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Updated on June 26, 2011

Marijuana Facts


About Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as pot, has nearly 200 other names across the globe. It is considered as one of the dangerous drugs sold in an illegal manner and leads to death for many people. Researchers have stated that it could be more harmful than one can expect. So governments are trying to eliminate it from society by implementing new laws.

In our society, the presence of marijuana cannot be ascertained. The source of the drug is hemp plant (cannabis sativa) that was cultivated for psychoactive purposes more than thousands of years ago. There are certain facts about marijuana which are interesting to know. Let’s have a quick glimpse of the marijuana facts:

Marijuana Leaf

How is Marijuana Used

The most common way of taking deadly marijuana and other cannabis products is to smoke it in the form of loosely paper rolled cigarettes called ‘joints’. People also smoke them with the help of pipes made from different materials. Surprisingly, it can also be brewed into tea or with other baked products for certain purposes. It can also be used to achieve medical benefits.

How Marijuana affects person

Marijuana contains alcohol depressants that create mild hallucination. The components of marijuana elevate the mood and put the mind at ease. The active ingredient in the drug is delta 9 tetrhydrocannabinol (THC) and depending on the amount taken, users might experience paranoia, hallucinations and euphoria. The effect of this drug lasts for merely two to three hours.

Who Uses Marijuana

Studies have shown that at least one-third of Americans have used this drug at some point in their lives.


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