with other relationships.

In Summation: Defining Happiness

To sum it up: Happiness cannot be defined by a book or cannot be written in concrete steps. You find happiness in the little things and the hope that tomorrow will bring you a new beginning. Hope is a good thing as Andy DuFresne says in Shawshank Redemption. The road is long and difficult but at the end we must come to terms with our own realities as Paul Edgecombe realizes in the Green Mile. Life is one big game of cause and effect. No one can be perfect and exacting in the art of finding happiness. We all make mistakes along the way...we are only human, but those moments whether big or small define our beliefs about life. We all have a purpose not just to exist but to live. While our definitions of happiness may be different, the end result is the same: To live everyday with hope for tomorrow and to share our happiness with the world. We can learn from the mistakes of those before us and teach the ones that follow us that life is finite but hope and happiness can be eternal.

Feeling Inspired? Tell me what inspires you and keeps you going.

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    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Very nice, and well written. Kindness from others is so special. each time i experience it I am so thankful. My friends and family help to keep me in perspective. My writing can ground me sometimes. Next step for me is to develop more trust in the world, and be with my grandchildren:)

    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 4 years ago from Canada

      Wow, what a well done first hub, so well written and filled with food for thought. As I raise my children and enjoy a life with an abundance of love and enough to eat etc. I try to be grateful everyday and find ways to give back. I am always inspired by the kindness of others and the by the hope so many of us have that things will change for the better. Wonderful writing, so glad you have joined the HubPages community.