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Workout Routines

Updated on September 5, 2012
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Plan it out

Many people are unsure where to start when it comes to exercising and have lots of questions.

It doesn't matter if you want to exercise to help you lose weight, if you need a tailored plan because you are pregnant, or if you want an exercise routine that will suit a beginner, first off before you worry about the specifics everyone needs to plan out when and where, and possibly with who, they will train.


Make a couple of dates with yourself every week, add them to your wall calendar, your phone or your outlook, this is an important appointment and therefore you should ensure it is prioritised and not double booked. Let everyone know that at these specific times every week you are engaged.

Where you're at

The workout routines provided in this hub can be completed at home, in the gym or outside. The exercises can be modified to make them easier or harder and so should suit all fitness levels.

But before you jump straight in you need to be honest about how fit you currently are. For instance, have you ever exercised on a regular basis or are you a complete beginner?

If you already have a certain level of fitness perhaps you want to consider using weights when possible during the routines, where as if you are a complete beginner just do what you can with resistance bands or your own body weight,



I suggest that beginners should start by completing 2 or 3 all over body workouts a week. This way you will not overload any one muscle group.

There are 2 all over body workouts detailed in the hub linked below. They should not be completed on consecutive days and you should try to alternate them as they provide different exercises for the main muscle groups; Back, Chest, Legs and Shoulders.

Each workout should take approximately 20 mins. You should warm up and cool down for 5 mins either side. Your warm up can be as simple as walking up and down a flight of stairs while circling your arms, all you need to achieve is getting the blood flowing through the muscles. While your cool down should consist of some static stretches.


So you are used to working out but want to try something a bit more challenging, why not give the overload circuit, outlined in the linked hub below, a go.

An overload circuit is different in that you overload one particular muscle group. This is opposed to exercising one muscle group directly after the other, as detailed in the beginners full body workouts.

This is a tough circuit so ensure you warm up fully beforehand, but it requires very little equipment making it possible to do in the house. You will need a floor mat (or thick blanket) and an exercise step (a stair will do for most of the exercises).


When you have been working out for a long period of time full body workouts may just not be getting you the results anymore as your body becomes accustomed to them. Splits routines could be what you are looking for, with a split routine you will work only certain muscles during each workout and then concentrate on another group the following day.

An example split routine could be back and biceps on Monday, followed by chest and triceps on Tuesday, rest day Wednesday, legs on Thursday, shoulders on Friday, rest days Saturday and Sunday.

There are some example hubs for split day routines linked below. The first one targets the glutes, which are an important muscle group, with many fitness professionals training them in isolation. Warming up beforehand with sprints or hill runs can really help to jump start your fitness routine. The second hub is a back work out, it is described as a heavy back workout but you can tailor it to suit your own needs. If you want to work heavy aim for the prescribed 6-8 reps, if you are only beginning to lifting weights you will be aiming more for the 10-15 rep range, if you want to use the workout as more of a cardio session then aim for the 15-20 rep range.

Would you like more details and example workouts like the ones provided in this hub

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    • DreamerMeg profile image


      6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Thanks very much. I need to get back into doing some exercise!


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