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Everything We Know, Harmony with Ourselves, Learning to Breathe

Updated on October 9, 2015

Nature Breathes Harmony

In Perfect Harmony
In Perfect Harmony | Source
Following natures path
Following natures path | Source
We see your smiling face
We see your smiling face | Source

Harmony with Ourselves

None of this we could do without breathing slowly and thinking things through. Often we don't. We spout off a bunch of feelings to the wind never wondering how our bodies and others might respond to them. Learning to breathe deeply and slowly, we go not quite so boldly. The earth smells fresher and clearer now.

To be a lover, not a fighter. The sky is blue. We are loved and lovable. We sit outside in nature. We know our kids are spirit led and they love and care about one another, including us. Out in nature nature we feel agreeable.

Probably a million birds sing at dawn every single day around the world. The moon is always shining someplace. So is the sun. Clocks are always ticking. Someone is always sleeping, waking, eating, crying, laughing, talking, listening. We know a meeting is taking place. Traffic is always on the freeway. We are thankful for coordination.

Harmony with Nature

Harmony with nature teaches us about harmony with ourselves. Building a world based on what harmony might or does look like, from different points of view. What is in the shape of the cloud?

What do you see? Somehow, it is usually different from me. But does that mean there is no room for harmony? We don't need to squabble or fight because each and every cloud we see a face in is just for us personally. It is a powerful soul gift, to me, if someone does see the same things as me. That is the way we've been taught to live in nature's harmony.

Through nature, animals, flowers, plants, birds, listening to their words, quite crazy you think?
Never hear of Dr. Doolittle? These people of our imaginations are real. Call it another dimension if you will. Whatever it takes to believe and see this kind of harmony.

Trees always grow, as do babies. Humans live and die, grow rich and poor. What will be our choices? Some we know, some we don't. Many couldn't care less. Many choose to be light, some choose darkness. Trains rumble along tracks and fill us with warm feelings. Tiny planes in primer colors fly above us, touching clouds. We are united, souls undivided, standing on common ground.

We look up in envy of their vision. We have a God of our understanding who loves us beyond comprehension. We live in a world of contradictions. We will never know everything there is to know, we will never stop learning all we can about what crosses our path and interests us today. Sifting, weaving, blending, harmony with nature, and ourselves.

We know we will constantly change until we die. We believe even then, we will continue to change over and over again. We know the world is round. We know the United States is huge. We know we'll travel over it someday. We love cabins in the woods, fishing by the stream. Rapport, continues about future dreams.

Words cannot not explain it still, as we look in wonder and delight, oh space and sky and earth and sea, you are so amazing to me. To continue up the mountaintops where the wildflowers are waiting, our breathing forces us to clear out our lungs, looking for and using the remedies that will keep us alive and breathing.

Harmony with our Senses

We feel our many feelings, deeply. A cool breeze moves the tree leaves, giving shadow and shade. We like the hairs on our neck moving to the coolness of the wind.

Our eyes, ears, hands and feet work well enough today to walk in the beauty of this day. We choose to believe what you say or to not.

We know what we have been taught, is only a thought. Much of what we thought we knew, we have found out, is no longer true. Especially when it comes to how we feel about ourselves in this world.

We still know our sky is blue, clouds are white, grass green, fire, hot, flowers in nature, grow according to seasons, giving no reasons.

Some of us just like to drive someplace just because we've never been there before. Some of us work hard on our physical shape, trying to catch up with our minds. Some of us want to live in this life until we're over 100 years old. We know we are forever charmed when we hold a newborn or a grandchild in our arms.

Breathing House Plants

If we put plants into good potting soil and remember to water, feed them and give them some light they will continue to grow. Most of us have cars to drive to work and some of us both we like. We can't wait to see, Amsterdam, Sweden and Germany.

We believe in Native Ways and love learning of time and space. It is our right to be happy and free, it is your right to dwell in darkness, pain and misery. We know hope has set us free. We know it's available to everyone who'd agree.

We are powerful, we are nothing, we are the universe, we are a speck. We are full, we are empty. We feel, think, create, sit, wonder, ponder, daydream, fantasize, wish, drink, eat, sleep, live and die and we know we will continue to wonder why, then harmony begins.

© 2011 Maree Michael Martin


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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thank you rasta1.

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 5 years ago from Jamaica

      An impressive narrative about life's beautiful journey.