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Eye Care: Vitalize Your Eye Vision with Natural Vitamin Supplements

Updated on December 23, 2016

The Gift of Vision

Can I restore my ever dwindling eyesight?

It's a question that keeps popping up every other time and especially among the senior citizens. It's commonplace to see people wear glasses so that they can read, write and even focus on the finer details in a place of interest.

A study by RNIB established that up to 2 million Britons suffer from low vision and the statistics keep rising. The statistics are even higher in some other parts of the world. The question then is: What actually causes low eye vision? What can you do to safeguard your eye vision? Are there medical prescriptions that can help you vitalize your eye vision if it's already dwindling?

Low Eye Vision Can be Caused by Different factors

Take care of your eyes' health
Take care of your eyes' health | Source

Preventive Causes of Low Eye Vision

There exist a myriad causes of medical disorders that can lead to poor eyesight. While some are hard to prevent or treat, development of some disorders can be slowed down or even prevented in entirety.

  • Age-Related Macular Disorders

This often afflicts the middle-aged to the senior citizens. As age sets in, the the macula part of the eye gets progressively damaged and, over time, the affected individual develops poor eyesight. It's the key reasons why many citizens who are at an advanced age end up wearing glasses so that they can read, write and view finer details. As the condition leads to total blindness, it limits you from accomplishing tasks that were easier to do.

  • Diabetic retinopathy

This is a diabetic related complication that affects the soft-eye tissues. The condition occurs when tissues in the back part of the eye are damaged- and this is often caused by high blood pressure. The victim may end up developing mild vision that makes it hard to focus on details.

  • Glaucoma

A condition occasioned by pressure build up within the eye. The pressure often affects the optic nerves and this results to loss of eyesight. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of total blindness in the world.

While most of these eye disorders cannot be treated in totality, some can be prevented or their development slowed significantly by eating the right diets and complementing the same with Vitamin supplements. Supplements, to be specific, helps slow down malecular related degeneration especially for people in their middle ages.

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Safeguard our Eyes Health

Vitamin supplements revitalize the eyes
Vitamin supplements revitalize the eyes | Source

Eye Vision Supplements

Supplements provide components such as antioxidants, lutein, carotenoid and zeaxanthin that all help to lower the risk of eye tissue damage.

There are hundreds of supplements out there in the market and it's always good to do due diligence and ensure to buy only what has been approved by responsible bodies. Sources such as can be a good place to source your supplements

What do the Experts Say?

4 Key Benefits of Eye Vision Supplements

1. Minimize risk of damages caused by light-induced oxidatives

Supplements that contain lutein-for example lutein vision health- helps reduce the amount of light that penetrate to the retina. Ultimately, this prevents light-induced oxidative damages which are associated with development of macular degeneration.

2. Beta Carotene

Once in the body, Beta carotene is converted to Vitamin A which helps in development of visual support and improved eye sight. Supplements such as Ocular Nutrition contain a mix of Lutein and Beta Carotene; all these help in strengthening eye vision.

3. Omega-3 Fatty acids

Omega-3 aids in intraocular fluid drainage thus protecting your eyes from the dry eye syndrome. Individuals who take the fatty acids at least once every week lower the risks of suffering Glaucoma. You can gain omega-3 from fish or by taking supplements such as Areds 2 eye vitamins.

4. Zeaxanthin

The compound is credited with maintaining the cell physiological processes in the body. These include eye support processes, eye fluid flow processes and others either directly or indirectly related to the eye. When the processes are running smoothly, there is a lower risk of developing AMDs even with advancing age. Popular sources of Zeaxanthin include egg yolk and supplements such as macular health formula.

Tabular presentation of compounds and their benefits to the eye

1. Lutein
Retinaprevents light-induced oxidative damages
2. Beta Carotene
visual support
Maintains cell physiological processes
4. Omega-3 Fatty acids
Protecting eyes from dry eye syndrome

To Wrap it all up

Our eyes are a core part of our every day survival. That's why you should make it your cardinal rule to always seek for ways to improve and maintain your eyesight. Beyond eating the right diet, you should also look out for supplementary products that can help you maintain your vision well into your senior years.

Do you have some useful recommendations you would want to share with readers? Kindly share them in the comments section below-:)


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