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Eyebrow Transplant Facts

Updated on September 9, 2015

We've all heard about the many benefits of hair transplant surgery for both men as well as women. The surgery for men addresses male pattern baldness. You will even notice that many info commercials include women in this commercial as women suffer from thinning and balding also.

With this being said, another type of transplant surgery is the transplanting of eyebrow hair. Yes, there are many that experience the loss of eyebrows. However, when it comes to eyebrow surgery the process is very different.

Have you ever seen someone that does not have eyebrows? I have and I would say that most of us have as well. It is pretty obvious that something is missing. You many not be able to put your finger on it immediately but the eyebrow is a integral part of ones face. We are accustom to seeing men that are bald or balding as well as women that have thin hair and the scalp is showing. But when we look at a person who does not have eyebrows, there is a very different reaction. We just expect everyone to have eyebrows.

There are various reasons people decide to seek out hair transplant surgery for their eyebrows. Some suffer from a gradual loss of eyebrows over a period of time. Then others have thyroid disease or illnesses that cause loss of hair. One well known condition that some suffer from is alopecia. Alopecia causes those that have it to lose their hair and become bald. However, it also will cause eyebrow hair to fall out as well. Back in the 70's it was very popular for women to pluck their eyebrows hair to make them very narrow. Continuous plucking can result in the hair of the eyebrow not growing back. Having an infection or, tattoos can result in hair loss. The last group of people just simply are not able to grow eyebrow hair for whatever reason.

The surgery for eyebrow transplant is not the same as for the hair on the head. The growth of eyebrow hair is not the same as the scalp in that it has a growth pattern that differs with each section of the brow. These sections of hair you would think would grow in the same direction. However, each section of hair growth in the eyebrow grows in various directions. The hair grows in angles that have sharp points. This is so that the hair when grown out will lay flat against the face. The eyebrow hairs grow out of a different kind of unit.These are not the same as the units in scalp hair.

A tool that the doctor uses when implanting hair for eyebrows is a fine needle that is known as "gauge" needles. They assist the hair in the process of laying flat against the face. With this being said doctors have to be sure that during the transplanting process all hair is set so that it will point in the natural direction.

You may be wondering where the hair that is transplanted comes from. The hair for eyebrow transplants is taken from the scalp the same as with scalp hair transplants. All the hair in the transplant must be placed in a single unit as eyebrow hair is made of individual hairs. When the hair is taken from the scalp more work begins. The hair that is taken is in follicular units so they must be separated and placed into individual units for grafting. This tedious delicate work is done with an instrument called a stereomicroscope.

It takes great skill to insert the small micro-grafts. They must be placed in the proper angles which is very hard to do in itself, yet more so if the if patient has curly hair. To make sure that the curly hair will lay flat the hair is inserted by rotating at the same time.

Those that get eyebrow transplants need to know that they will have to cut their new eyebrow hair as it is hair from the scalp that grows. Natural eyebrow hair does not grow.


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