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Exploring Self-Excellence through Proper Time Management: Problems in Making Decisions(Part 2)

Updated on October 5, 2015

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

— Parkinson's Law
Time Is The Most Valuable Commodity For Human Beings.
Time Is The Most Valuable Commodity For Human Beings.

Law Of Parkinson

Law of Parkinson stated that, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". The point is that if a job can be done in two hours and allotted time of two days, then the work would be completed within two days. If the same job is directed to be completed within two hours, then the work would be completed within two hours.


Delaying of work often occurs because we have not decided. When faced with a problem, we refrain from making a decision and thus the problem will continue to sit there. Emerging issues, also delayed because of difficulties in making a decision. Exploring yourself means making a decision as soon as possible. Of course, the decision was made to consider all the possibilities that exist and selecting the best alternative. Often, people are afraid to make decisions for fear that lest the decisions were wrong or mistaken. If wrong decision is made, there may be a way to fix it and do not repeat that mistake again. However, if all things related to the encountered problem were considered, it is rare that the decision will lead to a big mistake or error. On the other hand, deciding not to decide at all will cause the problem to simply be there. New problems arise and continue to accumulate and piled up. Sometimes the decision is not taking any action. This is also a good decision in certain circumstances. Of course, the decision has been made. If a wrong decision is made, make another decision to correct it. If necessary, in turn, make more decisions until the problem is solved. In any case, the problem was first settled and eventually excluded from the list of problems to be addressed. The most important thing here is the use of time: Delay of a decision means free time is wasted. When a decision is made, the time saved and allocated for the next decisions.

Planning The Solution In Mind First
Planning The Solution In Mind First

Solve The Problem Through Mind First!

We are often faced with a variety of tasks and problems. Those whom explored themselves to the use of time will list the tasks that must be solved immediately, and things that can be done later. We have to plan this and try to arrange them in mind. A person faced with various tasks will sometimes fret because seeing so many tasks that need to be completed. Nevertheless, if the plan is made in the mind about matters that require immediate action and what decisions can be made later; a person will feel more relieved and feel that their tasks manageable and controllable. There is an opinion stating that it helps to tackle small things first that are not so important. The important thing will be solved sooner or later but small things are often delayed and not easily resolved, and take a long time.

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