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Experience the Pleasure of Sauna and its Effects

Updated on December 21, 2018

Winter time is coming again which means that everyone will start to complain about cold weather as always. Don´t complain but catch the advantages of winter and play with that for your well being instead! I´ve got a great idea for you - go and heat yourself in a sauna! You will start loving this unpleasant season soon after doing that. It is a big advantage of the sauna- during the cold days, it can make you feel warm, calm and satisfied. But the truth is, that this pleasure feeling is not the only thing which sauna can provide to you.

Sauna has very positive effects if you start using it regularly, at least once a week. Besides the pleasure feeling that sauna increase in your soul and inner self, it can also increase the level of your health in many ways. Here you have a little introduction to what sauna provides to you:

- straightness the immunity system

- enhances immunity to influenza and cold

- detoxifies the organism

- it is the prevention of upper respiratory tract illness

- reduces headaches

- alleviates pain in general

- mitigates the ubiquitous stress

- improves the regeneration of the organism

- helps in insomnia

- enhances the mood

- helps with cellulite

- supports weight loss (but only temporarily)

- improves your skin

All those positive effects are proved, and if you try to go to the sauna for a month, it´s almost sure that you will not be able to stop. On the other side, some people are poorly tolerant of high temperatures but deserve all those sauna´s effects as well. Fortunately, we live in the century where everything is possible, so there are so many types of saunas among whom everyone can find the right one.

Here is a short overbrief of the opportunities you can utilize:

  1. Finnish sauna

It´s typically heated with higher temperatures up to 80% moisture. Air temperature varies between 75 to 80 degrees Celsius but may be higher. On the stoves in the Finnish sauna, there are grates on which can be placed some stones, which are occasionally poured with water to soothe the air. The humid air then delivers the illusion of a steep rise in temperature. The Finnish sauna has been a proven way of relaxing both spirit and body for centuries. I recommend to you start slowly there, for your first time you should try only 5 minutes and see, what the hot and very humid air will do with your mind.

  1. Dry (Swedish) sauna

Staying in a dry sauna is relatively burdensome for the body, so only healthy people should enter the dry sauna. The temperature there is usually between 100 to 110 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is minimal. Nowadays, the popularity of these saunas is falling because of the high load of the body - breathing hot air is difficult for many. Anyway, if you are strong enough to survive these high temperatures, I can promise you that you´ll feel amazing and free. This type of sauna is excellent for the liberation and cleansing of the cavities and the airways.

  1. Infrasauna

It is a specific type of sauna that has become more and more popular lately. As a source of heat, it doesn´t use the infrared stoves, but infrared heaters. In infra saunas, you breathe air at a temperature of no more than 60 degrees and the humidity is between 30 and 50%, which does not burden the organism. The principle of infra sauna consists of the deep warming of the body, which can accumulate a large amount of heat that emits a ceramic or carbon heater. Heat penetrates the body and muscles to a depth of 2 to 3 cm, which is sufficient to evacuate and excrete toxic substances which is a super healthy process for your general health.

Staying in an infrared cabin is also recommended for people who are heavily tolerant of high temperatures, or are treating with various diseases such as high blood pressure. Infrared radiation also has a positive effect on the joints and muscles, helps in their treatment and relieves pain. You should also use the infrared radiation before sports exercises for warming up muscles or before rehabilitation exercises. It´s the only type of sauna which is not followed by the process of freezing up your body after.

  1. Bio sauna

A healthy lifestyle is always at the forefront of interest, and so we can meet him today with saunas. The term "bio- sauning" is no longer unknown - it is mainly the use of aromatherapy. It enhances the impression of saunas. Aromatic oils (specially designed for saunas) or dried healing herbs are combined with the steam.

Another option of bio sauna is the salt sauna. It is a sauna that is equipped with specific stoves with Himalayan bricks. It evaporates during the sauna, and its inhalation has healing effects. The air we breathe in the salt sauna is reportedly far more efficient than the one in salt caves. You can enjoy this salt therapy in the standardly equipped sauna - just enough when the existing heater limits the salt stones. It is perfect for your skin and airwaves.

  1. Steam sauna

The steam sauna is also well insulated, but wall tiles are tiled or mosaic. The bench is also handled in the same way. There is not such a high temperature, it is around 45 ° C, but the humidity is almost 100%. The bath is made by a steam generator, located outside the sauna. Steam is fed into the sauna by a steam duct that runs inside the sauna.

As you can see, you have many options for choosing your favorite type of sauna. The best thing for the beginners is to find a big sauna center which many types and try as much as you can. Then you can decide on your own, which one is the right one. You will see that you will not regret! It´s important to go to the sauna regularly as I mentioned before! It´s a pleasant feeling even for only one time, but if you want from sauna to provide some positive effects to you, you must visit it more often. I'm sure you will fall in love who would not…


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