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Everybody Makes Mistakes

Updated on December 28, 2020

Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow

One of the norms taught in today’s society is that not knowing something or being inadequate at something is failing in life. Thus many people go through life exerting so much effort trying not to make a mistake or admit they do not have the slightest clue of what is happening around them or how they are going to make their lives dream a reality.

In this generation not knowing something makes you look stupid, powerless and useless. Consequently, everyone will try to put up an all-knowing, self-righteous image. And that right there is what we are all missing we need to realize that life is within those moments when we don’t know how to do something when we have tried all we can and have not seen any results. Those are the times of learning. Growth does not come when we do things rightly. Or know the correct answers those moments just breed pride and self-reliance. Growth is in those uncertain times, it is not what you know but what you don’t know that’s important. Only when you find out something you don’t know will you gain knowledge.

Remember a time when you would be asked a question by your teachers and you didn’t know the answer or you answered it wrongly. You were either laughed at and ridiculed by mates or punished by your teacher just because you didn’t get it right. And believe you me that might be the only lesson we got from school, never make a mistake. Always be right, always have the correct answers, as a result, this has led to a generation that refuses to make mistakes, laughs at those that do, leading to individuals that refuse to learn and take risks. The thing is punishing people for making mistakes prevents them from gaining knowledge. Learning is simply a process of making mistakes, finding out what you don’t know and correcting it. To emphasize this point I would like us to go down memory lane once more and remember any one time when a question was asked to you and you thought of an answer but were terrified to answer. Why do you think that was so… It is because the world has set standards for us. Even from a young age, never show yourself to be dumb by not knowing the correct answers. You are only brilliant when you get all the answers correct.

I emphasize this point by reminding us of those times when we were asked a question, answered a wrong one and were embarrassed not to make you go through that ordeal once more but what we did afterward. Am not sure about you but once that happened my mind would replay the events each chance it got reminding me of how inadequate I was and how everyone was laughing at me and wondering what I was doing in class. That memory would haunt me the entire day and I would have to find out what the correct answer was to escape from the mental prison. These were my points of learning, i hope they were yours too.

All in all, let’s learn to break this cycle of fear of making mistakes. How can you learn if you are afraid of making mistakes? What can you gain if you never risk? Far too many people are leading lives in which their real potential is never discovered, never put into action. They look back and mourn lives of unfulfilled dreams because “don’t make mistakes” is the only lesson they ever learned.

Ask yourself this: “what dreams of mine have gone unfulfilled because I was afraid of making a mistake or failing? How many opportunities have passed me by because of this fear? Is fear adding value to me or it’s taking away things that I could be, experience, or do in this life.

And then get ready to change all that by recognizing that a life of unfulfilled dreams is hardly worth living. You can change all that, even your wildest dreams if you are willing to unlearn some of those early lessons that are presently building you back…

What are the things you need to unlearn..?

© 2020 Charity Miti


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