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Expanding Consciousness of Reality - Message Higher Beings 14th June '11

Updated on August 18, 2012

New Earth

Wake up, We are the Ones We are Waiting for. Be all you can be, Play your part well....
Wake up, We are the Ones We are Waiting for. Be all you can be, Play your part well....

Great Changes are Occuring ............

Question - What is the most important info for everyone to hear

It is very much to do with the personal development side of their journeys, many are not still enjoying the peace and quiet that it is required for them to connect with their inner journey and not their noisy outer journey. It is because people are not willing to sacrifice their obsessions with the TV, the radio and the other machines which your technology gives them to obsess with. It is all a waste of time, it is not in the now moment and it is not reality. If you were to do a reality check with most of your listeners they have more than a slight footprint in the obsession of the false reality, it is because they will not pull their feet out of it. It is not because they cannot pull their feet out but that they will not do it. The desire is not there for the obsession with control over their feelings, to be put in remission. Because of this obsession with control, most people do not want to be in the now moment. When you are in the now moment you feel everything. If you are in the wrong job, you cannot lie to yourself, if you are in a relationship that has had its day and is well worn out, you will know this with no doubt in your mind at all if you are in the now moment. How can these people change when they will not allow themselves to feel.

It is impossible for change to come about unless you stay with your inner feelings, in fact the beginning is where you allow yourselves to be in this moment. When you are at least in this moment at some point in your day you can then choose to stay or go out of this precious moment into the mire. If you never choose to be in this now moment, in the energetic truth precision second then you will never be able to choose anything. Everything becomes devoid of choice if you do not resonate with the true moment of the now second. In fact it is not a second but it is a blurred second because it never ends and it never begins but is a blurred occurence of what you would name a second of your out of true reality time.

The awareness exercise is the most important exercise for those who do not meditate and who do not truly comprehend what the now moment is. They may occasionally come across what they would call this phenomena when they are in extraordinary circumstances – like when something bad or extremely good occurs or a sight of something truly magnificent but then they will put this down to the phenomena realm – not something to be experienced every day let alone every moment of your life. We are talking here about moment to moment it is a history lesson in what is occurring on your planet as we speak here. When we speak of the moment we speak of a dimensional shift, this is what moment to moment really is. When you speak of moment to moment you speak of a time lapse in your so called time experience.

Our moment to moment is one of experiencing ourself, our dimensional reality of a spark of time reality. We will call this nothing for it is truly nothing – no thing. There is only the understanding of a physical mentality race here. What we would refer to as chasing to hold the physical reality together. It is only a matter of time before your dimensional reality will change to ours. How will these people deal with this when they cannot jump from one reality of time to one of dimensional aspects of self determination. If you cannot yet jump from one moment to moment without referring to a physical density then you cannot move within the other dimensional fields. These fields do not hold a physical reality in such a fixed format. It is physical to some extent but not fixed with a rigidity of its own. It is fixed only as long as the collective hold the fixative idea together.

Within your time realm, it was an expectation that began the experiment but the collective became as fixed as was possible in a very short period of time. The collective is what holds the time framing and the physical reality together. When we reach the moment when this reality needs to change because of the atomic wave of resistance fielding collapsing then you are required to hold together your own field of expectancy. If we are to assist you then the first stages of holding the moment must at least be achieved. More and more are awakening to the physical illusion of your reality without understanding the underlying quantum levels of this experiment. When we change the blueprint of the underlying framework then you will all fall out of the expected present day reality time warp. It will be like eggs falling from a woven basket that collapses inside itself. These eggs will be in confusion and breaking apart in many ways. If you know that the basket is there and is only holding you together because you did not know how to hold on to your own sense of self then when the basket gives way you will float, you will not have a parachute but you will float.

What is the easiest way of helping people get into this way of comprehending and expanding their consciousness of reality.

The easiest way is giving them an experience of this which is what we are attempting to do with you with the eggs and the basket. It would be the same if you were to suspend someone from the branches of a tree and then cut the branch away, if the person knew that you were about to cut the branch they would begin to ready their arms, legs and body for the landing on the earth. There are some who could carry this experiment out and land completely on their feet, others would go into fear and believe that they will be injured. Others will scream and shout and say don’t do it, I want to stay here suspended from this tree even though it would be so much more exciting if I could run around and do a lot more things. Others will not know what to do and will freeze and go stiff and will, if then cut free hit the earth with a tense body and hurt themselves even though they really weren’t very far off the ground.

Even if told of the events can you see that there are many scenarios before the event actually occurs. Preparation and knowing what is about to occur is the most important thing that can occur for anyone now on this planet. Your planet is going thru extraordinary changes if the people do not also go thru these extraordinary changes then there will be more disaster than is required to occur.

We come in love but we are also in the knowledge that unless things begin to change within the souls, minds and physical bodies of those alive today then many will not survive these changes.



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