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Eyes: Windows to your health before soul

Updated on July 9, 2010

Twilight is first approaching and you are about 10years old running around your neighborhood. The street light are twinkling against the encroaching darkness but you don’t care suddenly, a gnat pops into your eye and it’s a nuisance because your time outside has been cut short. But the again it doesn’t have to be so because you know the trick…skillfully pull out a star grass from its protective sheath and have your friend use the soft end to remove the gnat from your eye because you know the dangers of using a finger…the germs that lack on it are not worth your eyesight.

What I am trying to get at is eyebrows and eyelashes are there for a reason…vanity aside even though I am guilty of threading my brows despite the pain because waxing leaves me pimply and all its unimaginable just how much protection they give.

Take for example the advertisements about furniture cleaning products aimed at removing dust we have all seen that film of dust that makes you wonder when was the last time you cleaned your house. Better yet, you are wearing that cream suit that makes you look a million bucks but before you know it there is a smudge of dust at the elbow maybe around the hip but for heaven sake you can’t remember where you got it from.

The point I am trying to make is that dust is everywhere and unless it has taken time to accumulate for it to be easily visible with our naked eyes, chances are that what you are exposed to is a billion times more compared to what you can see visibly. Which brings me to my point…imagine just how much the brows and lashes prevent from entering your eyes just by blinking? Now imagine what would happen if the lashes were not there and all you had to protect you were the eyelids?

Ever heard an eyelash pop into your eyelid…it is nuisance right? Especially when its takes you awhile to spot it. Now imagine dust particles which are invisible popping into your eyes? If it wasn’t for the brows and lashes and eyelids I bet that sunrise or sunset even that rainbow you enjoy so much, it's hard to imagine not being able to see it clearly.

However since it impossible to completely prevent all the dust particles from entering your eye…then thank your tears for faithfully cleaning out your eyes. This implies that without lashes the eyes become impaired unable to function at 100%. In a bid to protect themselves and by extension you tears are produced in massive quantities and when all fails you find that you eyelids voluntarily refuse to open.

Therefore while most of us are driven to remove a few in the name of beauty, I think limiting this activity to the brows is as good as it should get.


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