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Exercise Boredom: Make Exercising Less Boring With More Fun And Interesting Exercises

Updated on June 7, 2012

Boring Exercises

If you find exercise boring it is most likely because you picked boring exercises. Of course walking or running in place is going to be boring. That is why people often stop using their exercise machines. There are lots of different ways to get exercise. Some exercises are boring and some are not. So if the exercise is boring it is your fault. You chose a boring exercise. Saying exercise is boring is like saying food tastes bland.

People do not usually watch the same TV episode or movie over and over again but they try doing the same exercise routine over an over again. Doing an exercise routine over and over again may help you get in shape but it gets boring fast.

Workout | Source
Fun Exercise
Fun Exercise | Source

Workout Versus Exercise

Exercise is when you move your body around and use up energy. You use your muscles. Working out is when you do not really accomplish anything except working out your muscles and burning calories. For example running or biking in place or swimming laps in a pool. People work out to improve or maintain their body. You exercise when you workout but you also exercise when you do other activities.

Most enjoyable activities provide you with a significant amount of exercise. Hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, playing sports or motion controlled games, etc. You can also get a lot of exercise doing yard and house work but it usually not very fun. Some people get a lot of exercise at work others get very little.

When getting in shape you do not need to limit the exercise to workouts.

Things That Make Exercise Fun And Interesting

There are certain things that make exercise more interesting for me. The first is a changing environment. I like to see and hear different things. That is why I like going for long bike rides outside better than using an exercise bike inside. Where you exercise is important because an interesting environment makes the exercise more interesting. When I do a stationary workout inside I like to do it while I watch TV. In that case it helps to have a good TV show or movie to watch.

The exercise should also be challenging. I enjoy the exercise more if I feel I am accomplishing something difficult. If the exercise is too easy it feels like there is no point to it. To be fun and interesting it should be mentally or physically demanding. Just going through the motions is not enough. It needs to require some effort. Competing with yourself can make it a lot more interesting. When you are focused on the exercise and your environment it can be like taking a mini vacation from your problems and responsibilities. You are in the moment.

Exercise can involve a lot of pain. To make the exercise more enjoyable give your body time to adapt. Take it easy at first. Then work at improving. Doing something better than the last time feels good. It can keep you interested in the exercise. The pleasurable feelings caused by the release of endorphins can also you stay interested. If you hold in there long enough the exercise may become easier and more enjoyable because your body releases feel good chemicals.

Rewards are also important. Often my reward to myself is being where I want to be. I bike, hike or canoe to a place I want to go. When I go to the beach I always bike even though the closest beach is over 12 miles away. The results can also be a reward. Exercise is more enjoyable when you notice that it is improving your health and making you look and feel better. You can reduce exercise boredom by changing your routine and the location you exercise in. Do a large variety of exercises and when you do an exercise you have done before change it a little. Make your exercise sessions more unique.

Long distance biking outside is my favorite way to exercise and a lot of other people seem to like it. Biking can have all the characteristics I mentioned. Some others are running outside, hiking, kayaking, rafting, mountain climbing, fishing and nature photography. When picking an exercise see if you can find ways to make it fun and interesting. If you can't you might want to consider another exercise.


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