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Everyday things that ruin your health

Updated on September 19, 2015

Understanding theirs more then meets the eye

Any person would agree that health is one of our most important priorities, as we go through our everyday life, we fail to notice that some certain things can compromise our wellbeing. There are many things that can cause harm to us but fortunately there are solutions as well as preventions, the more we know about our health the better we're able to take care of ourselves and our future generations.

Teeth health

There are more to teeth then just something we use to break down food or to smile as an expression of happyness, studies have shown that teeth are directly linked to overall health. These are a few ways to protect our pearly whites and save a few trips to the dentist.

How enamel is worn out

Enamel is a thin layer of our teeth that has a certain important role to protect them but there are multiple ways they can be damaged and even though it can regrow with proper treatment, if it's completely eroded away it can never be restored. Foods such as lemons, soda, pretty much anything acidic can slowly reduce enamel, if you've ever drank something that's cold or hot and feel a sense of pain it indicates that your enamel needs repair. Vomiting is the worst way to wear out enamel as it can severely damage teeth due to the fact gastric acid is very efficient at breaking down anything it makes contact with.

Top 4 methods that disaligne teeth formation

1.Pacifiers that babies use may calm them down when they're crying but when their teeth are freshly growing out, they can make them grow out improperly and may also lead to thumb sucking that has the equivalent effect as the pacifier.

2.Students and even adults tend to bite down on pens and pencils which will shift the position of teeth permanently and could cause damage on the initial bite.

3. Ice chewing is a common habit which may indicate that your low on iron but it's a very dangerous hobby since it damages your teeth considerably, it can wear down your teeth blades that is used to slice and chew meat or similar foods. The hardness of the ice makes you apply pressure on your teeth which can push your teeth inwards and can also cause chips.

4. Bruxism is a medical condition in which a person tends to grind and clench their teeth during the day and sleep bruxism which is during their sleep. Not only can it wear down teeth but it can shift them and even cause jaw disorders by the pressure you exert. Luckily there are ways to prevent this by seeking professional help and talking to your doctor for treatment.

Eye health

Eyesight is what makes our world so interesting since it allows us gaze at life's countless beauties but it's a very delicate organ. Have you ever been to the beach and caught a summer tan, well your eyes can also catch some uv rays which has been proven to damage eyesight. Rubbing your eyes because you got sand, lint, or anything for that matter, can cause eye infections which you can recover from but not with that 20/20 vision you once had. Reading books, watching television, using your computer or even being on the phone can damage your eyesight by focusing so much on a single object over an extended period of time. If your eyes ever burn by using these devices, you've successfully misused your eyesight.

Work out health

Getting fit is one of the best decisions you can make, it prevents so many diseases and makes you look attractive but there are ways to do it. Stretching is something you may forget to do but once an incident occurs their's no going back. Ranging from hernias, pulling a muscle or getting a horrible cramp, it's best to just incorporate stretching into your workout routine. Running on a hard surface hurts your joints by the impact it makes when your feet hit the floor but only if it's done constantly on a daily basis since it wears down your cartilage on your knees, feet and ankles. Too much of the same exercise is not a good idea since the body needs to recover but simply changing up to different exercises each day can prevent this. Always wear the appropriate footwear as this can prevent a bad day from happening. Lastly if you ever think about trying a new workout machine always, get help to use it correctly as improper techniques can lead to an inevitable injury.

Diet health

Our diet directly affects our energy, speed, cholesterol, weight gain/loss and so much more. As a young person our bodies are strong for the time being, the older you get the weaker you become. Everything you put into your body as you grow older stacks up which leads to many diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Our body's doesn't feel anything when It's young but as we get older all those greasy food we ate in the past catches up to us. The time is now to watch what we eat so in later years we don't have to go through treatment for malnutrition. Our parents have told us drugs and smoking is bad for us and it is, our body is suppose to only take in water and food. We contaminate our bodies when we introduce a foreign substance, we can easily shave off so many years by doing this mistake. As an adult drinking is bad it can damage your liver and kidneys and once those are gone it's game over. It's actually healthy for an adult to drink a glass of wine a day which can help improve memory and boost our immune system. In woman a glass a day can reduce ovarian cancer, risk of contracting type 2 diabetes and boost estrogen levels which helps build bone mass by reducing the consumption of old bone while at the same time producing new bone matter.

At the end of the day

Taking care of ourselves is not easy but in the long run its obviously worth it, even though we may not be perfect, being healthy can be achieved by going out there and getting educated on what you need to do to accomplish just that. Every thing we learn about how to take care of ourselves we can teach our children so we can give them longer lives and a better future. These are only some of a variety of things that can be unhealthy for us but the answers are just a few clicks away.


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