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Explore an Amazing Set of Cool-down Pilates Exercises

Updated on March 24, 2013

Cool-down Moves After a Tiring Gym Routine

What separates Pilates from other exercises is the idea to work in several planes. This will improve overall body function and a Pilates performer will achieve a better body. The idea is to create awareness of movements and gradually develop the tendency for proper execution of movements in several planes. While in a group, movements in different planes are introduced to offer complete benefits of this exercise.

Once the body gains certain level of control, a transition to cool-down the performer will help immensely. The cool-down Pilates exercises involve extension and flexion of muscles in different planes and after the student achieves balance, the recurrence of injuries will be reduced.

Never heard of Pilates cool-down moves? Try these exercises for optimal performance and significant fitness.

Sitting Rotation

Start Off with Sitting Rotation

This is a sitting exercise in which the performer sits with one side on the floor. One leg is placed in front of the hip while the other one goes back (it’s best if the right leg is internally rotated and the left one is externally rotated than the other way round). Spine remains straight and the shoulders have to be aligned right above the hip region. Right palm has to rest on the floor.

Now flex your left arm while rotating your spine and keeping it in line with the shoulder. Stretch it to a point where your ribs exert a force and bring you back to the original position and then continue the movement towards the other side while keeping your arm slightly above the shoulder. This precise rotation is carried out across the sagittal plane.

Seated Mermaid

Seated Mermaid to Cool you Down

This is your break from the fast-paced group Pilates workout so it will obviously be a simple exercise. The performer has to sit straight in a cross-legged position while keeping your spine perfectly erect. Stretch any one of your arms with your hands pointing at the ceiling. Keep the other hand firmly on the mat to support your weight and bend your upper body such that you are leaning over the other elbow. Hold the position for ten seconds and return to the starting point with the force of the ribcage. Keep the motion slow and swift rather than jerky or erratic.

Spine Stretch Forward

Spine Stretched Forward to Wrap it up

It’s ideal to end your cool-down Pilates session with this exercise and there is a good reason why it is the ending exercise of most gym routines. Spine stretched forward technique will help improve posture and create body awareness.

The student must start this cool-down exercise while seated and legs stretched forward. Keep the legs slightly apart and the feet are to remain flexed. In the starting position, both hands must rest on the thighs. Then a gentle sliding motion is initiated and the person has to bend such that the head and cervical regions experience a flexion. While the hands are slipped towards the feet, your thoracic spine will get flexed. Stay in that position and feel the tightening in the abdominal region. After that, gradually roll back to the starting position.

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