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Eugeroics: Another Weapon Against E-Harassment

Updated on May 7, 2011

Smart Drugs Beat E-Harassment

I have been studying the effects of Adrafinil, a legally-available medicine known as a Eugeroic. They provide an increase in concentration, number of novel ideas and provide the edge to really throw yourself into your workouts as well. E-harassment discourages both thought and intense feelings. By getting you "down", you feel that it's impossible to commit worthwhile actions. This leaves you with a very low self-esteem, which makes you optimal programming material.

There's something about really cutting loose and giving it YOUR all. This can be done at any treadmill or reverse-elliptical device at any gym. You must PUSH your body to do MORE than it's set at. E-harassment "turns you down", making you lethargic, weak and open to suggestion. You will find that as you push yourself, you'll get certain feelings that discourage you from "maxing out". These are merely false signals designed to keep your ability "toned down". With Adrafinil, there is no feeling of pleasure, but the feelings of accomplishment you'll harvest from the physical activity you've chosen will provide you with VALIDATION. The harder you PUSH yourself, the greater the reward.

So, in this case: I'm choosing to go "over" the binaural beats designed to make me feel all tired, depressed and afraid. If it increases neurological activity, decreases neurological activity or even causes unknown changes in the brain's chemistry - it messes up your stalkers ability to "get your number" and drag you down into "Hell". The Adrafinil made the tinnitus lose it's rhythmic ringing and take on a quiet, messy "hum" which I could ignore. This lifts you out of the programming frequency they've got your brain marching to. Know that they can and will adjust their instruments to compensate for the change, so you must always change your: routine, ways of thinking and "escape medicine".

Maybe we do have to keep changing things around - the good news is that there exist enough different: psychotropic substances, things to do, things to think, ways to cope with the same circumstance that we can stay afloat amidst this "psychic flood". Remember, you must create difficult work that induces bodily pain and overcome it. This will make you better at overcoming the myriads of distractions and attempts to bring you "down". You will FEEL more alive. This means you'll stay REALLY ALIVE and not be just another plastic automaton marching in step to that ringing in the ears.

People worry about dying. Funny thing is: you can die on the inside LONG before your body ever decides to "kick the bucket". I define life as a free mental state in which the individual is empowered to develop their own: personality, way of expressing themselves, independent thought and FREEDOM OF CHOICE. People LOSE their INNER-LIVES every day. I've seen those blank expressions, mechanical-like walk, lack in natural human emotions and personality. THAT to me is death, and I've come real close to this state of me, it is indeed a "fate worse than death". If this moves you, it isn't too late to start incorporating useful counter-measures to this war on the individual. Stay alive and stay REAL!


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    • smileNtherFACES profile image

      smileNtherFACES 6 years ago from Mid Cali

      Man, you touched a spot in my soul that tottally motivated me, and made me feel as if to conquer the world.................I wish that feeling would stay with me everywhere,............ 5 minutes into leaving the house, Its gone....and I'm on the lookout for followers, set-ups, anything. Ive done a lot of websurfing the past week, and its really hard to believe that one organazation has so many outlets, and cells everywhere, the timing, the money...the people....and the resources....its on an epic scale........I have really come to a realization that this is more than jus some pissed off person with a vendetta, or spook agents out to get the low guy who cant pay his bills, and has a drug habbit hes trying to kick......on and me its become a matter of good and evil, period. Theres something behind all of this thats abstract but real.........anyway I jus wanted to say thanks for your posts I read them religiously because I can identify with you. You talked of Binareal beats......thats funny because bout 4 years ago, befor I knew anything about this (and im sure it was going on then) I was visiting a friend in AZ we always went to this bar of asian influence, and had more than our fill, but the bartender and the piano player wer the main reasons I went their, After numberous visits that year, I had gotton to know the piano player decently, we always chatted at the bar and he would play tunes for me upon request, he had a older lady who sang, but not as much as he played, he was a little wierd so I thought but not dangerous, or scarry, jus a little off......speech, movements....but what the hell do I know what is wierd? I mean were all wierd in some I look back and see he was just as normal as anyone.....but heres my reasoning for mentioning this, My last visit (wich turned out to be my last visit) He talked about binaraul beats I had no clue what he was talking about till he explained it....I mean this guy tottally was throwing this stuff at me out of no where....on, and on...... like a car salseman selling a car, to save his job. He explained it, and told me how it would help with sleep, motivation, relationships....everything........anyhow, I didnt think two bits about it at the time, my friend and I just left the bar as usual hammered and on with our life. 4 years later I'm sitting here and I come across 3 cd's he sent me in the mail that i came across, I had never opened them til this weekend, due to my harassment. I figured hey this might work......."Deep Insight" is the one I am listening to now....for relaxing,sleep. Its just a unique experience, being that the piano player crossed my path 4 years ago, and his purpous is just now unvieled in my mind. If I had more consciousness then I would have been a few steps ahead in all of this...maybe. That being said, I am constantly rewinding my life tape, pondering, and peeling layers back seeing what people, places and things have influenced me in my experiences and outcomes. I am starting to think this has been going on long befor my teenage years, and I think my whole family has been targeted. Sorry for rambling on......thanks for the insight....Stay strong........