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Excessive Sweat Remedies

Updated on January 18, 2012

Background Information - Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweat, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis is a condition that is thought to affect up to 8 million Americans alone. This figure indiciates just how common this condition is and how many millions of people suffer from excessive sweating throughout the world.

Sweating is a natural process and is fundamental to help us regulate our body temperature.We also sweat in response to emotional distress such as anxiety or pain and as a result of hormonal influences. However, in some people sweating becomes excessive -sweating seemingly constantly even in the absence of the above mentioned factors and this is the typical picture of hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis can be generalized or localized, meaning that the person who suffers from it will sweat from their whole body or from one or several specific locations on their body, respectively. Most individuals with have symptoms characteristic of secondary hyperhidrosis. The illustration above highlights the typical areas where excessive sweating is seen - the armpit, face/head, groin, hands and feet. These parts of the body contain very high numbers of sweat glands which may account for the frequency of excessive sweating in these areas.

Additionally, hyperhidrosis may classified as primary or secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis is sweating that is not associated with a medical condition i.e. excessive sweating unrelated to another medical condition. This will typically first appear in teenage years approximately around the time of puberty but this is highly variable from person to person. Secondary hyperhidrosis is different in that it is associated with another medical condition or with certain medications. This type of hyperhidrosis can appear at any age without any prior history of sweating.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

The precise underlying cause of primary hyperhidrosis is not well understood. Despite this, we do know that a part of the nervous system known as the sympathetic nervous system controls how much we sweat. If the sympathetic nervous system becomes over-active then the sweat glands will be over-stimulated resulting in excessive sweating. This is the most widely accepted cause of hyperhidrosis and appears to be genetic in origin. When this over-activity occurs in a specific area of the body such as the armpits then excessive sweating will be seen in this area only - localized hyperhidrosis. The presence of a genetic link means the condition may run in families so it is worth checking if your parents or grandparents suffered from this condition.

As we now understand, secondary hyperhidrosis occurs secondary to another medical condition such as diabetes, cancer or obesity. Other conditions related to secondary hyperhidrosis of secondary hyperhidrosis comprise menopause, an over-active thyroid gland, excessive use of alcohol, abusing stimulant drugs and the with-drawl from alcoholism or stimulant drug addiction. Certain prescription medications have also been connected with secondary hyperhidrosis including some anti-depressant and anti-cancer preparations.

The link of emotional distress and hyperhidrosis should also be mentioned. If you are susceptible to emotional problems such as stress or anxiety this can also trigger excessive sweating and this is frequently associated with sweating of the palms (information on how to stop hands from sweating here).This is known to as the psychological aspect of hyperhidrosis and may merit medical treatment to resolve the underlying issue.

Now it's time to discuss natural remedies to cure hyperhidrosis.

Excessive Sweating Remedies

When it comes to treating excessive sweating there are two main avenues to explore - surgical and non-surgical. Many people opt for surgery which can be expensive and potentially dangers, with a high risk of side effects. If you are considering surgery I would definitely recommend exploring non-surgical, natural remedies first as these are far safer and may be the solution you have been searching for.

Here are my three top natural remedies that have been used by many people worldwide to stop their sweating.

Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a drink which is full of the very important essential vitamin B. Vitamin B has been proven to be highly effective for combating excessive sweating. For best results, aim consume 1-2 glasses of wheat grass daily and this may help with your localized hyperhidrosis such as how to stop facial sweating or armpit sweating. In weeks of ingesting this powerful natural remedy, you are likely to notice an incredible decrease in sweat.


Sage is another alternative medicine that is outstanding to prevent sweating. Brew 1 tablespoon of sage leaves or 1 teaspoon of sage powder into a pot of boiling water. It is highly important here that you do not over-brew the leaves as they can become toxic! If you opt for this method please make sure you have expert advice available. However, when done correctly, you should notice a reduction in sweat within a week or two.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is among the most known natural options for preventing excessive sweating. This solution has been tested to be effective over time, so take 1 tablespoon of lukewarm ACV every morning. Be consistent with this remedy and again you should notice a decrease in sweating in a matter of weeks.

These 3 natural remedies have been proven, when used correctly and safely, to reduce or even eliminate excessive sweating. Remember, hyperhidrosis doesn't have to be a lifelong burden and there are solutions available to suit everyone. The 3 remedies I have listed above are some of hundreds of remedies available. For more hyperhidrosis remedies and information about hyperhidrosis please refer to the Wikipedia hyperhidrosis page or my own page on Excessive Sweat.

Medical Advice About Hyperhidrosis.

Do You Suffer From Hyperhidrosis?

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