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Exercise for fitness at your workplace

Updated on December 13, 2013

Need of exercise for body fitness

As we all know exercise plays a vital role in our daily life but are we all doing regularly. Most of the people will say 'No' as answer. Sometimes the time factor and some times lazyness will restrict our mind to do exercise regularly. Eventhough if we get impressed with somebody because of their health and life style, we may start for a while but not able to continue. So the result is nothing. If we can able to control our mind and not giving place for lazyness, we can change our life style and will result in good health condition which turns to gives lot of positive thinking, active in our work. We have to spent some time to take care of our health.

How to program our mind for exercise

Exercise in morning gives lot of good things to our body. It includes pure air without pollution. So that we can get oxygen as a pure fuel to our body. This will help for respiratory system. So it is better to do exercise at early morning. Also our mind will be fresh in the early morning as we have sound sleep in previous night. Everything is ok. but getting up early in the morning is a big question mark to everybody. Am I Right?

Anything will be difficult for the first time. Practicing daily will make as a habbit. So prepare your mind in a way that you are going to practice daily at any cost. It is very very difficult to sacrifice our sleep in early morning. As we are all enjoying sleeping the morning. But we have to weigh the two things in two sides of our life. If we get sleep upto 8'0 clock in the morning, we will get good sleep but it gives lazyness and also our work will get affected as we spent more time in our sleep. Whereas if we get up early in the morning, we have plenty of time. Allot 30 to 40 mnutes of time for exercise and then we can plan for our commitments on that day. Also we will be look so fresh and will be very active that day. So comparing these two things we can practice our mind in such a way that the positive things should occupy our mind. This will help to practice daily to do exercise.

Time factor to do exercise

Eventhough you are ready to do exercise in the morning but your office hours will not help to allot time for doing exercise in the morning, then what can we do? There is another option available as we can plan for evening time. During evening, we can do exercise either in Gym or even walking is also good. The minus point in doing exercise in the evenings are a) we will get tired after doing lot of work in office both mentally and also physically, b) lot of pollution will be during evening time, c) Our tiredness either physically or mentally will result in change our mind for not doing exercise on that day and it may cause a habbit of stop doing exercise permenantly. So if we avoid these negative thoughts in our mind, we can do exercise in evenings also.

How we can utilize time to do exercise in office hours

There are some people who are very much having awareness about their health and planning to do exercise but not finding time in both morning and also evening. Is there any solution for these people? Yes! we have time. Do not think that i am telling to stop your regular works. We can do exercise in our work timings also. I am not joking. Some top MNCs are giving time for their employees by providing Gym so that they will maintain their health in both physically and also mentally which will help to reduce depression and tension in their work.

What happend if we are not working in those type of work place, still we are having chances to do exercise and make our health fit. If we are working in jobs like marketing or any other jobs other than sitting in one place will help us by moving our parts of our body at regular intervals will help us giving approximately equal to that of exercise. Suppose if we are working by just by sitting in one place, may be either software professionals or clerical jobs which makes less movements to our body in working time. So we start our job by 9 am and ending by 9 pm, we all find very difficult by doing exercise in our home. So it is better to plan to do exercise by moving or lot of movements in our body during working hours.

How to do exercise in our workplace and ways to do exercise

If we are falling under the category of sitting job in a place, we have to program our mind in such a way that alloting time for exercise which is nothing but moving from place to another at regular intervals. One hour once, we can rise our hands and move our hands to the extreme left and extreme right by 20 times.Also moving our legs in clockwise and anti clockwise will give a good blood circulation to our body.

If we are working in 2nd or 3rd floor in an organisation, we want to communicate something to our colleagues, better not using intercom facility we can go to the place directly by walk without using even lift facility. This will change our mind by not allowing depression by thinking about a single thing. Also it will help for movements for all parts of our body. Such small small things will help us will make our health fit. At an interval of one hour or two hours we can do all these things. If we practice by doing one week, it will change as a habbit. So need not to look for time, automatically we will do in a regular.

If we watch computer monitor continously, it will spoil not only our eyes but also our mind. So we can see some other things once in 20 minutes will be good for our eyes. If there is any trees near by our work place, we can see those trees once in twenty minutes for 5 minutes. Also blinking our eyes will help for our eye sight.

Also we can try to avoid serious health problems by doing exercise. You can also refer this Health tips to reduce Heart Attack about the importance of exercise to reduce heart attack problems.

So try to do exercise at morning or evening. If we are not able to do exercise in both the timings, it is better to practice to do exercise in office hourse as mentioned above methods. Let think about our health, future and hope for the best.

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    • venki_indiain profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Chennai

      Hi Lady_E, Thanks for your comment about the hub and avatar.

    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Very useful, Thanks.

      I love your Avatar.

    • venki_indiain profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Chennai

      Thank you Bud Gallant, felt happy that my words has given inspiration.

    • Bud Gallant profile image

      Bud Gallant 

      7 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

      Very good points. I really like the notion of getting in exercise at work, and I'm this can be done, like you said. I'd like to start exercising regularly, but the laziness is a barrier for me. This has given me some inspiration and maybe it will be easier now.

    • venki_indiain profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Chennai

      Thanks Phil Plasma for your comment and appreciation. Really you are lucky of having gym at your work place. Hope you will utilize it and maintain your health fitness.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I am lucky in that I have a gym at my work place that has a treadmill, rowing machine, weights and more, so when I get the chance I go down to spend half an hour there. I agree with your eye exercises - too much time in front of the computer can be bad news. Great hub earning you a vote-up and useful.


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