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How to Heal Yourself - Guideline for a Powerful Practice

Updated on November 12, 2015
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Mario Buildreps is a graduate engineer. Become aware of topics in a way you have never heard before.

The Egyptian Ankh symbol stands for Eternity.
The Egyptian Ankh symbol stands for Eternity. | Source

The Practice

List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that

ye, too, shalt taste not of change.

One hour each day shalt thou lie

with thine head pointed to the

place of the positive pole (north).

One hour each day shalt thy head be

pointed to the place of the negative pole (south).

Whilst thy head is placed to the northward,

hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head.

And when thy head is placed southward,

hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet.

Hold thou in balance once in each seven

What Causes Diseases and Ageing?

According to Wikipedia is ageing the accumulation of changes in a person over time. This definition shows how less we actually know about ageing.

Gerontology is the scientific study of ageing and of the process of becoming old. According to the current state of knowledge, gerontology states that our cells constantly receive cues from both inside and outside the body, prompted by such things as injury, infection, stress, or even food.

But if we are able to get rid of 'accumulation/cues of changes' would it mean we stopped or even reverse the process of ageing, and also cure all diseases? Technically spoken - Yes. But how can you do this?

The basic rules are already known to almost everyone - no alcohol, no smoking, no meat, no fish, physical exercise, no stress, etcetera. That's the basis.

But it's obvious there's more to it than just this, and that is an ancient forgotten practice of the Egyptian God Thoth. This simple practice can cure any disease.

You can free yourself from ageing by reinterpreting your body and by grasping the link between belief and biology.

— Deepak Chopra

About the Ancient Practice of the Emerald Tablets

The Emerald Tablets mentions, almost casually, a practice that no one really seems to understand to the full extend. Is curing diseases and maintain immortality so simple? No, it isn't.

The practice looks deceptive simple, but requires for a novice at least 500 hours to master only the basis. Not everyone is able to master this practice, because of the subtleties that must be generated and felt inside of the body, and must be spiraled upwards to a higher level each time.

The practice is meant to cure diseases, pains and to slow, stop or even reverse ageing, depending of the intensity and duration of the exercises.

The major key of gaining consciousness is age. With every rebirth most of the information of the former live is lost. The consciousness of the soul nevertheless jigsaws slowly upwards through the cycles of birth and death.

Up to now there were on the internet no proper explanations of the exercise available. Some explanations are wrong and won't have much effect on ones health. Some interpretations are a literal copy of the tablets themselves, without any additional value.

Did you ever practised these exercises?

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What is the Purpose of the Exercises?

The exercises are initially meant to cure diseases, to calm body and mind, and to stay in good health.

Becoming (very) old gives the opportunity to gain wisdom. Wisdom is the only key to unlocking the mysteries of life.

There can be many reasons to practice the immortality exercises:

  • to connect with your inner divinity,
  • to gain consciousness,
  • to learn 'to be',
  • to heal diseases,
  • to increase health,
  • to prolong life,
  • to come in deep relaxation.

Are you able to prolong your life, and raise your consciousness?

Are you able to prolong your life, and raise your consciousness?
Are you able to prolong your life, and raise your consciousness? | Source

#1 - Learn to Practice Yoga Nidra

To understand the basics of the exercises of Thoth, you must know how to practice Yoga Nidra, also called the Yogi Sleep, a simple but powerful way to relax (I mean not this double folding exercise).

  • Deep relaxation while staying awake is essential for Thoth's exercises.
  • Falling asleep is your greatest pitfall.

The major challenge of Yoga Nidra is staying awake in full relaxation. The easiest way to do this is by keeping your eyes pointed upward towards your Ajna, the third eye, because you will only fall asleep when your eyes are dropping down. You must learn to keep your eyes UPWARDS.

Balancing the Chakra's

There is much information available on the internet about balancing chakra's together with all kinds of tests that show you where you're 'stuck' in one of your chakra's. You can try tests, but certainly not relying on them.

Spending your time practising Yoga Nidra and locating your chakra's, will give more satisfying results.

  • You should be aware of the emotions and feelings that may come loose with abdominal breathing, with meditation, and with focussing on chakra's. They will resolve and disappear in time.

Maybe the most important knowledge that no one seems to tell. Once (old) stored emotions are becoming 'fluid' due to meditation, there is no way back. You cannot simply stop being 'spiritual' anymore.

Think twice before you start any of these practices.

An Example of a Yoga Nidra Practice

Pranayama - Breathing Through a Chakra

Breathing through chakra's is a powerful imaginary breathing technique.

The technique of imaginary breathing through one of your chakra's has to be limited. Do not force yourself while using this technique - do it all effortless while in full concentration.

During the Thoth exercises you can apply a technique where you (imaginary) breath in directly in a chakra and exhale very slowly while spreading light through your body. This can be used as a kick starter, but don't do this continuously. Relaxation is the master key!

#2 - Learn How to Locate Your Chakra's

In the period you're mastering Yoga Nidra, you can start to learn locating your chakra's, using the classic meditation posture.

  • Knowing how to find your Chakra centres is essential to practice the Thoth exercises.

This article is not meant to show you how to locate chakra's. It is something must learn under the guidance of a Yoga teacher. It takes a few months of daily practice to exactly locate all seven chakra's, and how to learn to feel the subtle sweetness that comes with being in a chakra with your focus, in the right way.

#3: The Immortality Exercise

The Preparations:

  1. Align your bed to the magnetic North-South. When you're determining the North pole with a compass, make sure there are no ferro metals around that disturb the measurement. Cross-check the measurement with sunrise or sunset. If you can locate your building, home or street on Google maps then check the direction of your bed in alignment with the walls in your building or home.
  2. The most perfect situation is that you install your bed permanently in the North-South direction, so you can keep the threshold to practice as low as possible (you'll notice you'll sleep also calmer and better when sleeping in line with the magnetic field lines of the Earth). You can also decide to lie somewhat oblique in your bed.
  3. Put a clock besides your bed, with an alarm. The advice is to start the outbound trip (head to North) with 25 to 35 minutes and the inbound trip with 20 to 30 minutes. The outbound trip takes longer because it involves the process of becoming in full relaxation.

#4 The Exercise - Head North, the Outbound Trip

  1. Lie down with your head pointed to the (magnetic) North. Put your arms besides you, preferably with the palms of your hands upward, because the touch of the fingertips on the surface of the bed can cause too much sensation (and brain activity) once you're in deep relaxation.
  2. Raise your eyes slightly upward towards your Ajna (third eye), otherwise the chance you'll fall asleep, once in total relaxation, is 99% sure, especially the first period. Keep your eyes there, fully concentrated on your body and feel how your body is relaxing.
  3. With every deeper relaxation you may start to experience tingling sensations all over your body. Slowly decrease the pace of your (abdominal) breath. Your breath may not cause any tensions in your body. Focus your attention on the upper half of your body.
  4. When you feel ready, locate and 'switch on' your Anahata (heart chakra) and concentrate it to radiate light upward, to your neck and head. Fill your torso with light. You'll notice the sweet subtle sensations of the energy going upward through your torso.
  5. When you feel satisfied in your upper torso, arms and hands, continue doing the same from your Vishuddha to your Ajna and from your Ajna to your Sahasrara and from your Sahasrara into 'space'. During this 'trip' upward you'll feel it tingling all over your body, head, hands, down to your feet. Just let this happen. Keep your focus strictly on the chakra where you're currently in. Concentration is the key of the practise.
  6. It is possible that time's up before you reach your crown chakra, but it's best to finish the practice and forget about time in this case.
  7. The final step after finishing the Sahasrara (crown chakra) is to 'open' a channel from Anahata (heart chakra) up to the Sahasrara, and radiate along this 'tube' light (or consciousness) up to the Sahasrara. Stay in this position as long as it feels comfortable.

Kundalini Rise

During the exercise you can experience a Kundalini rise. The Kundalini is your 'Divine Antenna'. It's nothing bad, but it can be too sensational.

You may experience this as being on fire from within. You can stop your exercise or go back to the Yoga Nidra practise.

The sensations of a Kundalini rise will become less intense with the growth of your consciousness.

#5 The Exercise - Feet North, the Inbound Trip

  1. To make the inbound trip, you'll have to turn 180 degrees in your bed, putting your feet where your head was before. After turning you might notice a very awkward sensation; there appears to flow energy from your upper part downward. This sensation usually lasts not more than a few minutes.
  2. Start again to locate and switch on your Anahata (heart chakra) and concentrate it to radiate light downward to the Manipura. This is where the ego resides - a very powerful and active chakra. In many cases this chakra will block energy flow. You'll notice the sweet subtle sensations of the energy going downward through the lower part of your torso and your tummy. Fill your lower torso and tummy as far as it feel good, but don't forget that there are more chakra's to be done, besides the Anahata.
  3. When you feel satisfied, continue doing the same from your Manipura to your Svadistana and from your Svadistana to your Muladhara. During this 'trip' downward you can feel it perhaps tingling everywhere. Just let this happen, but keep your focus strictly on the chakra where you're currently in.
  4. The Muladhara chakra (root) is probably the chakra that requires the most attention in the first period. It is your root and your 'lightning rod'. This chakra has often many blockages, which might result in joint problems at a higher age. Pay much attention to this part of the exercise - it will make you feel good and strong.
  5. The final step after finishing the Muladhara chakra (root) is to 'open' a channel from Anahata (heart chakra) down to the Muladhara, and radiate along this 'tube' down to the Muladhara (and to your feet). Stay in this position as long as it feels comfortable.

My Own Experience

What did I witness myself during this last year I (we) practiced the exercises of Thoth that are mentioned in the Emerald tablets? It was very spectacular, that's why I decided to share this with the world. Some of the things are pretty private, but I'll mention all the things I noticed. And if I notice other new experiences I'll update them here.

  • I am (currently) 50 and started to develop arthritis in the upper joints of my finger tips of my right hand, especially the middle and ring finger. When I carried bag(s) for a longer time, and tried to stretch my hands after putting the bags down, my fingers were terribly painful and it became rapidly worse one year ago. It totally disappeared, just a few days after I (finally) fully mastered the practice. I witness that my joints became more flexible and I'm even able to bend and stretch them like I am 25 again. I am already very, very grateful for this!
  • When I was 15, I had a ski accident where I damaged my left knee. About 20 years ago an orthopaedic surgeon wanted to remove my meniscus, but I never allowed it. In these years I did pretty well in sports with my knee, but it snapped regularly as if it was nearly about to lock. Sometimes my knee really ached. This totally disappeared. My knee(s) feels like reborn.
  • In my right hip I had often an unidentified pain already for 2,5 years, that became worse directly after doing exercises for the legs in the gym. I was afraid that perhaps my hip was starting to wear out. This disappeared a few months after I fully mastered the exercise. And that is a milestone.
  • I had slightly damaged kidneys, because I nearly suffered from dehydration after being lost in the forest for three days, in tropical temperatures. This damaged kidneys hunted me during a year. It seems my kidneys are fully recovered.
  • Because of my age I start to have an enlarged prostate, that was easily to watch every time I had to urinate. The flow really dropped significantly. It starts to get increasingly better.
  • After going to the gym, I always had to take a cold shower not to catch a cold when walking outside from a sweaty body and head. This totally disappeared also. I didn't catch anything anymore during the practise of the exercises.
  • An immense raised consciousness, but how to objectively measure this?
  • I look younger and amazingly relaxed when I look in the mirror. My skin seems to be more smooth.
  • Regarding all the visible effects, it gives a clue what is happening 'under the hood'. I feel much better in general.

I don't know yet why and how this technique works. It's certainly too pretentious to make a claim how it works.

The immortality exercise of Thoth actually works. To master this practise requires time, stamina, self-understanding, awareness, sensitivity and perseverance.

The Highway of Light might not be available for everyone afterall.

© 2014 by Buildreps


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    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 13 months ago from Europe

      Yes, I interpreted that as focussing on the chakras during the exercise. The logic is derived from the fact that Thoth mentions to focus from chest to head and from chest to feet. The heart chakra is considered by many as the most important chakra and the seat of the soul.

      But feel free to share your ideas and opinions. I think we all can benefit from sharing ideas.

    • profile image

      Luis 13 months ago

      Do you have any idea what "Hold thou in balance once in each seven" means? I kinda feel Thoth means to fast one day of the week, but not sure.

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 14 months ago from Europe

      Hm? Grammatical errors? Kathy, the article score almost 100 in the HP statistics, which means it's of a high standard. There might be some minor errors here and there, but what prevents you from understanding the quintessence? You can ask me questions if you're really interested.

    • profile image

      Kathy 14 months ago

      Im very interested in your article but finding it hard to understand with all the grammatical errors.

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 22 months ago from Europe

      Jason, very good question. Thanks for asking. The yoga nidra practise brings a lot of comfort to body and mind, and that is what you're experiencing. It is already great you're practising this.

      The exercise of Thoth is more subtle than the regular yoga Nidra practise. The magnetic field of the earth to which you connect during the exercise is an important factor that I wouldn't advice to neglect. It are the very subtle sensations and feelings that you must become aware of that you will only experience during the orientation to the poles. You can learn to steer these very subtle force to 'repair' diseases or discomforts. These subtle forces are depending of the magnetic field of the earth.

      So, yes, I think it is essential.

    • Jason Ironsntone profile image

      Jason 22 months ago

      Hi Buildreps, do you think the alignent to north is a necessity for this exercise? Do you think it is essential? I've done it once without that alignment and still had good results.

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 22 months ago from Europe

      That's perfectly fine, Jason. Thanks for asking.

    • Jason Ironsntone profile image

      Jason 22 months ago

      Hi Buildreps, I'd like to post about this on my blog, . I would include a downloadable pdf/odt/epub file with a description of the chakra exercise (taken from this page) and a link back to this page. Would that be OK with you?

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 22 months ago from Europe

      It is indeed an amazing and very powerful practice, Jason. I still practice it at least four times a week between 1 and 1.5 hours. You'll get more experience in it the more you practice it. It boosts both health and consciousness. Great to see you around, Jason. Thanks for the comment.

    • Jason Ironsntone profile image

      Jason 22 months ago

      I tried this and it was great. I did it twice so far and it felt great each time. Quite an experience.

    • profile image

      Jason 2 years ago

      very interesting, I might give these a try. Thanks for writing this!

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 2 years ago from Europe

      Thanks for your kind comment, Harishprasad. This exercise helped me to release from every health problem. It is simply an amazing exercise, but like I write in the Hub - it is very hard to master. Hopefully you will have benefits from it too :)

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 2 years ago from India, New Delhi

      Buildreps, this is a very informative and well-researched hub. What you described about the immortality exercises have substance in them. With breath control, any man can defeat the age. In India, such people are called yogis. I think you have perfected this rare science of ancients. This is indeed a great hub and very useful too. Thanks for sharing such a gem.

    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 3 years ago from Pasadena CA

      Well, I haven't tried it outside yet. But what I found doing them inside is that my legs were so nervous I could hardly hold them still (a little exaggeration). My knees, especially, hurt. So I did it 40 minutes the first time, then 30 minutes, then decided it was more important to start doing hatha yoga regularly first. Then I realized I spend so much time in my head and I sleep with head facing north anyway, that I started doing just the south facing part of the exercise for 1/2 hour to balance myself out.

      That's working really well. I've been waking up with a really clear head that lasts all day. So that's the routine I'm going to stick with for a little while: Hatha yoga in the morning, a day in my head, south facing Thoth late afternoon. Then I'll work up to the full Thoth exercise, if my Self lets me know that's good for me. Thanks again for this wakeup call.

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 3 years ago from Europe

      Hi Carolyn, very kind of you. Thank you.

    • CarolynEmerick profile image

      Carolyn Emerick 3 years ago

      Hi Buildreps. This topic keeps popping up, and your article reminded me that this is something to look into more deeply. I have share this with my hubpages followers, thanks! I will also give it a share on FB :-)

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 3 years ago from Europe

      Thanks for your positive comment, Joseph. Good luck with studying and practising!

    • profile image

      Pastor Wolfe 3 years ago

      I have been studying traditional practices within religious beliefs and so on, and I want to thank you for this article because it gave me more to look into. I find this very informative and I look forward in researching this tradition!

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 3 years ago from Europe

      Wauw, this sounds very good. Awesome that you have so much experience already. After Sunday? And take care for other bugs (including spiders and snakes) as well :) They are all part of nature, you're right!

    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 3 years ago from Pasadena CA

      It may have something to do with how much a person is having to focus when they first start. I've worked with chakras and I've meditated for years - outside as well. Outside the wind, birds, squirrels, and yourself all are part of the belongingness of nature. Clouds you can't see with eyes closed (lol). Ants???? As long as they're not on me. I'll make sure not to do the exercise on an ant trail.

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 3 years ago from Europe

      Hi again watergeek :) I have no experience with doing the exercises outside. It took me so much time to master them fully, that it was only possible for me to do them in the total quietness of the bedroom. To stay in total relaxation is the major part of this exercise, this is for me already difficult enough, while concentration on your chakra's in all effortlessness.

      While you're still mastering the exercise when doing them outside you may get disturbed by the slightest things, like wind, an ant or a cloud before the sun. But if you're able to do them successfully outside, it would be nice if you would share your experiences. The exercises are miraculous! Thanks and good luck!

    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 3 years ago from Pasadena CA

      I'm going to start this Sunday. All the other things you had on your list for staying healthy, I either do or did, but changed due to physical requirements. This one looks awesome. If sun makes a difference, do you think it would be more effective practiced outside?

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 3 years ago from Europe

      It is not allowed to provide more than two links to the same account. For this reason I give here a link to a good .pdf version of the Emerald Tablets on my Mediafire account:

    • Adrienne Daniels profile image

      Adrienne Lea Daniels 3 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thank you Buildreps, I will keep that in mind :)

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 3 years ago from Europe

      Thank you, Adrienne :) If you're going to practice the exercises and you'll have questions, you can always 'consult' me, for free of course.

    • Adrienne Daniels profile image

      Adrienne Lea Daniels 3 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Bookmarked!! Absolutely fascinating, thought provoking, and useful knowledge here. Thank you so very much for this.