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Exploring Self-Excellence through Proper Time Management: An Introduction(Part 1)

Updated on October 7, 2015

Everybody has 24 hours in a day - regardless of position, age or race

Always Complaining About Time

We often complaining or heard other people complaining about the time. Some complaining that there is not enough time to do something and some complaining that there is no time to do something promptly. These complaints occur because of busy work or tasks. Many are trying to find time to do something that cannot be done due to lack of time. They keep looking for it but eventually still failed to do so.

Time Is The Most Valuable Commodity For Human Beings
Time Is The Most Valuable Commodity For Human Beings

Everybody Had 24 Hours!

A man is born in this world and lives in a certain time period or term. However we cannot be certain about the time frame. Notwithstanding, which is basically defined, time is measured in seconds, minutes and hours. Every human being, whether the rich or the poor are given the same time scale. In other words, every man had 24 hours in a day - regardless of position, age or race. This is a natural justice for human. So, what are the problems among people who never have enough time? In fact, a significant difference between us regarding time is solely wisdom, wisdom in managing time properly. The wise use of time is the one who has enough time despite busy with all the works. Those who do not know how to manage himself never have enough time, although not as busy as others.

Controlling Time Or You Will Be Controlled

Good time management is an attitude of self-explore. People whom explore themselves through proper time management have the ability to control their own activities so that time itself is under control. People which limit themselves will always drowning in waves of time. He will be managed and controlled by time and not vice versa.

It's All About How You Manage Your Time

We often see people whom work hard and busy every day. Surprisingly, such a person is able to find the time to do extra works assigned to him. In contrast, people who are not busy doing work will delay the work assigned to them. The attitude of delaying and procrastinating actually are self-limiting attitudes which often give a false impression to our self that we are busy and not able to do the job other than our routine works. People whom explore themselves will always spending all tasks by importance. This is done as soon as possible so that any incoming work or assignments will be done as well. People whom limit themselves through time will keep and piling all the works and then finding the right time to do it. The forthcoming right time expected was not coming and files or tasks are increasing. Eventually, people will be hit by the problem of stress and other health related problems. This will further delay the work which has not yet completed. People whom explore themselves will not look for time even he will create time. He will create the opportunity to complete a particular job in a timely manner.

You Have Power To Control Your Time.
You Have Power To Control Your Time.

Good Lecture About Time Management

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