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Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Thought Process

Updated on September 10, 2018
The Brain Is A Muscle
The Brain Is A Muscle | Source

Exercising Can Help Improve Your Mental Clarity

There are numerous reasons why a person should be active both physically and mentally. With everyone’s busy schedule we all come up with excuses why we avoid sticking to any exercise routine. There are hundreds of health benefits to exercise if we would just take the time to put together a routine and stick to it.

Besides the usual reasons for exercise like; curbing depression, losing weight, feeling better and getting physically fit one of the other great reasons for exercising is it can help a person with their mental concentration. As a person get’s on in their years of life they tend to lose some of their thinking processes and mental clarity.

Brain Fog

Many of us suffer from what is called brain fog. Brain fog robs a person of their inspiration and can lead to anxiety and depression. Brain fog has been described as “an interaction of physiological, cognitive, and perceptual factors” by the New York Medical College.

Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and hormone changes can lead to brain fog. Brain fog can be treated once the underlying issue is discovered. Sometimes it can just be a change in medication or diet can alleviate this condition. But having brain fog can be frustrating, don’t just ignore it, talk to your doctor and regain back your quality of life.

Brain Fog Symptoms

Here is a list of just a few symptoms of brain fog are:







Lack of motivation



If you suffer from any of these, please seek out medical attention with your family physician.

Physical Exercise For The Brain

We all know that physical exercise is wonderful for the body but did you realize physical exercise has many benefits for the brain. When we do physical exercise we release chemicals in the brain that helps to grow new brain cells and it also increases growth of new blood vessels that help the new brain cells to survive. Exercising also stimulates the brain to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance.

There has been numerous studies on how exercise increases the amount of brain mass in humans. On top of that research has been done to help prove that people who exercise on a regular basis has a significant larger volume of selected brain region. (Brigham And Women’s Hospital)

Where Do I Start

People always ask, how do I get started? This should be a simple question to answer but for some it can be difficult. I usually tell people to start off slow, if they have the funds it would be wise to hire a physical trainer to help you get started.

For me, I had to start with just doing some walking on a treadmill in order to get the blood flowing in my veins. Over time I increased my activity until I reached around two to three hours a week.

For some this may sound extensive, when I consulted with my cardiologist she said to start with walking about five to ten minutes each week. Do this each week and increase it by five minutes per week until I reached my goal.

What Else Can I Do To Help

You may not like walking, I did not care for it when I first started. But there are other forms of exercise that are just as good or better than walking a person can do. What we are trying to accomplish by exercising is getting your blood flowing and your heart pumping till you break out in a sweat. Now, this could be don’t with tennis, golf, water aerobics, stair climbing and so on.

Whichever you decide to do for exercise just make sure that you start and stick to it. Some of us need an accountability partner in order to keep us on track, my wife is my accountability partner and she keeps me on a regular schedule.

Each of you will have to find out what motivates you, for me, my motivation was to drop weight and get off of some of the medications I have to take. Also, early onset Alzheimers is in my family and I am doing whatever I can to curb this terrible disease.


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