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Expressions of Grace

Updated on August 9, 2015

Intro Blog

So this is my first blog on HubPages. I am not really sure what to write about but I must say that HubPages' instruction to write "high quality content" is a bit intimidating! I did not start this blog with a real specific objective other than for it to be low-key, help me get back into a habit of writing regularly, hopefully daily, and about me and my daily struggles and victories, so for now I will just wing it. So, here is a bit about me. I am forty years old but look like I am in my 20's to the majority of people. I love, like really love, ketchup and love it so much that most summers I buy lots of tomatoes at the farmer's market each week and make ketchup to last until the next summer. Haha I am married, work part time, at the most, and go to college 3/4 time trying to accomplish those personal, life-fulfilling goals we all have. Mine are, one, becoming a commercial pilot and I plan to enter a great two year program next year, that I found. Two, improving my art skills enough to be able to get accepted into an art academy I really have my heart set on to obtain my BFA, then cross over into forensic art. Plus some other little "bucket list" types, like traveling to certain places, publishing books, skydiving, hang gliding, etc. I also have four kids, two boys and two girls. My two boys are basically grown and nearly out of the house. My two girls are teenagers. Those of you who are also parents, or former parents, of teenage girls can begin to cry for me now. Yes! They are emotionally exhausting! Most days lately, I wish I lived in a hole or on an island or that I could become invisible or deaf at will. LOL

Anyway, one thing you should know about me is that I tend to ramble. Please try to be patient with me! These days my weekends are quite boring but at least they are relaxing. Today was different though. Today I was supposed to go to yoga at eight o' clock in the morning but I was too tired, so I ended up sleeping in. I did try to get up. I swear! Haha By the time I did get up, I was rushed because I am one of those people riddled with allergies and this year has been especially difficult for me, so my allergist decided to have me try allergy injections. This morning I had to go to my allergist’s office to get the last of my three weekly allergy shots. This will be talked about more in depth in another blog that I will be adding. So I rushed through my whole allergy routine that sucks up precious minutes from my exciting life every morning and every night. I drink a big glass of water every morning to get a boost in hydration, which helps with my allergies but is also very healthy for the body from what I have read. By the way, add a drop or two of lemon or grapefruit essential oil, or both, if you want. I read that it is good for weight loss and I want to lose 20 pounds, so I have been experimenting with it the last couple of weeks out of curiosity, and I have lost six pounds!

So back to the story of my boring and ordinary life, I cut my morning stretch routine down from 30 to 45 minutes to 15 minutes and stretched just the pertinent parts of my body. Then I scarfed down my breakfast, so I can take my allergy medications, used my neti pot and nasal allergy spray, got my allergy shot and then went to pick up my daughters at my friend's house where they stayed over night to help entertain her nieces and nephew and went with them to a family fun center filled with games, go carts, laser tag, bumper boats, miniature golf, and sugar-hyped kids and let all the kids join in the chaos. It made the day go by fast, which I was thankful for because my husband has been very moody this weekend and trying to suck me into it. Again, I will soon be adding another separate blog all about this as well.

Finally, my strange sighting for today? A woman walking toward the bus stop with what looked like either a black trash bag or a black, nylon scarf type thing wrapped around the upper part of her head. My first thought was, "What on Earth is she doing? Is she drunk? On drugs? She is going to bump into something and get hurt. Jeez! People! " In my mind I see her trip on something and just happen to fall in the road and get run over by the bus. Then I notice her lift it a bit to see where she is going. Haha My next thought? Being a migraine sufferer. "Oh. Maybe she has a migraine. Hm. Not a bad solution to keep the sunlight from piercing into her eyes and intensifying the migraine I guess, if you have no choice but to go out. Sunglasses are never adequate" Why share a strange sighting? Well, the county I live in has a large amount of lower class people. In the 80's the nearest large urban area was becoming over crowded with welfare recipients and gangs. So they started offering these people homes if they would move away to the nearest suburb and rural region of the county. Many parolees are sent here too. So I see people doing strange things on a pretty regular basis that tend to be a bit amusing.

Today's fascination? The way children let go and move on. Why can't we do that as easily in adulthood? Children get distracted so easily. Maybe we should allow ourselves to do that when it comes to things we can't control but it seems that instead we just cling even tighter to those things we have no control over, which are usually negative stressors and not healthy for us to focus on excessively. Why a fascination? Fascination because it is important to be inspired and motivated to be better each day.

Today's funny? My friend's nephew hugging my leg and begging me to take him in one of the bumper boats as a passenger. He was really putting on the works! He was even giving me the pouty lips and batting his eyes. I started laughing. Not that I did not want to go on them; I just did not have enough money to pay for more than two tickets, one for each of my daughters, and laser tag tickets for them, and of course all parents know it is more important for our kids to have fun than for us to. So sacrifice, I must. Why a funny? Because laughing and feeling happy is good for us and our bodies. I actually read a news story many years ago about a medical research study that found that laughing does actually cause the body to heal. Amazing, right?

Well, that is all for now. I will try to add another blog post very soon.


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