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Everyday Struggles-Dissociative Identity Disorder

Updated on March 15, 2012

Everyday Struggles Having DID-Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Maybe so people can maybe understand more about what people with DID go through on a daily basis and the struggles and work it takes to stay positive and grow mentally. If possible log onto website from you tube that I have chosen that describes alot. It's not easy being me. People who struggle with DID it can be like a living hell but I choose to do what I can to work it out. It's not easy but is quite a mental task and can be overwhelming. The only one I truly feel I can rely upon is God through these struggles. I wrote a small poem:

I’m Laying Here….

I’m laying here giving way to my thought’s wondering what in life is going to happen next. Will it be good or will it be bad I guess nothing can be worse than it already has. Everything about me has been turned upside down, now I must start a new path with nothing in my way. Just a new walk, between me and Him, this I must maintain every day from here on in. Looking, at everything in one way, forgetting everything that I have learned til this day. Light up a match, see it all burn away leaving me nothing but the Word’s that He said, this I tell you is wholesome and true there will never be another life that was laid down for you. So, give Me your whole heart that I will hold in My Hands, I will heal the hurt you say that it can no longer withstand. Broken it may have but beaten it is not! You have a spirit that can never be bought, because a price was already paid, purchased in full, that you may have a life between just Him and you.

(Monica Ortega)


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