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Exercises and Foods That Shrink Belly Fat - Flat Stomach Secret

Updated on July 24, 2010

A lot of people store extra fat on their belly first because it's the easiest place for the body to store it. Extra body fat around the belly can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, hypertension, and much more. In order to get control of stubborn belly fat, lots of people go to the sports center, exercising in ways that are in fact counterproductive to what they need to be doing.  

Office ladies who work from nine to five sitting all day long also get extra belly fat around their waists. This is in a large way due to lack of exercises and sitting after lunch, stomach fat tends to accumulate that way. Besides, some urban dwellers are generally susceptible to indigestion and other abdominal ailments, which worsen the situation of unwanted abdominal fat.

In order to burn unwanted belly fat effectively, you ought to learn how to eat suitable diet and you also need to do the best workout routines for fat burning. These tips will not just assist you shed unwanted pounds but will also help to keep you healthy and fight off problems. In our daily lives, if you pay a little attention to some basic rules, you will have a healthy and flat belly after some time. Below are some of the rules you should bear in mind.

Eliminate the tension when eating

Many people, especially women, have very sensitive stomachs. The method to prevent such an ailment is to pay special attention to your eating environment. You should eat your daily meal slowly, the environment should be quiet (if the TV is on, please turn it off), you should also fully chew your food before swallow.

Avoid half-baked foods

Avoid the latest fashion of half-baking. Half-baked foods are hard to digest, starch can not be fully destroyed, and most of the vegetables and the starch accumulate in the large intestine, producing carbon dioxide, leading to abdominal bulge. For a better digestion and absorption, you should fully cook your food. 

Eating healthy foods 

Egg is not only rich in protein, but it also helps to make you thinner. Because egg contains a large amount of protein, which gives people a sense of fullness and helps lowering the sense of hunger. This feature makes the eggs to become a great food for people who want to have a flat belly.

Yogurt can activate the material to be digested, help to improve the intestinal microbial system to prevent the abdominal bulge. 

Drink less carbonated drinks or soft drinks, and avoid chewing gum, because you will swallow a lot of air at the same time. Besides chewing gum contains polyols that is not easy to be digested by the small intestine. 

Exercise is a good calories burner, with proper exercise, you will achieve a better result burning up more belly fat and building the muscle groups at the same time. Exercise will assist you to convert those unhealthy abdominal fats into strong muscle around your body. 

You should work out and strengthen all your core muscle groups, not just your abs. Remember to review all the work out plans you have done previously and select one that you were most comfortable with.

A good work out to burn unwanted belly fat is swimming. You should also do some other full body exercises such as climbing mountains or stairs. You can also get some DVDs on the way to lose belly fat, but the best way to do it is by following lessons with a professional instructor.  

You should exercise no less than 30 minutes per day. If you regularly do some exercises more than 3 times weekly, you will start to see some outcome in about a month.


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