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Exercise: The Key to Good Health and a Full Hair Line

Updated on October 15, 2013

My Hair Growth Book

The solution to stopping hair loss and growing a full head of hair has perplexed mankind for ages. At least it appears that way. But that is no longer the case. The secrets to stopping hair loss and growing a full head of hair are contained in my book titled, “HealthAnalysis Hair Growth System.” I published the book in 2007. It can be purchased on my Website, "," and

My hair growth book addresses the role that lifestyle choices play in the pursuit of a strong hair line. The conclusion I came to is that heredity has little to do with hair loss and hair growth. What I have found over many years of trial & error testing is that it is all about healthy lifestyle choices. Yes! It’s that simple. A healthy body can grow and maintain a full head of hair more easily than an unhealthy one. Moreover, those same healthy lifestyle choices can help you reap the health benefits that they provide.

My book is 60 pages, and is an easy read. And it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. To date, I am pleased to say that none of the purchasers of my book have asked for their money back.


Growing a Full Hair Line Is Easy - Get Started Today!

The solution to stopping hair loss and growing a full hair line is not difficult or complicated to understand. In fact, understanding the basic principles is the easy part. For this reason, it is my opinion that the secrets of hair growth have been uncovered from time to time in the past, but the information simply died on the vine. That is to say, people were not ready to receive the information. This could be because it involves having a reasonable amount of control over one’s life to be able to make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. In recent times however, managing one’s lifestyle has become easier for the masses than ever before due to the advances made with technology. In addition, the advances made in nutritional research have been short of amazing. I refer to the more advanced supplements on the market that address anti-aging and other health related issues as “Hi-tech Nutrition.” Unfortunately, most people don’t have the information needed to appreciate just how amazing some of these new supplements are.

So the tough part of leveraging this wealth of information, assuming you can get to it, is putting into practice the healthy lifestyle choices that will guarantee that you will grow a full hair line. The good news is: Today that is easier due to the information provided on this Blog site.

For most of us, making changes to our daily routine takes effort. We are resistant to making changes regardless of the benefits we may derive from the changes. I was keenly aware of this issue while I performed my trial and error testing. This is because I want to be able to cram as many life experiences as I can in to every day of my life. So I can’t afford to spend a lot of time focused on hair growth activities – particularly exercise. During the 20 years that I spent researching the subject of hair growth, conducting interviews with men and one woman that have full heads of hair, and performing empirical analysis to confirm my findings, my focus was to make the solution easy to put into practice. That is why my research took so many years. It took me over 20 years to painstakingly make the lifestyle changes required for hair growth to be easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. So the solution to stopping hair loss and growing and maintaining a full hair line provided in my book, takes little effort to put into practice. This is something I believe most of you are happy to hear.


The Importance of Exercise

If I was asked to identify the one lifestyle activity that would provide you with strong hair growth, I would say it is exercise. I am not talking about just any type of exercise. I am talking easy to implement exercise routines that relax the body and allow for proper increases in circulation that effect strong hair growth.

Exercise can be used to control your appetite, metabolism, energy level, circulation, and strength. Knowing which exercises to use to accomplish your health goals is how you can receive the greatest benefit from your exercise regimen. My hair growth book focuses on the exercise routines that provide for the growth and maintenance of a full hair line. In addition, because it is possible to undo the gains made with exercise, my hair growth book also provides recommended dietary guidelines that support your exercise routines thereby insuring that you will grow a full hair line.


Hair Growth Tips

Now that I have emphasized the important role that exercise plays in improving your hair line - and your health in general, I will provide you with some helpful hair growth tips. The hair growth tips can help you reverse hair loss and grow a full hair line. However, be advised that without a complete understanding of the information contained in my book, the following hair growth tips may not help you sustain your hair growth gains.

1. Any exercise performed long enough will ensure the growth of a strong hair line.

2. Certain exercises performed for a minimal amount of time increase circulation and help grow a full hair line.

3. Exercise at specific times of the day will improve your ability to grow hair.

4. What you eat can help or hinder your ability to grow hair.


Doctors "Waffle" - I Don't

For those of you that are still not convinced that hair loss and hair growth are due more to lifestyle activities and not heredity, I provide the following facts. The medical establishment has typically identified heredity as the cause for health issues for which they have had no other explanation. I cannot say they are wrong because heredity – in small part – affects our physical and mental wellbeing. But, as I will show in the following two examples, time has caused the medical establishment to change their position on the cause of human maladies from heredity to lifestyle activities and in my opinion will continue to do so.

Example No. 1: Middle-aged Spread:

Getting larger around the mid-section of the body used to be considered a heredity issue. This was prior to the 1970s. Around this time, two landmark books (my opinion) were published that identified diet as the cause for most of our health problems. The first book is the “Pritikin Diet,” and the second, the “Atkin’s Diet.” These two books were best sellers that focused on changing one’s diet to become healthier. Today, middle-aged spread is recognized as being a lifestyle issue. That is, you can change your diet and eliminate the “gut” that is due to being middle aged and older. The medical establishment has dropped their position on middle-aged spread as being due to heredity.

Example No. 2: Heart Disease:

Before the 1970s, the medical establishment believed that heart disease was due to heredity. Once the two landmark books I mentioned above were published, that has all changed. Doctors gradually accepted the diet principles covered in the two books and have since been asking patients to change their diets and begin exercising to reverse the effects of heart disease by reducing their risk. Heredity has now been reduced to a risk indicator determined by family history.

In conclusion, my opinion - based on over 45 years of studying and practicing health and nutrition - is that all human maladies including hair loss (and hair graying) can be reversed by changing one’s lifestyle. My hair growth book provides the basic foundation to a healthy lifestyle that promotes the growth of a full hair line. In future publications, I will address other health issues - hair graying, asthma, arthritis, etc. – by identifying the lifestyle changes one needs to make to reverse those conditions. I will not "Waffle." The basic health principles contained in my hair growth book will not change over time. Instead, I will build on the foundational principles in my hair growth book in future publications.

Happy Hair Growth! - Jorge


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