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Extraction and Cultivation of the Green Lipped Mussel

Updated on January 7, 2015

The green lipped mussel comes from New Zealand. It has a dark brown shell, and then a lip around the outside of the brown that is green. This is where the name came from. It is also one of the largest mussel species that is known, getting up to more than 240 mm in size. Providing enough meat for a feast, if you like shellfish, that is.

The cultivation of these mussels started in the 70’s, but has since been used for different means. Traditionally eaten, the mussels have now been conducted in major research studies to show the medicinal properties that they have. In the past, the mussel was much smaller in size, which leads us to believe that the powers of the mussels were unknown and only cultivated for food purposes. The mussels have grown since the 70’s, and continue to grow to this day. Mussel demand has since been increased throughout the years due to the health benefits that scientists have found recently.

Mussel Farming

In order to keep up with this demand throughout the world, mussel farms have been developed to produce more mussels; while also ensuring that they are healthy. This means less testing that needs to be done since they are not being taken from common waters but those that are cleaned regularly, maintained and sustained for the life of the mussel. The farms are not huge, but are an average size, to produce around 30,000 mussels in one harvest. Which might not seem like a lot to them, but imagine 30,000 mussels on your table.

More people are now finding the health effects that the green lipped mussels have, which leads more and more people to continue to harvest and farm them. They are hoping to one day reach a larger amount of mussels in one harvest then they are currently producing to keep up with the demand.

What is Inside Green Lipped Mussels?

Now you know where they come from, what they have been used for in the past and why they are in such high demand. However, do you know what is found inside these creatures of the water? Let’s find out.

Omega 3 fatty acids are abundant within the mussel. They provide the essential building blocks that one would need to beat off disease, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and provide better digestive health.

Glycosaminoglycans are also found in them. These are increasingly well known for joint health because this is what joints are lubricated with to ensure that they function properly. Without these these essentials, the body is going to quickly become painful, stiff and swollen. Imagine a life of feeling this way, with no relief to be found. Mussels have been found.

Carbohydrates are also found inside them, which provide benefits all on their own. They are able to help with the speed of aging, growth and overall health. Metabolism is able to be heightened, providing people with additional energy, the ability to keep moving, while also reducing fatigue.

The benefits of the green lipped mussel are remarkable, and as additional studies and research is conducted, we will continue to learn more about these creatures of the water and all of the health benefits they are able to provide. You never know until you try; try them today!


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