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Everyone long for Peace!

Updated on September 30, 2013

Mind, message and meditation and Ramana!

The way to everlasting Peace!

Everyone today long for peace and it is not a secret. But peace has become rarest in human life! Peace is the most valuable possession of mankind. From the ancient days, people long for peace. After getting their basic essential desires fulfilled, mankind has started searching for the elusive peace in worldly achievements and ambitions. Even today, people are searching in the outside world for peace but what they get is only 'pieces'

Peace can neither be procured from the shops nor it is available anywhere on earth. It is the essence of the Self. Hence, if one want to be peaceful, he should dive deep within the Self. The so called fulfillment of desires are only temporary satisfactions which will linger only for few moments. For instance, if we have given someone a huge sum on loan, we will be losing our peace till we get back the legitimate due. After sometime, we get back the money. Then there is definitely an exhilaration. But the mind rests for a while in the joy and hop for some other thing. Mind is really a monkey and it excels the capacity of the monkey in hopping from one thought to the other. It never knew contentment. The mind is fickle. Hence you can never make it peaceful by any means.

In this regard, the mind is a greatest obstruction to peace. All mental agitations are caused only by the attachments of the mind. Then how to get peace? There is only one way for it. Go beyond the duality of the mind. Be indifferent to the pushes and pulls of the mind. Observe the mind from outside. In this ways, we can calm the agitations of the mind to a certain extent. If any thought arises, 'ask immediately, "to whom this thought has arisen". Then an answer will come as 'to me' or simply 'I". Then try to find out, "who is this I? By this ways we are nearing to the crux of the problem. The sage Ramana from South India has clarified that this "I" is none other than the Self or Atma and it has absolutely no connection with the physical form of individuals or his mental waves. It is a false claim, if we identify ourselves as the body/mind complex. There are ephemeral and evanescent. They are not real. They come in the middle and perish in the middle. After the life ebbs away, the body is interred in the earth or cremated as per the customs of different people. The last breath snatches the impressions of the mind.

Now let us examine, "what is this mind? Has it got a discernible form? No! The mind is just a conglomeration of the thought process. Bereft of thoughts, there won't be any mind as such. Hence in meditations and yoga, the aim is to quell the thoughts and kill the mind! For instance there is a fort from which the army is sending the personal one by one in single file. If you want to conquer the fort, then you have to destroy the army. But it is impossible. Hence as each soldier emerges from the fort, you can kill them from a nearby hidden place. After slaying all the soldiers, the fort will become yours and you can occupy it. This is only a parable. Likewise, when each thought emerges, kill it at once without a gap. Likewise all the thoughts can be quelled one by one if one can stand apart from the mind and kill those thoughts!

Now a doubt will arise in the mind of readers. How can we kill the thoughts? Is it not ridiculous? Normally as each thought arises, we follow it and get entangled in it. Instead of reacting to the thought, simply banish it from the place where it has arisen! This is the way to kill the mind ultimately. When all the thoughts are banished thus, we can occupy the fort which is now empty. This empty fort is nothing but the Self. All along, the Self is hidden by the mind which projected an illusory world in the place of the self. Once it is removed, we have now only the Self which is 'Ever existing, whole wisdom and full of Bliss! When you become aware that there is no second entity apart from Self and all we witness is really due to the illusory mind, we get the supreme peace. Once we realize the Truth of the Self, we become one with it and remain ever in Peace. All the scriptures point to this One Truth in variety of languages in various religions.

Till man attain this fullness, he has to work for this aim by doing his duties in an unattached manner without hankering for any result. He should treat every one as himself since the Self within the seemingly different bodies are in fact only One. The bodies really create a temporary illusion of separation. Once we realize the Unity of Self, then there is nothing more to achieve. This is the supreme Peace and Bliss. For attaining this highest goal, the ego or body consciousness has to be removed totally. Body and mind are mere instruments to achieve this highest wisdom, bliss and peace!


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