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Eye Health and Ayurveda

Updated on May 15, 2010

Eyes are the most important and beautiful among five sensory organs. It is provide that 80% of the knowledge we gain is through our eyes. It is needless to mention here the worth and praise about the eyes. Even though our eyes are one of the most important organs in your body, yet people neglect to care about them and rarely pay attention until there is some serious problem.

General Causes of eye diseases

            Vatha, Pitha and Kapha (the three humours or three doshes) are responsible for normal functioning of the body, but when vitiated lead to diseases. The function of Doshas are different from organ to organ. There is a specific group of factors which are responsible for vitiation of doshas in the eye.

Due to sudden changes in temperature the eyes would be subjected to a lot of strain that can be a cause for  eye disorders eg:- cold water bath when body is hot

Person who are usually engaged in looking for distant objects are moreprone to eye disorders.

Alteration of sleep pattern due to shift duties etc disturb the biorhythm which can lead to strain on the eyes leading to ocular disorders.

Worrying too much over tensions or crying for a long period or getting angry quite frequently may lead to increase in vitiated Vatha dosha and hence lead to ocular disorders.

Some traumatic injuries are also making eye disorders.

Indulging into excessive sexual intercourse lead to vitiation doshas that can be a cause of ocular disorders.

Excessive consumption of sour food items lead to increase of vitiated pitha which cause eye disorder.

Suppression of natural urges like urine, faeces, tears, appetite, thirst, sleep etc. may be a reason for eye disorders.

Too much sauna or steam bath.

Excessive smoking, alcohol, environmental pollution.

People working in the field of microscopy, diamond cutting, x-ray welding etc are more prone to eye disorders,

People working in front of computers, televisions, films etc are more prone to eye disease.

Reading in wrong position, reading in vehicles.

Using too big and too small pillows.

According to Ayurveda due to various above mentioned causes, doshas (vatha, pitha and Kapha) get vitiated and increased leading its way up ward towards eye and gets entered in different channels/vessels of eye, creating vitiation of different organelles of an eye.

Preventive Aspects

One shouldn’t strain eye continuously for a long time particularly by watching television or working on computers.

If there is blurring of vision one must not waste time and seek help of an eye consultant.

Carrot, milk, Wheat, unpolished rice, green gram, grapes, asparagus, pomme grannate, green leafy vegetables, sugar cane, ghee, honey, gooseberry, rock salt, seasame oil, moringa leaves etc are good for the eyes.

Consume less salty, savour and spicy food.

Avoid insufficient and excessive sleep.

Protect your eyes from dust, smokes, strong sunlight and strong wind.

Do not see directly towards welding light or even at the time of solar eclipse with out taking proper precaution.

Try to maintain regular and clean bowel movements, constipation weakness the eyesight. In addition too much anxiety, mental stress, grief, anger  and worry are harmful for the eyes.

Regular eye exercise maintains perfect eyesight. One simple method of exercise is moving of eyeball – right and left, upwards and down wards and rotating it in the clockwise and anti clockwise direction.

Daily self-massage is good for the wealth of the eyes. Foot massage with warm herbal oils is also good.

Palming- Rub the palms of both hands for about 30seconds, close the eyes and gently place the warm palms over the eyes.

Some Yogic exercises like Thratakam and Nethi are very good for eye health. These exercises will increase strength of muscles of eye and will increase the blood circulation.

While watching computer and Television reduce the brightness of monitor, watch television in an illuminated place, keep 3-4 meters distance away from television screen, don’t watch television screen, don’t watch television more ½ hour continuously, monitor of computer should keep20-30 degree inclined position. Keep a distance of 30-35cm from computer screen and eye. Take a rest once in every 1.5 to 2hrs during computer works.

Some home remedies

Eating a fresh gooseberry fruit every day keep the eyes healthy.

Triphala powder (powder of gooseberry, terminalia cebula, terminalia bullerica) should be consumed with honey and pure ghee at nighttime. It will rejuvenate the eye.

Ayurvedic preparation Saptamruthalauha vati Jeevanthyadi grithmetic are good for maintaining good ocular health.

Place cold-water pack or rose water pack on closed eyes especially in summer.

Putting one drop of drop of honey in each eye one a week is also beneficial to the eyes, it clean the eyes.

Ayurveda different treatments like Netra dhara, Sekam, Aschyothanam, Anjanam, Tharpanam, Putapakam, Rakthamoksha etc are used for treating various eye disorders.


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    • profile image

      Dr,Gokulan 5 years ago


      Unique place in Inida for management of neuro vascular non surgical management of eye diseases established in 1990 by Dr.B.G.Gokulan who also had informal fellowship from modern eye institute Sankara Nethralaya,Chennai.Condition like myopic,astigmatic and other refracive errors and Keratoconus,diabetic retinopathy,Macular edema & degeneration and such are being treated here.

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 5 years ago from India

      This is a fscinating subject. I follow Ayurveda and it has helped me a lot. Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda can chage your life to a positive side. Nice article, rated up and useful. Shared with my followers.

    • profile image

      Dr maneesh 5 years ago

      Thanks its nice