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Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

Updated on December 23, 2016
Team Wiseman profile image

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons have a connection and Team Wiseman has exposed and revealed this Truth in their Articles. A Must Read!!

Real Stories from real people who have experienced crystal meth, witchcraft and demons
Real Stories from real people who have experienced crystal meth, witchcraft and demons

Comments from The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons


This hub is a second edition article that shares some of the most heart breaking and inspiring comments left on the original article, 'The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons'. The following comments are copied how the commenter wrote it so excuse the grammar. Instead we ask that you take the information you read from real people who have experienced the effects of crystal meth, witchcraft and demons and learn from their experiences. You may even be able to relate to some of the comments and you are encouraged to share your real stories of meth use and demonic activity below to warn or positively influence another person who may be battling meth demons and witchcraft.

The following comments can be disturbing and sobering.

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons Experiences
Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons Experiences

Angels and Meth Demons?

Allen 5 weeks ago

I am 47, at age twenty i was shown a vision of another dimension, that is all around us. full of evil. It lasted seven nights, in the day it would recede, but the night would reveal hell all around. Things my twenty year old mind could not concoct. Winged Demonic shadows 60 ft tall, Evil clowns, Hooded figures everywhere like sentinels waiting to grab my soul upon my death. They butchered screaming babies like poultry on an alter as they laughed and joked. I was protected by small blue transparent men who could become full size in a whirlwind. My girlfriend also witnessed these men, clowns and a huge demonic dog, like a brown great Dane, with red glowing eyes that barked at us and made us jump. we were hysterical with fear. she died this past year, still to afraid to talk about what we witnessed. I cursed these blue men thinking they were tormenting me. i had no spiritual upbringing and i was heading down a bad path. I now know they were my guides thru this hell, my destination if i did not repent. Seven years i searched for the truth of what had happened being completely ignorant of spiritual matters. then i prayed for god to send me a sign, again i was heavily addicted to meth. he sent me a school nemesis who had just got a dose of the holy spirit at a revival in Dallas. a year we fought over the true nature of god. then one day, we realized how we were turned on each other by life, pitted against each other from childhood by school and peers. we cried and hugged, we said we loved each other and our hearts were true and open. i blacked out and from my stomach a darkness rushed out of my mouth and the room filled with a warm loving glow. My friend said we had done something right and God was smiling on us. I had been Baptized by the Holy spirit. Suddenly i was filled with wisdom and i could not sin. i could see all of the Evil around me, music, t.v. my language, i could not look at a woman in the wrong way. Everything i had been taught that i thought made me a man was wrong. the whole way i lived was wrong. Later in life God has saved me with a divine hand more than once. Meth is sorcery. A gateway to the other side. not made from God but from man guided by the spirit of the Devil. I am blessed that God is watching me so close so i pray for his will for me each day. We are the last in line, the generation of the fig. the time is upon us and most of the world is asleep at the wheel. i am writing a detailed book of my experiences in hope of helping other addicts to recover....God is love and very real. So is Satan. In that Glow all i felt was love, joy, security. I was in the hands of the Holy spirit. a taste of Heaven.

Tall Shadow Meth Demon

C.G. Tamayo 7 weeks ago

I too have seen a tall dark shadow in the wee morning hours while using meth. We were smoking an 8ball that night which is way too much to even smoking in one day little alone in one night. As we passed the pissel I glanced over to the kitchen and saw a tall dark shadow just standing with no movement way so ever. I know I am not Krazy cause my uncle saw the same thing as I did. We froze and when we got up to see who or what it was the anomaly was gone. Scared the shit out of me! I have been clean and sober since 2000. Thank God for my first born.


Jennifer 2 months ago

I seen a 8ft tall shadow thing in an active overdose and I know he was there to take me to hell. Clean now 2 years but I'll never forget him.

Crystal Meth causes Negative Speech over your Life. Beware!!
Crystal Meth causes Negative Speech over your Life. Beware!!

Using Crystal Meth Harmless? Do not be Deceived!!

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

Do you use crystal meth as a way to call on demons to gain an evil spiritual insight or power??

See results

The Back & Forth Spiritual Battle when using Crystal Meth!a

Des 2 months ago

I had a good friend killed by her husband while there 18 month old son was in the back room the man that killed my friend was on meth for days when all of a sudden he looked at his wife and said he seen the devil in her and that she was gonna kill him so he grabbed a knife and stabbed her and gutted her and left her dying on the front porch of there house while he took off in her car left there son crying and alone and called the police to tell them what he did they finally got the guy in a different town and now he's serving life in prison with out parole. I told my self I was never gonna use meth I was 18 I tried crystal meth only once many many years later I doing it again the only thing different for me is i only do it once in a while just during the weekend I do it for fun with my husband and that's as far as we will take it if we see it getting out of hand or our bill money is being used for that I'm done I haven't gotten to deep and I'm praying I don't I could quit and not have the urge to use again and that's a promise bc I've read so much about meth but her I am using thinking I'm untouchable when not. Ive never seen anything but I've thought about suicide bc the coming down sucks but I have a wonderful husband ya we do it together but he's like me he only does it for a weekend fun and when I say weekend fun once or twice a month plus I have 2 of the most beautiful little girls crap now this is hard for me to finish bc those girls needs there parents and until now me writing this I'm an awful person to say it's OK to do it on the weekend but it's not. I love God and I know if I need him to help me hell be there I just really need to stop this foolish drug bc like most of you said it only takes one time and satan has you:( thank you Jesus for opening the light for me and I truly mean this I can't be a mom to my daughters when I'm using WOW I might not want to use meth again this has really open my eyes I love my baby's I don't ever want to hurt them or lose there trust or them. I'm truly an drug attic bc I love the high but not that much to not be with my baby's;)

Meth Demon Attack?

Empty Demon Eyes on Meth

Polly 2 months ago

Shadow men, close encounters, demons, all is the truth. I once drew an hourglass, sand flowing down represented your soul and at the bottom is hell and at the top God. When you look I to a person's eyes doing method look empty.

Crystal Meth Puppet

Can using meth leave yourself vulnerable to Mind Control?
Can using meth leave yourself vulnerable to Mind Control?

Control via Meth, Witchcraft & Demons

nikki 2 months ago

I have a wonderful family who takes good care of me I was in school until I met someone who got me on methamphetamine. He would keep me with him for days scaring me so wouldn't go home. He would tell me I could go home after he did a couple things and run all my gas out of my car so I would be stuck with him. He was so mean to me I even text my grandma and told her "pray for me" because I knew I couldn't leave. He had a gun and would scare me with it pointing it at me and laughing like a demon he did some awful things to me. One night while in a garage that we would stay at it was pitch black and he told me to take a picture I took the picture and you couldn't see my face cause it was pitch black but you could see his and it was a clear picture of a demon. The demon has manifest itself. Thank God I got away from him and it was my family praying that jet me alive I know it.

Meth Smoke Demons Warning!!

WMFB 2 months ago

My friends and I were smoking Methodist one day. And we decided to take very large Hits and take pictures of the smoke. And we seen Demon's in the pics. Then we decided to try it with other smoke. No results. The meth continued to show demon's and humanoids. We deleted the pic's. Do not try this EVER.


Chuck 16 months ago

What about feeling like parasites infest your body every time you use ?

Crystal Meth knows no Boundaries!

What do you think?

Do you think Crystal Meth and other drugs are being used to control the masses with the help of demons?

See results

Meth Demons want Your Life & Soul!

glad my past is over 3 months ago

I haven't used in 16 years but I started 30 years ago. Got saved in prison and got released in 2000, paroled to a Prison ministry, help others, and haven't touched any chemicals since. It would be so easy to take a drink to relax sometimes but I know that if I do the demons would surround me and plot to get me back. I still think about all the strange things that happened while on meth and I try to sort out what was real, what I made up myself, what was spiritual, and which part of all this was people messing with my head because they enjoyed torturing me. I know the cops were involved in the head games. I went to jail once with a meth head and one of the jail workers came inside the holding tank where I was, picked up the phone and started talking to someone on the other line about me without using my name. Then hung up the phone and left the tank. The other inmates there were saying "that lady works here" I feel the cops wanted me to know that they were in on all this head game stuff that I was experiencing. I'm still not sure what part they played..if they were bad cops or just the DEA obeying orders But besides all of the head games from the dopers and cops, the part that stands out the most to me was the spiritual dimension that came alive. I couldn't read a newspaper, listen to the TV, or hear the radio, without messages being relayed to me through them. I would see dead people in the trees and the radio would taut me and make fun of me. At the time I thought it was the conspiracy group messing with me and that they had their own radio networks and it was a big conspiracy. I know that people did mess with me and they were just dopers having fun and being cruel, but for the most part it was the spiritual realm. There were so many coincidences.. everything seems to connect when I was on meth. My mind would think something and the TV would make a comment about what I was thinking or doing. I would get so mad. I didn't want anyone to know what I was going through because I knew it was so strange. I would keep silent and be tormented inside. I would be so fearful and not go anywhere. At the end of my drug use I would stay in my room all by myself and use meth and just let the radio torture me. Crazy stuff. I am now covered in the blood of Jesus, all things are made new, I pray for everyone from my past that I can think of. And I forgive others because this is what God wants. I feel sorry for the people using now it must be so much worse with cell phones signals and high tech equipment being used by the enemy. This Hub is really good because it helped me realize that I was not alone and that others experience the same things. The enemy uses the same tactics over and over on people. he has the experience. God is amazing and loving and safety is with Him. I wish I knew Him back then but I didn't and there was no safe place. I'm still confused about the cop stuff. if anyone relates to that please comment back as I need clarity.

Suicide Meth Demon

Crystal Meth Suicide Demons

Daphne 20 months ago

I recently had a friend on it who killed himself. He smoked meth and marijuana. Seldom times he smoked k2. He began seeing demons when he would use meth and k2 together, so he tried stopping all the drugs. He started back with marijuana would see them but not as often. He ended up back on meth and started seeing them all the time again. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't change his life. He became more of a preacher because he thought if he spread gods word it would make them go away. No matter how hard he tried he would see them all the time, in his dreams he said they rapped him once. He got high his last time the next night he told his little brother which was the light of his life, he didn't want to live anymore. Told him he was going to bed, his brother heard the gun load the bullet, ran to the room opened the door as he was falling. I have been lucky enough to never try meth nor see demons. I have seen simples. A lot of people around me has been on it, He was the worst case, I understand how it can turn your heart I seen people go completely crazy trusting no one and nothing. I know demons can effect people but I think it depends on the situations in life and where your heart truly lies. My little sister has seen to, once when she was six and once when she was ten or eleven, first was after our baby sisters death then the second was before our aunts death. She said it was in the corner all she could see was his eyes, they was glowing red, he also had this horrible smell. The next was standing in her door he had the same smell, was in the light but couldn't make him out, he was pitch black. she said you couldn't see a shirt line a hair sticking up nothing. at first she wouldn't look at him, but after he walked across the hall then came back she watched him, she said it was like he was feeding off her fear, it made her whole body ache, it felt like evil.

Example of a Meth Demon Attack

Choose Life or Death (Meth) this Day!

Brek 2 years ago

Very interesting stories. I have had the opportunity to experience such encounters with the spiritual realm and am now able to see clearly with a sound mind. It will have been 10 years on April 1st that I was delivered from the control of Satan and filled with the Spirit of God. It was in the darkest time in my life that Christ loved me the most as He dropped a warm blanket of His love and Grace on this dead man. I have learned that in order to understand what is happening in the darkness you must look into the light. It is a curious thing happening in the dark and can be intoxicating to participate. The problem is when you are in the darkness you can't see what is there and with whom you are keeping company. If you remember anything remember this: Jesus is as real as the Devil!

After living most of my young adult life using drugs I found something different when I used Meth. It's as if something was borrowing my soul. I saw the shadows and much more than that. I was actively doing the bidding of the Devil and I knew it. You had to if you wanted to play in his game. Sure, it's fun at first but then you have to work like everyone else. At first you steal, then you kill, and then you destroy. It's the way Satan operates and it says it plain as day in the bible. Did you think he did it himself? The truth is that he uses humans. He uses you and will use me if I let him. And he will give you what you need if you do his will. It's the opposite of living for Christ. To give your life for Jesus you actively pursue a relationship with Him and choose to do His will. I was trapped by thinking that I knew too much to get out of the game. That I had gone too far with my actions to turn to Jesus and if I did Satan would cut me off and Jesus would not want me. But that was the lie. The truth was that Jesus wanted me and the Devil did too. I was the battlefield. And it opened me up to a realm that most will never experience. It is frightening to say the least. If there is someone reading this who is experiencing this spiritual realm where evil is descending all around you remember that just speaking the name of Jesus and believing in Him you can defend yourself from attack. Also showing no fear to those spirits will take the power from them. Just remember that it is not your strength but it's the strength of Jesus. Christian music was also something that helped me when I was in a state of mind where I was hurting badly. I remember when these (attacks) were ramping up and I knew I was in for a scary ride. I would smell this smell all around me, like burnt cinnamon. Everything would switch and reality would change. If I read the paper it would be filled with demonic content, watching tv would be pornographic, the music I listened to would predict my every move and people would do everything they could to make my life miserable. It was like a little taste of my own medicine. These attacks would get worse as I got worse. To the point where I had to choose. Life or death. And when this time comes for you to choose, remember Jesus. He loves you, He knows where your at, He knows what you have done and what you want to do. And despite the desires of your flesh in the moment you will have the strength to choose to love Jesus. And he will drop that warm blanket of love over another dead person to bring you to life.

Only Christ Seems to free many from the grips of crystal meth, witchcraft and demons.

Final Words on Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

Remember, you must want to quit using crystal meth before you ever will. You must really, really want to quit... and it still may take years to finally act on what you want but you must want to or you will never try. The comments above have been presented to you from the original article called "The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons." The article makes the connection between crystal meth use among some practicing witches and warlocks and their association with demons in an evil realm. These evil entities are as real as you and me BUT that also means that God must be real also and we have a Helper to get us out of the grips of death... A Loving God that has defeated death already. His name is Jesus Christ and through Him we find ourselves not only free, but Free Indeed!

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. John 8:36

Repeat that simple verse daily, whether you are using crystal meth or not and we believe this simple verse will Free You, yes, it is that easy with a power filled Jesus!


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      It wasnt just dat he left me 1 night after having dinner i waited for him all night scared of the voices bt i managed i felt something in my tummy like its gonna explode i feel it move like i was pregnant the i saw a sign like of a yin yang moving in sync in my head i clearly saw it when i look down its normal its flat.. bt i was on full panic then i heard a knock on d door i opened it and its him.. i suddenly can breathe he started cooking as i go bak to sleep cause i felt dizzy.. i was really disturbed i keep waiting for him to join me in bed bt he wants to eat frst.. alone in d bed i suddenly heard a loud ringing in my head i cant shake it off then i saw right before my eyes a meth pipe it lasted for a minute i cant get it off and i hear unending judgenental i cried loudly.. he rushed and hugged me asking me whats wrong i cant tell him i just said im going crazy.. he was so worried.. then i started singing a song saying im lucky bt im empty..

      Then i keep switching black clothes to white..

      We were on bed when someone knocked.. some customer i begin seeing a big white angel crying turming his back at a black looking crazy angel.. i grabed my shoes and instantly left d apartment i went home and i can see smokes chasing me and i can smell them like a thick dust..

      I tell u ders more to meth.. if you dont understand and follow d spirit guiding u or warning u then ran or else.. demon will feed ur fears and make u do something u would regret

    • profile image

      Matt Taylor 

      2 years ago

      I read one story that was almost identical to my own I've been through all the same things and the funny thing about it is after two-and-a-half years clean I'm still going through them today they're not no where near as bad as they was but none the less it's still going on this is my email if anybody would like to talk.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Several years ago I started to sense the presence of evil while on crystal meth. I came across this article as a result of this sense, and it spurred an awakening in my life. I began to realize I was playing with fire. Here now years later I was inspired to write my story; however it was just to long for this comment section, so I created a new hub page. Here's a short teaser:

      I’ve been considering writing this for a long time. Deep down, I've known this story needs to be told. I have kept silent because of the overwhelming fear I had about what people might think. My goal is to finally be able to let some of this stuff go, because it causes me a lot of pain. I would also like to give back to the people who shared their stories on the Hubpages article, “The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft, and Demons.” When I found this site, I found word-for-word experiences of what I went through myself. Finding this website was a big part of me finding Jesus and getting sober.

      Finding the Hubpages was a big part of me finding Jesus and getting sober. I am going to say the name, Jesus, throughout this story instead of God or my Higher Power. The reason is that through all my experiences, I have come to believe that not only is God real, but that Jesus Christ is God. If you aren’t a believer, trust me, I get it. A few years ago, I would've read the first couple sentences and completely shut down once I heard the name “Jesus.” My idea of spirituality for years was eating hallucinogens. After experiencing these different levels of consciousness, I became very interested in a lot of New Age stuff which lead me to eventually believe in a God but most definitely not Jesus. I’m asking you to please not let the name Jesus stop you from reading further. This is the story of how a God that I wanted nothing to do with never stopped loving me and transformed my life when I was about ready to give up. I’m currently writing this in rehab with 8 months sober. I’ve been doing drugs for the past 16 years and this is the longest I’ve ever been sober....

      Please continue reading at the following link:

    • profile image

      the lion 

      3 years ago

      yes,i know a lot about what is going on and i am more than happy to exsplane it.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      No self respecting witch would ever engage in the use of meth or other seriously harmful chemicals, whether for personal use or any kind of nefarious magic.

      Anyone who claims to be a witch and does this sort of thing is seriously deluded and should be treated more like the criminally insane rather than the spiritually awakened.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I know what allen went through mine was similar a huge dog thousands standing around me just waiting for me to die particularly 7 were talking directly to me i heard babies crying nights were bad day times weren't good but nights were worse. But its been a year and i havent touched meth since thank you Jesus.

    • profile image

      Kali Pacerta 

      4 years ago

      I have to say I am shocked by some of these peoples experiences. I've gone through some of these exact experiences I must say it was the most scariest things that ever happened to me.

    • profile image

      Kenna Reynolds 

      4 years ago

      Meth is a demon that is hard to get off your back. I tried meth when I was 12 but didn't use again until I was about 20. I got married and had 5 children by the age of 22. I tried meth again when I was 20 but stopped again because my husband was the user and I had to take care of our children. My husband became sick and started shooting meth because of his diabetes. I was totally against meth at that time. He passed away almost 6 years ago and I became addicted because of my depression from his death, for 5 years on and off it has taken me to levels I have never wanted to experience. I am now a recovering addict fighting to get my children and live the life God has intended for me my children and future husband. God is the the only way that you can over come this demon. Prayers go out to all the ones fighting this demon.

    • profile image

      saved by the blood of Christ 

      4 years ago


      believe meth = sorcery , which I think u do believe this . You don't want to admit it bc you work directly for Satin but you may not no it. ill pray for you Here's a seed to be planted in you JESUS LOVES YOU

    • Team Wiseman profile imageAUTHOR

      Team Wiseman 

      4 years ago

      Also, if you need proof of what we write about then please check out this video of a witch claiming rights to have possession of crystal meth. She says it is a violation of her religious rights, and, the police let her go!

    • Team Wiseman profile imageAUTHOR

      Team Wiseman 

      4 years ago

      It appears we have struck a nerve, our apologies witch eye magic. May God Bless and thank you for reading our bull sh**.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You are a wack job...meth has nothing to do with need to do your research...before you post such bullshit

    • Team Wiseman profile imageAUTHOR

      Team Wiseman 

      4 years ago

      Yes, the video is terribly disturbing and we relate it to a demonic attack by deception causing severe damage and pain. Thanks for watching...LOL

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      it sounds scary, thought i watched a movie


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