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Heart Igniting Some Blasts of Joy

Updated on April 9, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

The Power of Heart Can Change Us, Change Life, Change Our World
The Power of Heart Can Change Us, Change Life, Change Our World

Enormous Importance of Emotions

The scientists of certain prominence are telling us how our heart is producing several times the strength of our brain's electromagnetic field. After we consciously start using this information, life is never the same anymore.

I should know, since I trained myself to experience instant blissfulness at will. Not to boast about it, of course, but merely to show you what's possible. This morning my car wouldn't start, and despite my wife's protests I walked those twenty minutes to a store, with freezing wind blowing against my face with such a strength that it was slightly moving my 195 pounds of body weight.

Tears coming down, lungs hurting from the cold air, my hand holding onto my baseball cap not to be flown away---but guess what, in my mind I felt like something extremely pleasant was happening to me. My mood was completely detached from what my body was experiencing. And I call it spiritual blissfulness.

Before I achieved that inner explosion of pure alpha brain waves supported by every feel-good neurotransmitter---and that was a few decades ago---I never fully realized how much my whole intimate reality depended on the quality of my emoting.

All that useful information amassed from those many hundreds of non-fiction books about human nature were my dear intellectual toy, but they didn't make it happen. Indeed, when it's about quality of our emoting, knowledge means crap.

As a matter of fact, I have had an opportunity to socially meet a few mental care specialists, and every single one was emotionally quite messed up, to use that more polite term than the one that came to mind first. Their knowledge didn't help one bit, but, hey, they were professionally helping their patients.

What We CAN and We CANNOT Feel Was Decided For Us
What We CAN and We CANNOT Feel Was Decided For Us

Duped into Low-Key Emoting

I could keep writing for the next half hour on the topic of the scientific evidence about the importance of our emotions for our spiritual, mental, and physical health---but I have other things to tell you, so suffice it to say that emotions are that pivotal force in us that mobilizes their qualitative equivalents in thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and the intensity of our conscious wakefulness.

As we harness our emotions with a willful intent, we are lifting our intellectual and gut ceiling of what is possible and doable, and you just can't but be truly fascinated how brains won't even bother producing desires and plans if they don't fit within the repertoire of our positive emotions.

All that estimation gets done subconsciously, so we are not even slightly aware why we don't generate any plausible ambitions, why we don't explore our possible talents, and why your friend with less education is showing more success than you.

I mentioned that before, but let me say it again, that many times I got this silly impression that I must have fallen from some other planet, because for the life in me I can't get it why folks don't invest much interest in evolving their hearts and their minds, and consequently upgrade the quality of their life.

It's not that I don't see what's going on with this covert manipulating the masses; not that I don't see all the conditioning, and suggestive, even hypnotic works done by the political, religious, and business authorities. But, what I don't see is why people don't get tired of all that suggestive crap and start using their own minds.

For, among other things, they would certainly see how it has always been in the best interests of those authorities to keep the masses in a low-key emotional model of functioning. Namely, they are the most suggestible when they are vulnerable, anxious, depressed, angry, bored, lethargic, when their life turns into one big routine and survival ritual.

Why Not Reproduce and Keep That Feeling on the Job?
Why Not Reproduce and Keep That Feeling on the Job?

Emotional Climate

For one thing, I find it strange that people need doctors so much. It's a household knowledge these days that we are constantly exposed to all sorts of those microscopic critters, also infested by them at all times---but we don't get sick.

But, thanks to our unstable immunity function which happens to greatly depend on our "emotional climate"---as I like calling it---and its ups and downs, we are bound to develop a condition, or anomaly, or allergy, or sickness. We even get more prone to accidents when our emotions are out of whack.

Let me use this "emotional climate" metaphor for another moment. People generally like taking their vacations in places like let's say Hawaii---for that warmth, that sunshine, the ocean and gentle breeze. In addition, I personally like that ambient for giving a boost to my testosterone levels, as those colorful bikinis are parading around.

My wife doesn't mind. A wise woman, if you know what I mean. She may even point at a qualifying model running into the water. She doesn't even mind if I sigh. Wise woman, like I said.

Getting back to what all this is supposed to make significant, why don't we do anything to cultivate that kind of emotional climate, Hawaii or not. Why are people stuck in gloomy and flat feelings of inner fall and winter, with all that colorless inner ambient?

Back there I mentioned how I do my spiritual blissfulness at will, and some of you might want to know if I keep feeling like that all the day long. No, I don't. It's like my "emotional tune-up" which I do a couple times a day, and then it sets the tone of my emotionality during the day.

How Much of Our Thoughts Are Really Our Thoughts?
How Much of Our Thoughts Are Really Our Thoughts?

Resisting Beneficial Change

Another question could be---if it's teachable. Well, I would say yes and no. "Yes", because there isn't much to teach, once when you get convinced that you "can". And "No", because no one in the world can teach you how to "want" to feel good.

No, I am not kidding. Wanting would have to come from a subconscious, gut choice, and sorry to say it but most of the folks on this particular planet have no choice---at least their own anyway---as they are merely "wanting" within the limits of what they have been programmed by society to want.

I know, it sounds a sort of shocking to realize that the majority of people don't have a "free will", even if it feels like their own will. They are programmed about what ensures their comfort zone, their psycho-physical survival, what is believable, what is doable, what is good and bad---while everything outside of that frame is bound to be forcefully resisted by their subconscious censorship.

You might have heard before about that truism that our changing wouldn't be hard at all if we didn't resist it so passionately. Thus, if feeling crappy is an important part of our life-script, nothing in us will be enthusiastic to support our crazy idea of feeling fabulous and on the top of the world.

Have you ever heard happy people being called "dreamers"? I have, quite a few times, actually more times that I care to remember. Now, can you guess what was the "emotional climate" of those who used such label regularly accompanied by a sneer? You are right, it takes a sourpuss to call you a dreamer if you happen to be happy---well, just for the hell of it, and without a legit reason.

Once We Snap Out of Brainwashing Spell, a Whole New World Opens for Us
Once We Snap Out of Brainwashing Spell, a Whole New World Opens for Us

The Folly of Free Will

Now, let me tell you a little story, which I used already in another of my articles, but I have a valid excuse for repeating myself---being a 72 years young dude. Roll the time back about half century, and you'll see me as a drill sergeant in a European army. That's where I experienced one of the happiest moments of my entire life---when the big gate opened and I finally walked out as a civilian.

But, there was something interesting, even educational that happened there, except learning and teaching how to kill and destroy. I met that very talented hypnotist, and we instantly became friends, exchanging thoughts about technicalities of hypnosis, and how the enormous part of human functioning was actually based on conditioning, suggestion, and hypnotic induction, direct or only covert.

So, at one occasion he suddenly grabbed the hand of another soldier, raised it up over his head and told him that he wouldn't be able to lower it until told so. Now, listen, that instantly hypnotized dude was not in a trance, he was fully awaken and now struggling with his hand to bring it down.

I'll never forget that confusion on his face, mixed with a smile of disbelief. He could do any of the other things with his "free will"---except lower that hand. Then the spooky guy touched his hand and it went down.

You see what I am trying to illustrate here? His belief implanted into his subconscious was so strong that he couldn't override it with his fully awakened will power. Do I have to say it now or not---that's how the most of the people of this world are going through life, never realizing that their subconscious convictions are setting their limitations.

Even more significant point being that their conscious "choices" can't override those convictions---not until they fully realize on their gut level that they "can" feel differently, "can" be different.

Life Becomes Filled with Bliss with Motto : I Can Feel as I Choose
Life Becomes Filled with Bliss with Motto : I Can Feel as I Choose

Yes, I Can!

So, how do we de-hypnotize ourselves from our limiting subconscious programs?

By impressing the hell of that subconscious mind with thoughts and feelings and behaviors of that happy-as-a-lark person.

In order to do that we have to draw the inspiration from our new mindset which says that we "can". With ease. Naturally. If it's not easy, it's impossible, folks. Remember, it takes a new mind to become a new person with fabulous emotions.

Albert Einstein said that monumental truism: "We can't solve a problem with the same mind which created it".

It really takes some deep thinking, folks. For, we can't catapult ourselves into a new emotional reality of spiritual blissfulness by using the old mind. Old mind wants to "run away" from what has been proven dysfunctional in life. To the old mind it's all about a "lack"---while the new mind doesn't even see anything like a lack.

We've got to experience ourselves the way we will be once when we are tremendously happy human beings. Without outside reasons to provide a stimulus for that happiness. Without "trying hard"---remember? once when you are happy you won't have to struggle with being unhappy?

Again, it doesn't get done by any reshuffling of the concepts of the old mind. Being "new" person starts and ends with "I can, so I am". The moment you are clear about it on your gut level, you also realize that you "could not before" because you were under the spell of other people's thinking.

You start feeling the qualitative difference between what are truly your thoughts, and what are not. And the best rule of the thumb in recognizing the difference is---if you can feel fantastic about it---it's yours.

So you become an intellectual and emotional renegade, a spiritual adventurer, creating magic of emotions---you know why? Because you CAN.

Your Own Distance from Bliss

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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      17 months ago from Canada

      Mel---Isn't it strange how people choose not to be inspired by your happiness, but rather find something "wrong" about it? Just because it is not "customary" to face the world with a smile doesn't make it "inappropriate".

      Thank you for the nice comment, and---keep that smile on, my friend.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      17 months ago from Canada

      Dana---Thank you for this yet another encouraging comment that inspires me to keep writing and sharing.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      17 months ago from San Diego California

      Very interesting views. I have been called a dreamer and I have been criticized by those close to me for my apparent lack of ambition in the normal avenues of self-aggrandizement many pursue in this world. Truth is, I am happy in my own head, and I do love knowledge - not for what I can get out of it but for its own sake.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      17 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      Very insightful! A man who has lived to be 72' yrs old has seen a lot. I love to read your hubs and listen to the wisdom that flows. "I can, so I am"... I like that. As people we would definitely advance further in life if we would not allow others to hinder us.


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