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Everyday At-Home Workouts: For Beginners and Experts

Updated on May 10, 2018
Olivia Philips profile image

Olivia is a nutritionist and diet, fitness, and weight-loss consultant based in Texas. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition.

Keeping fit is a way of life. Yet getting off the couch and heading to the gym is still an intimidating prospect for many. It is wise to have a certain goal when it comes to fitness, but achieving that becomes a daunting task with everything that is happening around. Diet fads, fitness variations, crazy workout options, and most recently, unattainable fitness standards, are all contributing factors to this mania.

If you are a beginner or an advanced stage fitness freak, a home exercise program needs to be started on the right track. Before starting a home workout program, it is imperative to have a few questions clearly answered. Some of these questions are:

How long should the duration of the workouts be and in what repetitions?

There is quite a lot of conjecture over the effective and efficient workout time that you need to put in if you want to make some real progress. This debate revolves around a window of 45 minutes to an hour of time. As per CDC, for a moderate-intensity physical activity, the target heart rate has to be between 50 to 70% of the maximum heart rate. [1] Time is divided between a 10-minute warm-up followed by a 40-minute weight or freehand workout and finally a 10-minute cool down with stretching.

For the workout:

  • An ideal home exercise routine would include upper body, lower body and core exercises, which would give a wholesome result.

  • A 10 minute warm-up and a subsequent cool down post the exercises is an unsaid rule as well.

  • The beginner should perform the minimum number of repetitions, that should improve with time.

  • The advanced exercises should be done up till the maximum repetitions possible.

  • Each exercise should be performed for a minimum of 3 sets.

How to Do Dumbell Biceps Curls
How to Do Dumbell Biceps Curls | Source


1. Pushups


  • On knees.

  • Start with your knees down on the ground

  • Keep your hands flat on the ground and shoulder width apart to give you back support.

  • Bending only at the elbow, take dips touching your nose to the ground.


  • On toes.

  • Start with only your toes touching the ground.

  • Keep your knees off the floor.

  • Keep your hands flat on the ground and shoulder-width apart to give your back support.

  • Bending only at the elbow, take dips touching your nose to the ground.


  • On exercise ball.

  • Elevate your feet on the unstable surface of the ball.

  • Keep your hands flat on the ground and shoulder-width apart to give your back support.

  • Bending only at the elbow, take dips touching your nose to the ground

2. Triceps


  • Extension with band.

  • Hold arms sideways and parallel to the ground.

  • Bend elbows and hold the band in both hands.

  • Extend one arm, flex the other and hold.

  • Apply resistance every time the flexed arm is extended.

  • Repeat on the other side as well.


  • Chair Dips

  • Keeping the hips close to the chair, bend the elbows and lower to about 90 degrees.

  • Take a dip and repeat.


  • Ball Dips.

  • Use a ball instead of a chair.

  • Bend your elbows and lower to about 90 degrees.

  • Take a dip and repeat.

3. Biceps


  • Bicep Curls.

  • Using dumbbells, a barbell, resistance bands, bend arms at elbows.

  • Do not lock the joint and keep your movement free.


  • Bicep Curls with One Leg.

  • Using dumbbells, a barbell, resistance bands bend arms at elbows while standing on one leg

  • Pay attention to balance here.


  • Preacher Curl.

  • Placing a pillow between the arms and chest to flex the shoulder joint.

  • In sitting position using higher weights perform the biceps curl.


4.Obliques and ABS


  • Lie on your back on the floor.

  • Keep your legs extended, arms on the sides, abs engaged and ankles crossed. [3]

  • Pinning the shoulders and lower body still reach one hand up and across the center of the body.

  • Hold for a few seconds and lower.

  • Repeat with the other arm.


  • Windshield Wipers.

  • In the same position place a folded towel between the knees

  • Bend knees to 90 degrees and raise the legs bringing calves parallel to floor

  • Lower the legs to the left side, return to the center, twist to the right.


  • Reverse Crunch with Swivel.

  • Lie faceup on the floor with legs toward the ceiling.

  • Swivel straightened legs to the left then raise and swivel back to the center and repeat on the other side

5.Woodchop with Dumbbell


  • Basic woodchop.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a 5-pound dumbbell with both hands in front of a torso

  • Squat and bring the dumbbell toward the right foot

  • Standing up, lift the dumbbell diagonally across the body to the left shoulder.


  • Woodchop with Lunge.

  • In the same position, bend the right knee into a lunge and bring the dumbbell down to your right foot

  • Rise and lift dumbbell above the body on the left side.


  • Lateral Stretch.

  • In the same position hold dumbbell in right hand.

  • Lunge to the left while keeping right leg straight.

  • Bend right elbow and bring the dumbbell to the shoulder.

  • Lower the torso to the left and extend your right arm towards the ceiling.

  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.



  • Lower arm parallel touching the ground, abs engaged, back straight.

  • Keep your body parallel and away from the ground.

  • Your feet should be straight with only toes touching the ground.

  • Hold the position for minimum comfortable time.


  • Plank with Twist.

  • In plank position twist the entire lower body to the right.

  • Hold for 5 seconds and return to the center, twisting to the left.


  • Side Plank Rotation.

  • In push-up position, rotate your body to the right, lifting your right arm toward the ceiling and bringing your right leg behind.

  • Push hips up higher away from floor, keeping both feet grounded.

  • Lower to push up position and then rotate to the left.

Lower Body Workouts
Lower Body Workouts | Source


8.Squats [4]


  • Chair squats.

  • With feet about hip distance apart, squat till you get into a sitting position.


  • Ball Squat.

  • Squat with a ball placed at the back for support.

  • Add intensity by squatting lower than a chair.


  • Dumbbell/Barbell Squat.

  • Use heavy weights instead of ball for the squat.



  • Assisted lunges.

  • Lunging movement on either leg with assistance from the wall.


  • Static Lunges.

  • Lunging movement without any assistance alternating each leg.


  • Around the World Lunges.

  • Lunge forward, squat out to the side and then lunge to the rear.

  • Holding weights in either hand gives more intensity.

10.Leg Lifts


  • Lying down lifts.

  • Lying on the floor, lift legs up to 90 degrees, hold and gradually bring back down.

  • Perform on alternating legs.


  • Standing Leg Lifts.

  • While in standing position and ankle weights tied on, lift leg till 90 degrees and repeat on the other leg.


  • Bent Over Ball Leg Lifts.

  • Keeping a ball within the legs in lying position bring both the legs up to 90 degrees and back.

  • Repeat the movement.

  • Keep the hips square throughout the movement.

How many times in a week should you train?

Training a minimum of three times a week is necessary if you intend to reach your fitness goals in reasonable time. If you are an advanced stage fitness enthusiast then there is no limit. Although 1 rest day is important in any fitness regimen. [5]







© 2018 Olivia Philips


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