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Ever Consider Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Updated on February 23, 2010

Ever Considered Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Many people who are looking for a healthy way to cleanse their colon may not be aware of colonic cleansing. Colonic cleansing is also known as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy and it is a method available for deep cleansing the colon. If you have had colon issues in the past, such as irregular bowl movements, are chronically constipated, or are just looking for a deep cleansing of your colon, then colonics might be an option for you.

Of course, eating right is essential in keeping your colon healthy. Organic fruits and vegetables should always be part of your diet, but if you find this isn't enough to keep you regular, than a colon cleansing might assist you to get back on track. When considering colon treatment, you will receive your therapy from a colon hydrotherapist. They are trained professionals who will use sterilized equipment to perform the procedure. A colonic hydrotherapy session is perfectly safe.

Intestinal Discomfort
Intestinal Discomfort

The colonic procedure is performed in a sterile environment. You will be placed in a tub with your clothing removed from the waist down. From there, a tube is inserted into your rectum which allows low-pressure water to flush the colon and intestines and remove built up waste that has accumulated in your colon - sometimes for years. The waste that is expelled is clearly visible during the removal process. You will see it as it comes out through the tube from which the water was flushed into your intestines. If you have a squeamish stomach, you may choose to look the other way.

In order to prepare yourself for colonic hydrotherapy, there are many intestinal cleansing products you can buy at health food stores, over the internet, or even a formula your colonic hydrotherapist might provide that will aid in the process of loosening the waste from your bowels.

Taking a colon cleanser before your hydrotherapy is the best way to maximize your results, as it will have already served the purpose of loosening the waste in the bowels. Colonic hydrotherapy is more effective than an enema you can do yourself as colonic professionals are able to cleanse the entire six feet of your large intestine, instead of just the area near your rectum.

One of the reasons many people put off receiving colonic hydrotherapy is they believe it is painful or that they can replace the colonic with an enema. Colonic treatments are no more painful than an enema but are more effective, and many people believe they have a relaxing effect, if you are able to calm the stress and worry over the anticipation of the procedure.

When seeking a colonic treatment, expect to be in the clinic for around an hour, sometimes an hour and a half if your bowels are severely impacted.


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