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Experiencing manic depression is an extremely challenging thing

Updated on February 3, 2021
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Rosemary is author of six books on mental health and inspirational poetry. She is a motivational speaker and a volunteer peer advocate.

As someone who experiences manic depression or otherwise called "bipolar", I live with a heavy cross. But there are some perks of it, as it involves enhanced creativity, or so I've heard. I used to stay up all night creating all kinds of things.

Manic depression is a condition one has which obviously affects one's moods. You could be a completely well balanced person growing up and something happens, usually a lot of stress, which can create this imbalance. It's hard to live with because one has to go through mood swings of various sorts. There are times I feel like myself and feel fine. There are times I don't feel well at all and have symptoms of anxiety, extreme sensitivity and over analyzing things. But the main two symptoms talked about most in manic depression are mania and depression.

Mania and Depression

I find mania or people behaving manic all the time. Most of them are not treated. But you can still experience it even when treated. Mania can manifest itself in different forms. Some get agitated easily or very irritable or angry and/or they get euphoria, or a sense of being better than others and of course there's the hypersexuality which is feeling overly sexual or unusual in sexual behavior.

These thing really suck in my opinion because it's up and down, and up and down. To an extent this is normal in everyone's life, but to have it more severe, is a real burden. It's hard to maintain relationships when you're always changing moods. But one thing I've recently heard is that as much structure as possible helps.

The depression side

This side also stinks. When you feel overly depressed sort of like life is not worth living and down and out and there's not much to relieve you, that's tough. It can come upon you out of no where and even make you feel suicidal. There's not a heck of a lot you can do to cope except use coping skills but again I think symptoms definitely decrease with steady work environment and a regimine of diet and exercise and eating healthy.

The tough part is getting there. Like with everyone, jobs are hard to find these days. Jobs that get you out of the house is what I'm talking about. Sitting at home working at home is to me for the birds so I've recently cut down on my internet usage.

Stay Hopeful! Things always get better with time


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