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What Is Treeo?

Updated on June 5, 2014
Inviting Invitation
Inviting Invitation | Source

Treeo is Where I Live

The apartment complex I chose is called Treeo. It is located in Orem, Utah. It's brand new and oh so attractive with its modern decor. Its motto is "Smart, Modern, Connected".

Part of Treeo's advert says: It's the retirement community where the smart folks live. Because when you’re smart, you spend your hard-earned money wisely. You bypass the frills and seek out the things you really want. Be smart. Be modern. Be connected. Be Treeo.

I am very happy here.

What the Developer Says

An Innovative Developer – One Eighty

One Eighty has a history of developing thriving retirement communities in a wide variety of locations throughout the world. That fact is well known. As is our reputation for positively impacting our residents’ lives each and every day. What isn’t as well known is how our research revealed an interesting problem—that an entire group of fun-loving, independent-minded seniors was being ignored. For them, the current offering of full-service retirement communities in North America simply didn’t cut it. These standard-issue communities didn’t fit their personalities, their wants, or their needs. One Eighty set out to change that. And since we started with the customer FIRST, we created a completely new active senior living option. One specifically suited to the hard-working folks seeking a retirement option that gives them what they need, but without the extras that they don’t want. The result? Treeo—a retirement community that’s an incredible value with modern, well-thought out spaces, comfortable apartments, and advanced technology to help residents stay connected to friends, family and their local communities.

Treeo Common Area
Treeo Common Area | Source

Perks of the Place

You may wonder what makes me so happy in an apartment complex. There are so many good things to be had here. I have many perks that help me continue to live my life to the fullest. Many of my problems are addressed here. For instance,I have trouble walking. Here, there are no steps or stairs for me to tackle. At home I couldn't step over the tub to get into the shower.My shower here is a walk-in, so I have no trouble.

Chef Niko
Chef Niko | Source

More Perks

I have a housekeeper who cleans and changes my sheets every other week. My meals are cooked for me.We have two chefs who present us with many choices for dinner every night.The servers are excellent, too. They take our orders, serve our food, and bus the tables.

We have a handy maintenance guy who tends to the upkeep of our apartments. He is always on the go and willing to help with anything. There is a computer guy that helps with anything along that line. We are all given iPads and he also helps with that. Our internet and cable are included in our rent. As an incentive the month I moved in we were offered a 40" flat screen TV or $300 for moving expenses. I took the TV.

The Bistro

The Bistro is located next to the dining area and serves up delights for the snack conscious. Smoothies, root beer floats, Italian sodas, as well as sandwiches are served. It is very busy during "Happy Hour" every Tuesday afternoon.

Servers at the Bistro
Servers at the Bistro | Source

The iPad Idea

Everyone is given an iPad when they move in. Everything is coordinated on them. Our daily menu is displayed , along with our schedule of activities. We can contact maintenance or anyone else on the staff with them. Plus there are many other items of interest on the iPad. Our computer guy, Cameron, helps us use our iPads and holds a class every week to train us in its use.

Health Helps

As mentioned in my previous articles, independent living is not for nursing care. But, they do have significant things to make sure we are doing well.. My health is looked after in that there is a button to push when I get up in the morning. If I don't "check in" the front desk will call and check up on me.

There is an exercise room with physical therapy classes offered. I go three days a week, plus I am getting extra therapy treatments for my back.

Our mental health is addressed, too. Every tuesday we have a "Happy Hour" where smoothies, root beer floats, etc. are served. It is another time to get together and socialize.We also have movie day where we can watch a requested movie and be served our dinner at the same time.

We also haves a shuttle service, which I haven't used too much because i have my car. but, I have taken a few trips in the shuttle. I will tell you about those in my next article.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour | Source


Making friends is a very important part of the Treeo experience. We all start out with something in common-the need for a little extra help.

Add to that the similar needs to adapt to aging and there is a sound basis on which to build friendships. I have enjoyed a new level of social interaction since moving here. Meeting for meals, doing activities together, and generally just being here has helped me to feel socially fulfilled.

I have made many good friends here. My next article will tell you about the trips we've made together.


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    • profile image

      Ty Gardner 3 years ago

      Great article Carol! Treeo is awesome!

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 3 years ago from California Gold Country

      It all sounds lovely. Looks like you have made a good choice.