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Exploring the Myths of Aging

Updated on October 10, 2011

Don’t we all wish for a healthy, illness free and enjoyable life which in terms allows us to stay fit and active, not forget happily! It’s all about the way we think, and the actions that we do that have lot of influence on our lives. Apart from the family there is much to connect to, for instance the society where we live. In a way our past decisions and actions are somewhere responsible for the way we may age in the coming years.

Most of the things that we do in our past are most probably to achieve happiness and to fulfill our desires. We always wish to seek something better and comfortable in our lives and thus keep constantly running behind it. The only goal that we plan to achieve is happiness and that is what is more influenced by the circumstances in which we were brought up and most of all our background. Though living and growing up is a natural process yet ageing is a state of mind and not just any physical process. The primary objective for us as we go on ageing should be to maintain good health and take a good care of ourselves. More of its entirely about ageing normal and to bring positive changes in our health as well as lifestyle to make things simpler. How about getting inspired by positive stories and experiences that we read and hear about others, that can be motivational too.

Lets explore the myths of ageing, which are commonly felt by most of us:

Ageing is not a disease

Change is a common phenomenon that you find all around you and yourself too. Change makes things adapt to the physical, geographical and metal procedure within you and your surroundings. Our life undergoes change and thus we age, which entirely proves that ageing is not a disease. So if ageing is not a disease and just a change as normal as rest of other changes happening around you why not age normally.

Ageing is not a problem

Yes, ageing is not a problem that you require to deal with. Ageing is all about a genetic process that we undergo. The way we grow from a child to teenager and then to adult, ageing is just one step ahead of that.

Don’t be afraid to grow old

Please don’t! The depressive tendencies that one may acquire due to the signs of ageing may work in a negative manner for the person who fears about the signs of ageing. If you are worried about the physical ailments that you may tend to suffer as you age, it’s more likely related to the factor as mentioned above, about how you lived your life.

Cope up with ageing naturally

Once you understand and deal with major myths about ageing, then just learn how to cope up with ageing in natural way. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Be completely aware with ageing and face it gracefully. Don’t feel depressed and don’t at all fear of the physical ailments which you may or may not suffer.

2. Always maintain good health and do everything that is possible by you to keeping yourself fit. Steps such as regular exercise, good eating, maintaining positive energy etc can come really helpful in coming years.

3. Work out an action plan that will help you keep going.

4. A wonderful group of family and friends can make you feel really supportive.

5. Anticipate the change and be prepared for it.

6. Never let go your positive approach and feel low about ageing.

7. Maintain a balanced lifestyle with less worries and more happiness to look forward to.

8. Engage yourself in various workshops and clubs where you meet people of your age and have a blast.

9. Don’t feel intimidated with other’s approach and way of life.

10. Explore the opportunities and don’t let ageing to get in your way if you still can achieve your goals. Enjoy the success and reward yourself some or the other time for carrying out the action plan quite well as desired..


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    • Fellow Mumbaite profile image

      Fellow Mumbaite 6 years ago from India

      @tillontitan..For few getting wrinkles a little bit here and there is a point to worry. That's more or less ageing for them. But people need to come out of the well and stop acting like a frog! Ageing is something that you need to accept and understand gracefully, more than just worry about it! Thanks for visiting!

    • Fellow Mumbaite profile image

      Fellow Mumbaite 6 years ago from India

      @Ruchi Urvashi..Thanks for visiting and reading my hub. Few people agree on the fact I mentioned here in my hub. Finally its all about how you take things and how ready you are to accept the fact.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      I think the best advice in your hub is "face it gracefully." Aging isn't always easy and even when tryin gto stay healthy it doesn't always work. Facing whatever comes your way gracefully is the best way to deal with it. Voted up.

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Yes, I agree with the hub. We don't need to be scared of aging. We can do creative activities to make it more enjoyable and lovable.

    • Fellow Mumbaite profile image

      Fellow Mumbaite 6 years ago from India

      Thanks feenix..i m glad you like it! Ageing is all about growing and that becoming old! This concept if clear in our my mind, does not affect that much emotionally!

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      Hello, Fellow Mumbaite,

      Thank you very much writing and publishing this useful, awesome and interesting hub. Because I am 65 years old, this aricle is of special interest to me. And you are so right when you say that much of what it takes to "age gracefully" is rooted in the way we think.

    • Fellow Mumbaite profile image

      Fellow Mumbaite 6 years ago from India

      Hmmmmm that's what its all about jenubouka! we all fear ageing for most of the same common reasons. Nobody wants to grow OLD. Same with me! Thanks for visiting!

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      Great motivational piece of those who fear the aging process, like myself, entering the mid thirties, I am beginning to see it.

    • Fellow Mumbaite profile image

      Fellow Mumbaite 6 years ago from India

      Hey c1234rystal thanks for visiting and reading my hub..Good to know that this hub could be helpful to your dear someone. To tell you the truth, there are many such people in this world who scare about ageing and make it a difficult process to carry on! Its all about how you take it and accept it finally!

    • c1234rystal profile image

      c1234rystal 6 years ago

      This hub has a lot of great advice for a very important woman in my life. She tends to let aging scare her and worry that she's "too old" to do certain things. I never thing you're too old for anything though!

    • Fellow Mumbaite profile image

      Fellow Mumbaite 6 years ago from India

      Thanks tsmog..for that lovely comment!

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      I almost forgot how old I was. Ohhh yeah. Great advice.