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Exercise during pregnancy to help your child get better

Updated on May 5, 2016

Scientists have discovered the exercise by cycling five times a week for mothers during pregnancy will help the infant's weight is about 140 grams reduced. Although the reduction is not much, but it was enough to help them reduce the risk of obesity and a number of health problems as an adult.

"Our study shows that the daily exercise of pregnant mothers has significantly influenced the development of the fetus. This is clearly seen when the infants of mothers exercise regularly have lower weight babies of mothers do not exercise, "forward Paul Hoffman, head of the study said.

The study was conducted with 84 women pregnant for the first time. Pregnant mothers were randomized into 2 groups. Then, the scientists asked a group participation exercise bike for 40 minutes / day with frequency of 5 days a week until the baby is 36 weeks old. Meanwhile, the other group remained normal activities.

Results showed that women who regularly cycled during pregnancy and childbirth firm's smaller than women who did not exercise regularly. Specifically, two days after the birth, the mother's fitness regime application lighter steadily from 50 grams to 250 grams.

The previous scientific research has demonstrated that mothers who were obese during pregnancy, then their children born at risk for health problems is very high, especially obesity.

Therefore, health experts recommend that pregnant women exercise regularly. But should avoid heavy exercise to avoid danger. According to the scientists of the exercise is to be suitable for pregnant women include: cycling, yoga, swimming, jogging, ...


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