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Why Exercising Should Be a Priority For Gamers

Updated on February 7, 2018
This gamer has great form! I don't see any hand cramps in their future.
This gamer has great form! I don't see any hand cramps in their future. | Source

Why are we discussing exercises for gamers?

Hand cramps, finger cramps, neck cramps, neck kinks, back pain, numb feeling in the legs, and other symptoms are what we gamers face. In the previous decades, many claimed gaming wasn't a sport. Some still claim gaming isn't a sport. Claim what you like, but gaming has been a topic on ESPN. In my book, that makes it a sport. In your book, it makes it a sport.

In all sports, players must exercise to prevent temporary to permanent injuries. Sometimes people suffer from said injuries due to their lack of proper stretching and exercising techniques. Some people don't even know they need to do daily stretches to prepare their bodies for gaming. People will see that their gaming experience will improve the more they exercise their hands and other limbs. They might even find they progress further into a gamer sooner than later this way.

Hand exercises

When it comes to gaming, you're either using keyboards,a mouse, and/or hand-held controllers with buttons and joysticks. Your fingers are going to wiggle, shake, rattle, and roll. Your wrists are definitely using various movements. Your different controllers also have different sizes. X-Box controllers are usually bigger than PlayStation controller. You then have the smaller Nintendo Switch controllers that are small when lending a partner the other controller. You're going to need to know your proper hand exercising techniques to prevent the possible risks of carpal tunnel.

Neck Stretch

Neck stretches are very important when prepping for video gaming because you're constantly looking at a screen. This doesn't include VR gaming, but VR gaming requires the constant moving of the neck. The worse thing you want to do is suffer from a stiff neck with no love partner to massage out the kinks. Surprisingly, there is something worse than being single with neck cramps. You run the risks of pulling a muscle in your neck.

Try to have your laptop or monitor at a level that suits your height level. This takes all the stress from your neck and transfers it to whatever surface your laptop or monitor is on. Surfaces such as desks and tables can't suffer from cramps. It will, however, break if it is too weak. At least your body health is in line.

Leg Cramps

Sitting down or standing up the right way may prevent cramps in your legs. Try an adjustable seat the next time you play a video game. If you don't you might feel the sharp sensation of pins and needles dancing around at your feet. You ever tried getting up to use the restroom while your legs feel numb? Walking while feeling numb is potentially dangerous. Propping your legs when gaming will result in great results as well.

However you place your legs, while sitting or standing, determines the way your waist, your arms, and the rest of your body feels. Pain travels through the body. It might start in one small area, but it will travel to other areas of your body in "signal flow" fashion. Think back to your anatomy classes. If you've never taken an anatomy course then you're encouraged to study the basics on your free time. You will have a more appreciation for your body and a more understanding towards injury prevention.

Yoga works for "Gaming Prep"

He is now ready to game.
He is now ready to game. | Source


Posturing is the most important step towards exercising and towards preventing cramps. Whether you're at the computer table or at the laptop, the way you place yourself on your seat plays an important role. The way you level your keyboard plays a significant role in preventing cramps

The same goes for holding gaming controllers. You legs and arms must line up with the rest of your body in a particular fashion for a comfortable gaming experience. Posturing your body correctly isn't just for driving.

© 2017 Nathaniel Brown


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