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What is Eye floater and how to get rid of it

Updated on February 13, 2015

What are eye floaters?

Floater are much common eye problem that most of people suffer and the main reason for this problem is aging which we cannot stop .Eye floaters are much visible in while watching blue sky. Eye floaters are not optical illusions and these are caused some dots and pieces of your jelly constant inside your eyes. In dark light areas or at night time eye floaters are less visible to your vision.

Floaters became more common problem as we getting old and most of floaters are not serious. Even floaters are painless some time it may annoy. IF you got as some certain flash or new floaters in your vision is better to visit and get consult with ophthalmologist. The best thing to do eye floater is do nothing .Patient who suffers with eye floater could able to tolerate and live with it is the best and optimum solution for this issue. For a time you get to live with it became normal part of your life and didn’t bother you anymore. There may by advanced surgical method for eye floater which is far complex and expensive. Medical specialist my suggest for surgical option if they thought you are in serious condition.

Symptoms of Floater

Eye floaters are common and annoying eye problem and once the floaters occurs into field of your vision it’s difficult to cure completely. Eye footers not cause any pain inside the eye but it’s very annoying and it may symptoms for major eye problems such as retinal tear or detachment. Once eye floaters occurs in your eyes you can see some transparent dark color lines, dots or specks which move while your eyes focus. The main reason for this eye floaters are related to aging. If you can see more eye floater or increase of eye floaters in short period of time and see some flashes or lights in your vision, you must meet eye specialist immediately and check your eyes. These can be an early symptoms for very serious eye problem called retainer

What are the Best way to prevent Eye floater

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Visible of eye floaters are much common problem due to ageing and after the year of 50s there are much tendency to get floaters and after the 70s most of people experience eye floater. Eye injury, inflammation, diabetic retinopathy and deposits are some other less common causes that can create eye floaters in your eyes. Eye contains gel-like vitreous substance and the 99% of those gels contain water and 1% of other element.

Difference between Flottered and Normal Eyes

Reasons for eye floater

Eye floaters are undoubtedly annoying but most will vanish with time Interestingly stubborn floaters which refuse to get cured can trigger a psychological disorders like depression, stress etc.

Floaters and Flashes are generally harmless and require no treatment but increase of flash can be the symptoms of major eye problems like retina detachments, Vitreous detachments. Vitreous detachments are far much average than detachments and which are not symmetrical develop when floaters materialize suddenly .Both Flashes and floaters are commonly painless but need to attention time to time by visiting eye specialist and clarify the statues of your eyes. Most of eye floaters don’t have any type of treatment. The better thing to do wile your floater temporally disturb you vision, roll your eyes form up and down and side to side.

Eye floater cause and treatment

In most incident eye floaters do not lead to major eye problems and do not require treatment. After a while, your with learns to ignore floaters and you May not react them floaters will not become much issue for your life. Most eye floaters decrement in situation and unenlightening with measure due to time. Eye floater will shift in one position to another position and you cannot vision your floater for those reasons. Some eye specialist suggest the use of YAG laser methods to prevent eye floater but there is no such 100% success over that method and it can caused risk in to your vision sometimes. There are herbal medicines and some pills in the market for eye floater treatment but it’s better to consulting your doctor with this product before you use it.

how you see when you got floater

Laser Treatment for Eye Floater

Second option for eye floater cure is for surgery, Surgery could be done in two ways such as laser surgery and vitrectomy. What do in laser surgery is to put a laser beam on the floater area inside your eyes and burn them in to small partials. This is very less time consuming method and ophthalmologist who does the surgery must have wide experience and very accurate on spotting and put the laser beam. Unlike Vitrectomy surgery this YAG Laser is painless method. This method is still in under research and most of eye specialist not going for this method due to the complexity, after effects and unsafe of this laser surgery. If too much laser is used at once this can cause inflammation and also can rise the pressure inside the eyes this also could lead to damage on retina so this laser procedure need highly experience ophthalmologist.

YAG Leaser Treatment Method

The good news however is that most eye floater are not harmful. If so, then the best treatment according to some doctors is to ignore them completely and learn to live with them. Often also undiagnosed liver conditions to diabetes are responsible for the problem. It such is the case then curing these disorders can relieve you from floaters. Learning to understand and cope with eye floaters is the most effective method to treat your floater. Ignoring floater can really eliminate floater in vision while its really inside your eyes.


Vitrectomy is another eye surgery method and in this method first removes the vitreous humor inside eyes which contains the floater trash in it and fills it with saline. By this method eye floater can reduce up very large but Vitrectomy involves high risk of being eye infections and retina harm.
Recently most of researchers and specialists are find better solutions for treat eye floater and some of them suggest supplements to improve vitreous humor.

There is no single cure to get rid eye floaters totally but there are some effective treatments which can reduce the number of floaters which you see in your vision. Before using any treatment or exercise to your eyes to minimize floaters it’s better to consult with your eye doctors about the method your plan to use. Get the idea of him where the method you plan to take is safe or not. Normally eye floater is a normal part of the aging process and does not have any clinical proved treatment to cure this problem totally.

Eye floaters can be solved by Virectorny surgery. The work involves making trio channels in the sciera through the early marketing a saline is resupplied to the eye via a left, patch the second steer is utilized to infuse a stuff optic publication and the ordinal marketing is misused to present a virector.

Diet for Floaters

Doctors advice patients to ask magnesium-rich nutrient to aid eye floaters. Caffeine intake staleness be confined and fruits and vegetables loaded In Vitamin C staleness be taken amply. These are lemon, broccoli and Indweller Sinitic wolfberry is also an ancient marrubium which can consecrate uppercase results. Imbibing plenitude of water and production juices can inactivity the condition.

There are various supplements and vitamins that can improve vision and some of specialist suggest relaxation methods and eye exercises for reduce the impact of the eye floater. Relaxation of eyes could be a good relief for floater . Close your eyes and place a cloth soak with warm water and massage your temples will also bring you good relief for eye floaters.Those who experience increase of floaters, flash or loss side of you vision should need to examine their eyes as soon as possible.


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