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Eye Floaters and What Can be Done About Them

Updated on November 21, 2010

Eye Esamination

Floaters in the Eye Should be Paid Attention to

While eye floaters in young people are often hard to detect by the doctor most of the times they are not harmful and may soon even dissappear. This does not mean, however, that you should not see a doctor. In this article I will discuss eye floaters in older aldults. These floaters are often from the onset of age and I will not attemp to go ino the medical aspects of their origin or what medical terms are used to discribe them. If you are seeing floaters it is important that you see your eye doctor because they could be coming from a torn or detached retina which is serious and could cause loss of sight. A torn retina can often be treated by a laser but must be treated within at least 24 hours if the majority or all of the eyesight can be saved. A detached retina is different in that invasive surgery will be needed to correct this problem. In most cases of older adults who have not suffered any trauma to the eye, the eyes may be otherwise healthy and they can pass the same tests as anyone else can. Other floaters may occur as a result of eye disease or may indicate health problems within the body. In some cases if pressure is in the eyes caused by Glaucoma treatment by droms will disburse with some of the bothersome floaters. Lots of doctors do not know how or are feel it is too risky to do eye surgery and possibily damage an otherwise healthy eye as my doctor told me. After having seen at least 3 doctors I finally found one that told me what my problem was and that I would not be going blind. Althought there are extreme cases when so many floaters wil block out a huge portion of a person's central vision. As I said before eye disesse, trauma and near sitedness along with glacauma can cause these problems with floaters. If this is harmless why treat it? Why/ because some people can not cope with the distraction of floaters in their vision and it can cause withdrawal, anxiety, and depression. Up untill recently or at least until I found out there are few doctors trained in this field and only a few in the world who can treat this condition. It is said to be low risk and of course other determining factors will have to be examined to see if complications will be too risky to do the operation which is performed by a laser which is aimed at the floaters which either completely vaporizes them or breaks them up into small microscopic particles which may be passed through normal eye drainage. This in some cases may require more treatments. Floaters in the very back of the eye cannot be treated as the retina nerves could be damaged. Where are floaters located in the eye? They are located in the portion of the eye called the vetreous which contains a jelly like substance. I will not attempt as I said to explain the process of how they form as your doctor may want to discuss this with you and show you a diagram. All you want is a trustedDoctor that can solve your problem and knows what he is doing. While lasers may work most of the time in severe cases as i discribed before surgery may be needed. You don't have to accxept what doctors tell you that this normal because of age and that your brain will soon get use to it and you won't even notice them or that you'll just have to live with it. You may wamt to check out this web sight for more information. This article was put together from this sight, my doctor, and Reader's Digest" concerning the retina of the eye.


Picture of the Human Eye


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