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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Updated on November 1, 2011

Extra virgin olive oil benefits

We all know that eating certain food can slow down aging process. Extra virgin olive oil offers that kind of benefit. How does it work? According to the research conducted by University of Florence, extra-virgin olive oil contains property called polyphenols, which gives it anti-aging effects. The reason it works well is because it can fight free radicals, which is a main cause for wrinkled skin. This free radical has a damaging effect on skin as people age. EV olive oil also helped to provide cure for heart disease and cancer. In addition, it also has a healing effect on blood pressure.
Extra virgin olive oil also helps you to lose weight. It helps you to lose additional fat faster by producing fat oxidation. The best thing is it can be digested without being refined. In this way, the nutrient elements like fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants are preserved in the oil. Anti-oxidants are very good in fighting with blood pressure, blood sugar and other health issues. Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin E, anti-oxidants and polyphenols and thus provides protection from free radicals attack. The inflammation is a process to keep our body fit, but sometimes certain cells in our arteries can block it and also the sugar metabolism.
It has so many flavors and can be added to any food without a problem.

How to use extra virgin olive oil

Like many oils, it should be preserved in cool places like a fridge, do not place it over on oven or warm place in order to save its nutrients and long lifetime. Olive oil can be melted easily and thus has a low smoke point. Stay below 190 degree when cooking.
In order to get your desired olive oil, you should not hesitate in buying the best brand because it offers trusted values and taste. Moreover, olive oils are not that expensive in terms of comparing its nutritional value with vegetable oils.
Research from Mediterranean inhabitants suggest that they have lower chances of getting heart disease and weight control problem, thus prolong the lifespan and reduces the chances of getting potential risk. Extra virgin olive oil contains a lot in their diets and thus producing the positive effects. So try EV olive oil for your health benefit.


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      inna zalia 6 years ago

      extra virgin olive oil is really medicinal.