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Exercise Foam Roller Exercise, Stretches, Muscle Stretches

Updated on November 17, 2010

Exercise Foam Roller

Need to stretch a muscle on your leg, back or pretty much any where then you will want to use the Foam Roller. The exercise foam roller is a awesome tool for anyone to use. I had a tight muscle in my left leg that would pinch a nerve and after 4 months of phsyical therapy it wasn't doing much better so I bought this and stretch everyday with it and I have seen a huge difference. You can use it for Pilates, yoga, and a host of other floor exercises. Foam rollers help you stretch tight muscles to become more flexible, improve your core strength, and just generally shape, tone, and massage different muscle groups.

I like the foam exercise rolls because they are easy to move or store and unlike a exercise ball it doesn't pop or get leaks. The roller is perfect for whenever you need it and whereever you need it. I can be stored behoind the couch under the bed or where ever you can roll it under. Even kids have a fun time on these.

Even people with back problems with disc or nerves or muscles can roll this and find relief from it. This is just a great exercise tool all around for anyone. You can use it against the wall, or while your laying on the ground. All you need to do is rub it against the area that hurts or needs stretching and that's it.


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