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Eye Exercises- How to Strenghten Eye Muscles

Updated on July 4, 2011

Eye Exercises Help You Reduce Your Number

Despite being an avid reader I avoided glasses till I reached the 10th Class. Then with the combined effect of studies and sleepless nights I began to get solid headaches. That is when I was taken in for eye tests and came back with spectacles. The number was quite low. +0.05 and I was instructed to wear them all the time.

As any teenager would, I reacted quite badly to the news. Although my mom got me some nice frames, I felt I looked aweful. That is when my Grandpa told me to do this set of eye exercises. He said if I did them regularly I would not spoil my eyes any further, as the eye muscles would get a good work out and become stronger.

Having nothing to lose, I started out and was doing them daily for about nine months. It would take me about 15-20 minutes to do the whole set. Then as i went into the tenth month, I started getting my headaches again. Oh no! I though to myself, now i'll get an increased number and will look like an absolute horror.

Off I went to the optician again. This time I was inĀ  for a pleasant surprise. When he had finished testing my eyes, he asked for my glasses. He then checked them for the numbers and asked me who gave them to me? I told him I was prescribed glasses 10 months ago. Guess what he said? You don't need glasses. Just get rid of them and your headaches should vanish. And they did.

It wasn't till 15 years later that I got glasses again, that was a year ago. I know I must start the eye exercises again and I might just get rid of them this time as well. All it takes is 15- to 20 minutes a day. If only I can do it as regularly as I did them as a child.

The Eye Exercises

Step one

With the middle finger gently massage the closed eye lids. Now open the eyes and fix two points. One in the distance and one right up close. Now close your eyes and open and focus on the far away point for 10 seconds and then shift to the close by point for 10 seconds. Repeat ten times.

Step two

Close your eyes. Look up and rotate the eyeballs clockwise for 5 circles and then close them again. Now look down and rotate them anti clock wise for 5 more times.

Step three

Now look up and then look down. Follow the line of sight. You must not go from one point at top to one point at bottom right away. Slowly follow all the points that make an arc. Now again slowly look up. Do this ten times.

Step four

Now its time to look from right to left and back again. In the same way that you did in step three. Again repeat the exercise 10 times.

Step five

Next we look from left top to bottom right. Again follow the arc as you go diagonally up and down. Repeat 10 times.

Step six

Now we make the arc from right top to bottom left. Again do the eye movements 10 times.

Step seven

So far all the eye movements have been smooth and flowing. Now starting at the top we move the eyes clock wise to right top, right, right bottom, bottom, left bottom, left, left top and top again. It is like doing the clockwise circuit, only you go directly to a point in that direction and pause a second before you move to the next. Repeat 5 times. Do the exact same thing in reverse. So move anti clockwise and pause in all the cardinal directions. Again repeat 5 times.

Step eight

Now close your eyes and count till ten. Relax the eye muscles. Your eye exercises are done.


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    • profile image

      Jacobb9205 3 years ago

      Thank you for these stretches I will try asap

    • profile image

      apoorva 4 years ago

      hello.. i am apoorva my no is 2.75 .. i m wearing glasses from about 4 years and tired of wearing them... plz tl what can i do to reduce my no and to get rid of these glasses.... plzzzzz help

    • profile image

      Nidhi jadhav 5 years ago

      hello ..i am nidhi my eye no is -1.75 plz tell me how to reduces my this eye numbers.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      No you should not wear your glasses while doing the exercises.

    • profile image

      Chad 5 years ago

      Should I wear my glasses when doing the exercises, or not?

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      Thanks for the tip Jewels, will check them out.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 5 years ago from Australia

      Great hub cashmere. Have you also tried the pinhole glasses. They work specifically on the muscles of the eye. Google pinhole glasses and you'll see them. So with your exercises plus these, we should not need glasses for a long time, if ever.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      Hope you find it as useful as I do!

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 5 years ago from Western NC

      What an EYE opening hub! I'm blind in one eye and have been looking for good articles on eye exercises. Thanks for this. I'm bookmarking now and I'll try this today! :)

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      LOL, glad to be an eye-opener :)

    • bryanbaldwin profile image

      bryanbaldwin 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      I've never even THOUGHT about exercising my eyes.... you have OPENED my eyes to a new part of my exercise routine.

      Pun intended.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      He needs to wear his glasses. Do not avoid them, but after about six months of doing the eye exercises get his eyes tested again, there may be a reduction in the number.

    • profile image

      WorriedMom 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for posting these tips! My kid is wearing eyeglasses for over a year now.I will definitely teach him do thse exercises on a daily basis.

      I have a doubt: While he does these eye exercises, Can he continue wearing the glasses to school and other places as he would normally?! OR Should he avoid his glasses completely to get the best result?!

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      That usually is an indication of muscle exhaustion. Just close your eyes and add cooling packs to the eyes. Cucumber slices work well as cooling packs, so does cotton wool dipped in rose water.

    • profile image

      joe 5 years ago

      what about if it stings is that bad or what

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      Twice a day, once in the early morning and once before it gets dark in the evening is good enough

    • profile image

      subster 6 years ago

      Thanks for the info ! But i have one question about it , how many times per day should we do these eye exercises?

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      Hope these eye exercises help you too tuntun

    • profile image

      tuntun 6 years ago

      Very nice .

      sure i will do these exercises daily to improve my eyesight.


    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes Eye exercises need to be done regularly for the benefits to come through. Same as exercising any other muscle.

    • profile image

      AlonDy 6 years ago

      I, personally, believe in eye exercises. I actually do these exercises to strenghten my eye muscles. Yes, it works and it actually improves my eyesights. I see the world better and although some would say that These exercises will not change the shape of our eyeballs for myopia and farsightedness, in my opinion, I believe these exercises really work because I personally do.

    • MarkAse profile image

      MarkAse 7 years ago from San Diego, CA

      I've done the whole, try to strenghten your less dominant eye for some time, not sure it helps or not, but it does seem to stop one eye from becoming too dominant.

      Interesting stuff!

    • profile image

      danwheblemedia 7 years ago

      Thanks for the informative article. I have written a similar article, if you want a read:

    • freehans profile image

      freehans 7 years ago from Philippines

      This hub is very interesting. Good to know that there are exercises for the eye muscles.

    • profile image

      TopUniverse 7 years ago

      Good article. I am ready to start the eye exercise.

    • profile image

      Rana Khurram 7 years ago

      i am feeling headich since last one week and i checked my doctor he told that my far vision weak +.25

      but i did not wear classes and use this exercise just one week and i feel that its effective and useful

      my headich vanushed and i feel my eyes vision is set

      thanks dude

    • nikmaya62 profile image

      nikmaya62 7 years ago

      Thanks... I hope This exercises can help my younger brother.

    • profile image

      zackick 7 years ago

      I think i want to give it a try after i have online for 4 hours. My eye is too tired after reading online, as i don't want my eye to be like the 50 years old guy wearing eye glass. I just 20 plus..

      Anyway thank you for the info, it really really solid practiceable.

    • profile image

      Luv P90X 7 years ago

      Thanks for the article. I think my eyes really need some exercise since I'm glued to the computer all day lol!

    • profile image

      Dianna 7 years ago

      I used to perform eye exercises years ago, and did it daily for a long time. My life changed as so many people's do, and I just stopped doing them. I am 60 years old and I do feel the need to start again. Trust me, they work as any exercise would. They strengthen the muscles in your eyes that weaken from daily use. They are very simple to do, and believe me they work. A good healthy diet does play a role in keeping your eyes healthy as well as the rest of your body.

    • profile image

      eye trainer 7 years ago

      That's great exercises.

      You can view animated eye exercises at

    • profile image

      Eye Exercises 7 years ago

      Sweet HUB!

      I'm going to put this on my blog! Pretty cool!


    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 7 years ago from India

      Oh they work alright!

    • Mersaydee profile image

      Mersaydee 7 years ago from Europe

      That's pretty cool! I've never heard of these before.

    • profile image

      clare 7 years ago

      Brilliant article :)

    • rebu profile image

      rebu 8 years ago from Coorg,India

      actually i knew these exercises...but i was not sure of the exact procedures..Thnx for sharing..

    • jessica_alias profile image

      jessica_alias 8 years ago

      Nicely detailed.. Thanks for posting this piece..

      Good Work..

    • kimanesha profile image

      kimanesha 8 years ago from San Bernardino

      Great hub especially for those like me who are getting up there in age.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Very true, the computer does weaken eyesight if you do not take a break every half hour and blink them. The dryness caused by not blinking adequately can harm the eye muscles and make them weak.

    • GojiJuiceGoodness profile image

      GojiJuiceGoodness 8 years ago from Roanoke, Virginia

      I've noticed my eyesight isn't as good as before. I blame this on bright lights, especially the computer.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      I am sure the exercises will help strengthen the eye muscles. However eye defects can be due to different reasons other than weak eye muscles. The exercises may not help in those cases.

    • r2punks profile image

      r2punks 8 years ago

      hello, interesting hub, i have never heard of eye exercies for reducing degree of your specs. So was wondering how well will these exercies work for say a person prescribed with several hunred degree specs (hope u get what i mean, meaning thick glasses and problems reading without glasses types) . Will these exercise help for high degree specs folks?

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      A Lawrence these eye exercises did help me lose the glasses even while I was still into quite intensive study years. So I do believe that they are quite effective. Although you do have to be regular with them.

    • A.Lawrence profile image

      A.Lawrence 8 years ago

      I'll be interested to see long term feedback. I went through the need for glasses studying at college, but after that excessive studying stopped my vision was again perfect without glasses and without exercises for another 25 years. Eye muscles do get tired when kept at constant focus for long periods of time e.g. looking at computer display, so it pays to give them a rest by looking at something distant for a few minutes at least every hour, daydreaming out the window is good as long as the boss doesn't object! ;-) It can't hurt to try the exercises and it will give you some relaxation time whilst doing them, because you won't be doing anything else. So good luck, if it works for you then it works, that's all that matters!

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Thank you Mr Kothari.

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 8 years ago from Jaipur

      Hi cashmere,

      Nice and informative hub that I have posted a link to blog

      Hubbers India .

      Thanks and thumbs up!

      Jyoti Kothari

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Glad to help BK

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I so need this information - right now. I have been spending so much time online - and then I read a lot too! Thanks for the information! And it is a great reminder.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      I think all of us who spend so much time online would benefit by a regular dose of eye exercises.

    • usmanali81 profile image

      usmanali81 8 years ago

      thanks for this informative hub, i really needed that for my eyes :)

    • profile image

      ESAHS 8 years ago

      "Super hub!"

      "Two thumbs up!"

      CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 8 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      I had heard about eye exercises before but I don't seem to have the discipline to follow through on it. Perhaps I had better think again and see if I can get into a routine.

    • packerpack profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 8 years ago from India, Calcutta

      I too use glasses but it has very less power -0.5. But still I will go through this exercise.

    • jayb23 profile image

      jayb23 8 years ago from India

      Brilliant hun and some excellent tips. Thanks for sharing and Im surely going to use them.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Since i have used these exercises personally i know they work. Specially if you have a small number

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Great stuff, thanks for sharing and I will definitely start these exercises, since I am getting older :)

    • advisor4qb profile image

      advisor4qb 8 years ago from On New Footing

      I did this with elderly people when I was a volunteer at a nursing home. It was fun leading THAT class!

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 8 years ago from ma

      I wish I had learned about exercises like this when I was first told I needed glasses. I feel that once I started wearing glasses just when I needed them in the 4th grade and eventually all of the time in 6th grade. My eyes just kept getting worse until about 9th grade. Since then they have stayed the same and I now wear contacts. I have read about the Bates method which is basically a set of exercises like you suggest. But, my eyes are now pretty weak and in order to strengthen them I will need to get weaker prescriptions for my glasses or contacts as my eyes get stronger again. I really regret that eye doctors here in the U.S. simply accept that some people's eyes get weaker and need glasses. I guess they need to or they won't make any money with selling glasses and performing eye surgery. Maybe some day I can put all of the time and money into getting my eyes back to normal.


    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 8 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      I've been wearing glasses for 43 years..since I was six and the muscles do get weak, I find myself moving my head, not my eyes. I'll keep this and do them! thank you Cashmere!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      This sounds great and it makes so much sense. I suppose it is just a matter of getting into the routine of doing them, maybe bedtime just before you fall sleep could be a good time for it.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Timely hub! I find that spending so much time on my little apple notebook is causing me to have eye strain. Thanks, Cashmere.

    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      I have not used glasses before. However, these are useful tips. Thanks.

    • anujagarwal profile image

      Anuj Agarwal 8 years ago from Noida

      Nice Hub. I'll dfinitely try these exercises to help strengthen my eye-muscles.

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      i have been wearing glassess for almost two decades now and I guess this will be a help to me. Thanks sharing this tips!