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Exploring Self-Excellence through Proper Time Management: Free time and wasted time(Part 5)

Updated on October 4, 2015

The most important basic principle in self-management of time is the use of the best times in each activity

Value Your Time
Value Your Time

Avoid Non-Beneficial Activities

Often we are faced with many things in our daily lives that steal time whether we realize it or not. People whom explore themselves will recognize these thieves of time and will consciously control the losses experienced. Also, people whom explore themselves always looking for a 'way' in reducing time available for activities that are not beneficial.

"What? I'm not clear."
"What? I'm not clear."

Among The Things That Lead to Wasted Time:

1. Lack of good planning - things that can be solved in a short time will take a long time because a lot of confusion;

2. Conduct a meeting or attend a meeting that is not managed properly and systematically, end up with everyone attempting to create own ‘agenda’;

3. The lack of clear communication between individuals or between departments - this takes a lot of time because the confusion must be clarified and correct information must be redirected;

4. The lack of listening skills - resulting in missed important information and had to rediscover the proper information we hear in advance;

5. harping on the work of others - this attitude annoys people, interferes with work and a waste of time for all parties;

6. Working procedure which extremely complex, bureaucracy sometimes, which detrimental to all parties in terms of time efficiency;

7. External disturbances of work - the arrival of a letter or pamphlet that was not important, answering the phone and treating the caller too conforming, the arrival of partners whom invites us to talk and so on;

8. Undertake activities that have nothing to do with the task. For instance, playing computer games during job;

9. Lack of sufficient control of technological tools and too dependent on these tools has led to wasted time installing the device or difficulty when there is no power and no other alternative is available (for devices that use full electric);

10. There is no priority given to specific tasks - this causes a lot of work done at the same time without having to spend even one.

Those whom explore themselves will identify the way to save time and use the time in the best way possible. The most important basic principle in self-management of time is the use of the best times in each activity.

Have An Efficient Meeting
Have An Efficient Meeting
Don't Waste Time. Use Whenever Time You've Got.
Don't Waste Time. Use Whenever Time You've Got.
Sleep Moderately. Don't Sleep All Day All Night.
Sleep Moderately. Don't Sleep All Day All Night.
Don't Get Addicted To TV
Don't Get Addicted To TV

Some Methods of Saving Time

1. Conduct meeting efficiently-Use clear agenda, choose the chairman in accordance with the meeting, determine the time, avoid talking nonsense which wasting time, make sure each of them speak directly to present the important points without having lots of verbose description, reduce disruption like members who often go in and out, do not treat controversial issues (conduct another forum for that)

2. Learn to say 'no' to people whom like chatting,

3. Describe something meaningful in the shortest time,

4. Use the travelling time for meaningful activities, such as listening to a lecture tapes and materials that can calm the mind;

5. Do not sleep too long - either at night or during the day;

6. When giving the job to someone else, do not waste too much time following it - if there is such a lot of time, well do yourself;

7. Phone is a tool for the important things, especially in the office-do not cling on the phone chatting things that aren’t beneficial;

8. Think ahead and estimate the problems that may arise in any situation - do not panic and start thinking only when being affected by the problem;

9. Do not be a television addict - choose the channel that is important and what you like only;

10. Do not procrastinate and keep the work for tomorrow, because tomorrow, there may be a new work that needs to be resolved and other work time had to be 'stolen';

11. Work as well as possible for the first time-avoid the habit of doing all the works twice or more;

12. Do not be too concerned if hit by significant problems – the time spent for the worries can be used to find a solution;

13. Use the time log-record all the work or activities which need to be done in a day according to the time set;

14. Do not allocate two days for a work that can be finished within two hours of work. Remember Parkinson Law, work will expand to fill the time;

15. Encourage others not to waste time because time is money.

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