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Extra Wide, Extra Thick, Extra Long Yoga Mats

Updated on July 18, 2014

There are different kinds of mats which are made for two types of yoga namely a Ashtanga yoga and Bikram Yoga. While the former needs smaller mats, Bikram yoga practitioners generally require mats that are larger in size. Ashtanga yoga practitioners usually need mats that are made from fine material and can be made into a roll. In this article we will discuss extra wide, thick, long yoga mat reviews.

If you practice yoga and need a suitable mat you will be aware that there are different sizes of mats that are available. The basic size of a yoga mat is 24 x 68 inches. This is a size that most yoga mats are available in whether it is a cotton practice mat or an eco-yoga mat. You also get Bikram yoga mat in this size. If you are a beginner and have recently started practicing yoga this will be the most suitable size for your mat.

If you need a regular yoga mat you can also get mats that are 5 feet long. There are various sizes that are available and can reach 84 inches or even longer. You can choose any size that is suitable and convenient for you between these sizes. Before you start looking for a mat, you must know the exact dimensions of the mat that you are looking for. With so many varieties that are available you will easily get one that is suitable for you in the size that you want.

The larger the mat the longer and wider it will be. This will make it easy for you to practice yoga since you will need to carry out different postures while practicing. It is only if you look for mats that are extra long or extra wide that options will be slightly limited. This is especially the case of mats related to Bikram Yoga. It is also possible to combine the use of a matte with a yoga mat towel so that you can optimize the space that you exercise in.

Another property of the mat that you need to check is its thickness. While some practitioners of yoga prefer more length in a mat, some prefer a good thickness so that it is comfortable to practice on. A quarter of an inch more in thickness is what you might like to look for. A standard mat will have a thickness of 1/8 of an inch. Alternatively, it is also possible to use two mats so that you can double them up for extra comfort. The mats are especially useful for elders and those who might find standard mats uncomfortable. It is important that there is not too much discomfort while practicing yoga.

Some people are particular about the weight of the mat. You are one who will be travelling a lot then you may like to look for a mat that is not very heavy. A light mat is also easier to pack in your luggage besides being easily portable. A typical mat weighs between 2 pounds to 9 pounds.

1. Extra Wide, Extra Long, Extra Thick Black Yoga Pilates Mat

This is a black colored mat measuring 30 inches in width, a foot wider than standard mats that are available. It is ideal for those who have a large frame and want to stay within the area of the mat while practicing yoga. It is 1/4 inch thick and is very good for Pilates as it provides excellent cushioning. The mat is 84 inches long making it one of the longest yoga mats available in the market. It is made out of closed cell vinyl foam which has embedded fabric mesh making it long-lasting and durable.

2. Extra Wide, Extra Long, Extra Thick Blue Yoga Pilates Mat 84" X 36" X 1/4"

This is a blue colored mat with a weight of 36 inches. Ideal for people with wide shoulders this makes sure that such people can practice yoga within the area of the mat. It has a quarter inch thick cushion which makes it comfortable for Pilates. It is easy to clean as well as durable and long-lasting, being made out of vinyl foam.

3. Above Edge Premium 5mm Thick Yoga Mat 24" Wide By 72" Extra Long High Density Mat

This is one of the most comfortable yoga mats that are available. It is 5mm thick and is durable and rugged. It is made out of non-slip material and is very safe for practicing yoga. Being 24 inches wide and 74 inches long it is truly large and wide for people with the frames. It is also ideal for those who travel and includes a carrying belt. It does not contain any hazardous material like phthalate or latex.

Whichever mat you choose you must make sure that you are able to have enough space and comfort to practice yoga without too much discomfort. Extra wide, thick, long yoga mat will ensure that you are able to do your exercises in comfort.


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